Here we go: After Cassandra, also Gabrielle and her team with the President’s Environmental Youth Award at The White House with U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyWho else but them? Nice article.


The EPA recognition was a bit of a surprise, since she did not originally think of Donate Don’t Dump as an environmental project. “I started it mainly for humanitarian reasons, but it also has a really big environmental effect because food is the largest solid component of landfills,” she said. Cal State San Marcos University professor Laura de Ghetaldi nominated the organization for the award. “She’s leaving an impression on university students,” de Ghetaldi said about the university’s Donate Don’t Dump chapter. “It’s been the most moving thing of my 40 years of teaching.

40% of all food produced goes from farm to landfill, yet 1 in 6 people go hungry in the U.S.A. That’s 1 in 6 kids, in many places, this means fellow students. We can change this!
Start a Donate Don’t Dump chapter, and in short time

– evoke a ten-fold rise of free fresh foods for the hungry !!!

– having a great time together

– massively reducing food waste and methane / carbon emissions

+ end food waste at your school

We have tons more FOOD ABUNDANCE creating projects in YL!