Help Youth Restore Peace & Prosperity in Rural South Africa

Activate Youth Leadership in a rural region to restore peace, joy and prosperity with ubercool YL Magical Coach Skhumbuzo, experienced theatre coach, youth mentor and community organizer in Kwa Zulu Natal province

CHALLENGES: post Apartheid poverty, HIGH CRIME, 80% youth unemployment, 60 students per class, climate change …

“Young people here are great, but they need inspiration, model solutions, guidance, nice partners, perspectices …”

POTENTIALS: passion, piece land, community centre, connect with local, urban, global schools, permaculture, dance company, near National Park > also youth exchange + youth-led tourism …

meet 1st hand eye witnesses > such lovely people!! engage in multifaceted SDG cooperation with focus on your (students’) passion, talent, ideas RESTORE PEACE & JOY & ABUNDANCE