So cool! We got to play and design 60×90 cm / 2×3 feet-sized XXL Posters on YL Programs … to convey what we do, make it memorable, omni-present, shareable and create an AMBIENCE of hero*ism, solutions, abundance, adventure, vitality, good spirit, vision, creative community in YL Team Headquarters. Here’s Sacred Foods, YL Mages (adult changemakers), sevengardens (colors from plants). There’s also YL Programs, Hero*ines, FUNdraising and more. Included in our big fat magic box – the School Starter Package.

+ JANUARY 2020

Here we go! AURORA is the voice of the North Wind in Into The Unknown, embodying an entity beyond humans and beyond this world – calling the hero*ine to awaken and move into the new realm to find her purpose. Precisely what she is truly, why she is in our Change Generation Music teaching tool, and what we practice with YL.

Wham! Our Warriors sis performs at the Oscars!

What a magical moment this will be – and what a surprise she will be to many people there – who have high potentials and are yet to awaken to their roles. Hooray!

Chakka! Billie wins all the Grammys. Here she talks about which moment and who awakened her when she was 12.

Here’s AURORA with Runaway at the Nobel Prize Concert at age 19. Some of her famous songs she wrote at age 6.

Believe it or not, it's Alicia, Anabelle, Cookie and parents!

Will they win? Track the internet to find out!

YL becomes Official Partner of RCE Ruhr

This is big and there is more to follow

that we keep secret for now.

Eric is off to South Africa for a project partner matching conference with a program of the Germany Ministry for Development Cooperation

Expect surprises … since this state-funded exchange model fits all german YL schools with YL PROJECT PARTNERS in India, Nepal, Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, Brazil ..  

Alicia again

Her Silver Girl Scouts Award project is on track to get 100 Seed Libraries into libraries and schools in all 50 states. 

= Super awesome role model and action guide and campaign – another gem for youth leadership at from elementary school level up – with long-term activities including school gardens, tower gardens, public lots, edible landscapes, and setting up HQ in the public library. Go!

Alicia stars in The Need To Grow epic documentary film

We call it the coolest and most memorable film on soil, food and peaceful agriculture.

On her journey, she meets loads of badass people like Ron Finley, Vandana Shiva, sports stars … stuff girls do at age 13. 

Amazing also to see that Ocean Robbins, who co-founded stellar youth leadership community YES! in 1990 is involved.

Must-watch as YL teams, student clubs and in Biology and Ethics class.

We're fierce fans of Permaculture

now, because of Luwayo, Grace and their success venture Permaculture Paradise Institute in Malawi (officially 3rd poorest country on Earth).

It’s “hunger season” now  but they live in a lush green paradise generating abundance … and they acquired it just 2 years ago as a “patch of dry land good for nothing”.

PPI has become a pilgrimage site for poor farmers, city dwellers, ambassadors, EU-delegates to learn from this clearcut people-powered solution for ending hunger without poison, pesty foreign corporations. Plus: Luwayo is up for partnerships with schools, exchanges etc. Hooray!

Next: An Academy for $70,000€

as home, training ground, school, de-traumatization centre and youth leadership hub. The land is aquired – what we need now is schools that want to replicate Namaste Nepal’s magic trick for raising $70,000€ fast!

The Red Brigade Trust

scores the most amazing breakthroughs – nowadays they get booked by army officers to train their women. Unimaginable just 5 years ago.

150 youth trainers!

Teens start joining the Red Brigade in mass since they have oopened their teen training program. So exciting what’s emerging here!

Sevengardens Dialoger

Eric gets certified in a training with the master Peter Reichenbach himself – ready to teach others how to source colors from plants – for multiple uses in ESD and work for the UNITED NATIONS’ Sustainable Development Goals SDGs – and an XXL poster on the spectacular world of sourcing natural colors from plants – from play, art, education and healing to business and development cooperation goes into our teaching tools! 

Eric and Anne-Charlotte receive Certification as UNESCO Structure for Education for Sustainable Development for sevengardens by the german Federal Ministry of Education

– and make friends with other jewels for exciting partnerships. Sevengardens is now one of the highest, multiple UNESCO recognized ventures known for multiplex, highly empowering citizen science 2.0 – from kindergarten to professions and development cooperation.

Our Teaching Tools see the Light of Day

So proud of this baby!

The School Starter Pack bundles up everything we got in our very own tailor-made treasure chest:

books, crash course, poster sets, XXL posters, guides, cardgame, more guides, user manual

20x45x35 cm | 8x18x15 inches – ripe & heavy!

Hero*ines Poster Set + SDG LearnZone

50 posters on teen hero*ines and essentials of changemaking. Very, very cool with self-made “toggles” flip cards to hide additional contents like stories and action guides.

Available in S, L, XL size and digital projections, german, english. More translations coming, help welcome.

All you need to know to turn from newbie to pro in record time!

255 richly illustrated pages on the phenomenon, hero*ines, changemaker student clubs at school – media, methods, support, partners – crash course – key professional user groups: teachers, journalists, city councillors, librarians, civil society.

So good to have pumped this out!

Magic Tool for newbies

The challenge for European kids is to step from inspiration to action. We bridge this gap by following hero*ines’ footsteps from start to global success with 190 authentic steps and 150 magic trick action cards.

“I came here knowing nothing. Now I feel absolutely able to run big fat campaigns. This is really amazing.” And then, we give’em tasks to go pro on their favorite causes, ready to start the same day. 

Stellar feedback!

Like we prognosed: everybody loves it! 

This is what we experience with all sorts of youth age 8 to 18, at schools, at orphanages, at events.

In four years, they have achieved their goal of building 7 schools

in the valley devastated by the enormous earthquake in Nepal. That’s some badass FUNdraising from true athletes!

An important step was to catch the State of Thuringia’s education minister on his visit in town – and the teens approached him asking for support. He was delighted and asked how he can help. “Put our story can call for participation on the official newsletter to schools” – and zip zap many schools joined in. No-brainer. We need more people, companies, NGOs, journalists play this role of in-kind support!

Namaste Nepal score a record $40,000€ with their 48-hour sponsor run

Check out the laps! Each lap is 400 meters / yards. One dude seriously ran 160 kilometers in 48 hours. Humbleness.

Here’s our YL approach demonstrated in splendour:

A math teacher uses the Namaste Nepal story in class, with tasks to figure out costs for building those schools etc. and jokes “you wouldn’t even make 2,000€” … students take it as a matter of honor… and score 10,000€! The experience is so cool that they continue in 2019. This time they score 20,000€, and this in a town of just 20,000 inhabitants. Buchen. Who the heck ever heard of it. It’s one of the countless places “where nothing ever happens.” “Yep, the whole town found a mission, now.”


That's why we say: YL is a GIFT to everyone involved.

It works! And we are rolling this out everywhere.

We team up with Terri to build the Kinigi Eco-Centre near the famous Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

… with community and interactive tourism, supporting local artists, involving youth as guides, training people in permaculture – realized in collaboration with schools, volunteers and crowdfunded with our global community, involving changemakers to bring in their expertise and of course YOU FOLKS as HOLIDAYERS and VOLUNTEERING CREW!

Herewith, we officially add super exciting development projects from early start to our portfolio. How cool a school partnership project is that?!?!

Piping Hot News for our Change Generation Music pack!

We’ve been holding this back for a while – and we’re only showing you a few of the gems. There’s some wild stuff that you get to discover as you interact with the teaching tool package!

DESERT PEA MEDIA pump out epic tracks with rural Aboriginal youth – taking on hard topics, defining solutions and turning them into passionate, heartfelt music with fresh voices, fun and fine or fiery tunes, aligned with the group’s spirit. Pure gold! Enjoy, and make sure to get our music collection into music class, workshops and learn to perform these at activism events and green conferences!

Xiuhtezcatl announces GENERATION NOW - and we want you to join

What if every concert, festival and club night ticket scored $1€ for ecosystem restoration and reforestation programs?

Right on, it will generate billions of dollars to flow from the lively 50% – especially the younger segment of society age 16-30 … would thereby combine and connotate enthusiastic dancing and taking off with doing good for the planet, people, all of us and our common priority higher aspiration dream! This is it!

X has the system set up and we can connect to badass experts like John D. Liu who do the *real* stuff not moronic bad tree monocultures to be cut and sold!!!

We don’t see industry and people respond properly, but know that the global YL crews can definitely play a role in manifesting this. Onwards!

Emma is on the Jimmy Fallon show

since besides raising 500,000 books for aboriginal kids with her sister Julia and friends, she’s also a straight A+ student inventing a tongue-controlled mouse for paralyzed people.

Emma is featured in Women for STEM

and affirms the importance of female role models: “You can’t be what you can’t see.” – We can’t agree more: this young genereation can only become changemakers if they grow up seeing changemakers daily!

Avalon is Miss University of Florida - and uses her status to spread a message

of kindness, charity, environmental responsibility, love for nature, healthy living, peaceful diet, yoga, personal development wherever she goes. 

Beauties … reconsider your views of HACKING every avenue in society for positive change – with spirit, vitality and dignity.

Emma MCs the World's Children's Prize

for two consecutive years, meeting many courageous child activists, Queen Sylvia, Malala and making many new friends.

Pooja has got 24,000 children in poverty straight into schools

by enforcing the new Right To Education Act that requires also private schools to grant 20% of places to kids in poverty, for free. However, no one knows about, until she walks through town, tells people, and they merrily send flocks of kids into schools!

Mary’s biopic Dare To Be Wild airs on Netflix

We’re super happy about this highly edutaining teaching tool and ever more proud to count this veritable elf among our friends, partners, speakers and driving force for multiplying local diversity through ARKs for local wildlife aka acts of restorative kindness of gifting land back to the Earth to re-wild so her children find a safe home. 

OMG - the legend, Dave Mason

has quit his job at Howick College New Zealand, coaching students to self-organize wilderness expeditions and come back alive (though scratched) and is ready to rock epic YL Summer Camps with us. Stay tuned, get fit and fear not!! We’ll catch some dreams!

Chloe sets historic records in running for office!

80% landslide win. First time in U.S. history that this rural district elected a Democrat. 6 months later, the youngest delegate gets interrupted a record-4-times during her first speech by an old dude sporting a Confederate General look, and 6 months later declares victory in passing the planetary first Green New Deal adapted for working people populations of rural Maine. Chloe just announced she starts running for senate, now.

Her article about the story behind her success as a model for changemaker politics is a stunning cracker you won’t forget.

John D. Liu's Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement is rapidly thriving

all over Earth! Thousands exchange knowledge in a highly inspirational facebook group, start and join camps on several continents – including in California’s Paradise, and  conferences respond well to his topic. 

Come up with youth-powered camp ideas in your region, join their’s become an ERC ambassador / drix by doing their online tutorial, and think of your holidays and gap years after high school!

these are high level first heand learning environments on permaculture, landscaping, restoration, community-building, low tech for development, climate change resilience …

Andi, Goddess of Vitality and Poop Guru

wrote for us in 2009! Now, crazy 10 years later and having travelled to 100 countries, she runs a planetarian healers online + local masterclass network AND is YL Speaker happy to speak to kids about health, diet, poop, love and ultra vitality!

What? We just watched Avalon "live" on facebook ... in Beijing, China, at the Yoga Sports World Championships. And she won!

Stuff changemaker girls do besides running campaigns on plant-based food, species protection, restoring ecosystems… 

Lactatia - the world's youngest youngest drag queen - causes havoc + takes stages by storm + features in our line-up now!

We love it and got the best badass messenger telling you “Don’t you dare being ashamed of yourself LOVING & WANTING TO SAVE THE WORLD!” … because Lactatia has broken all records of “shame” for you anyway.

Ocean meets Deep Blue

the world’s biggest Great White Shark – and gets the message of urgent shark protection on tabloid and serious media frontpages around the planet.

Chrissie Fire Mane gifts us permission to use her images for ambience

and without it, YL could never have been complete! What a blessing. Onwards upwards to protect life in the Queendom of Earth!

When we saw this photo, of the very 1st article on a girl in Sweden

going on “skolstrejk for klimatet” we knew this would become huge … and instantly added Greta to New Kids On The Planet and mailed it to her + the cardset on creating Climate Crisis Resilient Regions.

Here’s XR legend Elsie reading it on the train to a #FridaysForFuture protest in Cologne.

We have followed every step since, every day on twitter

… every meme, every breakthrough, every world-premiere … and witnessed moments that many have missed, like the speech at the European Union … which everybody should see … to truly begin to understand aka to feel what is truly going on.

YL folks on 5 continents take the streets with #FridaysforFuture

… and share their knowhow on how to create tangible changes instead of impotently waiting for national government to rain money and pay people to fix things. Which has proven to be entirely futile, after one year of chatter.

1st time that French teens take the streets

and there’s a passion there that can definitely go long ways when applied to tangible projects for implementing solutions!

1st time that Aussie teens take the streets

and their joyful creativity is legend, an example to youth around the Earth that still need to learn *how to paint a proper placard*

1st time that German teens take the streets

and this has been some impressive mass phenomenon in hundreds of towns for a full year, flooding public space, talkshows, media, casing waves at schools nationwide, activating #parentsforfuture, #teachersforfuture, #scientistsforfuture

Once they learn to shift away from waiting for national parliament to the local, power of one and tangible solutions … this can become big.

AURORA releases The Seed official video - and it's wow!

stating “I miss anger in the youth. Not the form of rage that goes anywhere and nowhere. But the rage that gets you up in the morning and do what needs doing.”

The UN honor youth power, adding a youth segment to the Climate Summit

inviting 70 youth activists from around the globe. The daughter of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Holder opens the UN Climate Summit with a prayer … declaring that “today is the day that the 7th Generation takes over”.

However, heads of state provide only ridiculous offers to respond to the climate crisis – basically doing NOTHING – and Greta shreds them, kicking over the table in the temple “How Dare You” and calling an end to their lives – “This is where we draw the line, right here right now.”

Artists take up her call

and it creates some remarkable moments.

AURORA releases Apple Tree official video - wow!

on this very day that YOUTH recognize that they are being betrayed by adult generations.

The video speaks the FEELING of millions of youth  – after a full year of speaking their heart calling for mercy. For love.

“I have already written songs to be released in 5 years. I feel that people will need them then.”

Greta meets indigenous youth and leaders

a different kind of peaceful, kind people, who offer her gifts, declare unconditional support and give her the name “Woman Who Came From The Heavens”.

Greta and George

team up for a call to PROTECT + RESTORE + FUND ecosystems and restoration to curb climate change, in a first step to not only unite behind the science but also to unite with the changemakers.

Unfortunately, we do not see any #FFFs do $100 bakesales monthly x 7 million strikers = $700 million monthly = $1 billion annually … this may change if Greta set the example. For us, this is where the #FFF chapter closes and it is high time to focus on tangible solutions.

In response to #FridaysForFuture youth

for guidance on WHAT TO DO, we have set up a page for #TeachersForFuture and students with selected changemakers, swift high impact solutions, and the toolkit for Creating Climate Crisis Resilient Regions.

AURORA gets 1 of the 1st 10 printed copies of New Kids On The Planet

at the time of her album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend to see the rising hope for humanity, the animal, plant and mineral realms embodied in a new species of amazing teenage changemakers … and have since seen her rapidly evolve from self-healing to helping others heal themselves with Infections Of A Different Kind Step 1 and and liberating the inner sacred animal to come alove to be alive with Step 2 : A Different Kind Of Human. and protect all our brethren in this sacred Queendom from the beasts and soulless creatures that feed on and destroy Paradise. No more! All this quile giving 200 concerts in a single year, each one to be the single one highlight that a fan hopes for, remembering nothing, since ” I just become a canal for that which wishes to express to the audience.”

AURORA rises

and sings healing hymns of the Change Generation. Interviewers get it, are mesmerized, each interview dazzles and leaves you with a feeling like it’s been the first meaningful music interview ever. “Before we met her, we weren’t sure if she was real.”  If Greta is this era’s scientist, AURORA is this era’s poet – “I teach people about their feelings” – and so much more, as the Warriors and Weirdos inhabiting her Queendom are well aware of: “AURORA would be Earth’s best ambassador to the Galactic Council”, but “that would be unfair. They would believe we are all angels, and when they get down here they realize the truth and – yuk.”

Time to catch up with Xiuhtezcatl

So much going on for him, touring and behind the scenes providing support for many young activists

  • distributing power among new staff at Earth Guardians
  • Earth Guardians Youth Council
  • Indigenous Youth Leadership Summer Camps (at last this picks off)

Here’s a collection of impressions and messages from his trail.


Throw-back 2013

Xiuhtezcatl first recipient of YL Warrior Honor Shirt.

We team up with SAMAID renowned humanitarian NGO in YEMEN

for a campaign on reducing sexual violence against girls and women, – which has sharply risen since the monstrous war of aggression waged by Saudi Arabia and criminal allies putting 50% of the population in conditions of starvation. We are glad to make a first tiny step to helping a people resist to genocide while the world does nothing and wants to know nothing.

We had to find a way to help newbie kids step FROM INSPIRATIOn to ACTION - and THIS IS IT!

Session #2 of our workshop series to activate kids/teens/adults for youth leadership: “Follow hero*ines’ footsteps from tender beginnings to global success + lay down magic trick action cards when you see this activity applied on the roadmap.”

  • Session #1 inspires with stories, videos, music
  • Session #3 is high impact actions using favorite hero*ines’ action guides
  • Phase #4 meshed with 1-3 is vivid documentation for sharing with Yl, social and news media 

The World Awakens to Youth Power

as Emma’s raging tears flow over the world’s TV sets and frontpages. The teen survivors of the Parkland school shooting set off record-breaking events, self-re-definition of youth and a new dimension of alliance and collaboration between young people of “supposedly different race and class”. The 2+ hour March For Our Lives event is a MUST-WATCH for everybody to feel the power of youth and the fierce power of U.S. American youth – to activate the SAME spirit on one’s own inner piano and LEARN to live it!

Journalists learn to play their role

simply following the youth, listening, observing and transmitting what’s going on. 

Meet the Ultra-Organized Teenagers Masterminding this Historic Phenomenon

Raabia's Walk With Rangers

goes live for tourists – to experience the Serengeti face to face on foot, not in a Range Rover truck, tracking and hunting poachers included!

A sad day of '"victory"

Kenya burns confiscated ivory. An important symbol, yet to raabia and her ranger mates, it means 100s of dead majestic elephants, their dear friends they seek to protect with their lives.

Lulu wins L'Oreal Woman Of Worth Award

as the first teen, and Dr.Oz  decided you should know of her book on how everyone can make Doing Social Good part of their Social Life inspired by her Philanthro-Party book. We agree!

Playwell Africa deliver 1 ton of LEGO

to villages in rural Uganda. Pure epic. And one year later another 2.5 tons are ready for shipping. Are you ready to get involved?

Remember when Abbie finished school and took off for Mt. Kilimanjaro?

She’s done sooo much since and crisscrossed Britain on ancient hiking trails, sharing it her adventures with us on her youtube channel. Recently, she’s been sharing a lot on mental illness and horrible moments 😀 also on Kilimanjaro. the Mount Blanc descent is such fun (for us) to read about. 

John's got his own TV Show on Animal Planet now

and it’s about Wild Jobs – working with wildlife. Super funny to watch, for free, and full of ideas for internships and professional futures. Check it out!

Ethan has come a long way with Charity Ball since 2013

when we met him. it took him to so many homes, turfs and countries, and recently the World Cup in Russia.

Books With No Bounds are on cereal boxes today!

Have you achieved this with your initiative?

Emma MCs the World's Children's Prize

for two consecutive years, meeting many courageous child activists, Queen Sylvia, Malala and making many new friends.

500,000 books

worth $5,000,000 for aboriginal community schools and rural kids in poverty in Africa and Asia – raised by Emma, Julia, friends, citizens, authors, publishers and schools across the nation

The Red Brigade Lucknow

has obliterated the taboo of “women using violence to defend themselves”! Since 2012, they have changed lives, laws, saved, de-traumatized and trained survivors, got them into jobs – and have normalized training girls at schools fierce self-defence against sexual assault! To-date 30,000, and now, 100s of teens are joining as self-organized youth trainers!

Mama's Home

Chrissie Fire Mane publishes the most amazing soundtrack for one’s personal awakening from inner birthing, feelings of love to sacred activism, supporting today’s luminous youth and celebrating living Paradise here on Earth.

Chrissie releases MAMA’S HOME

into the world. Beyond words, an initiation for healing and awakening and setting one’s Inner Hero*ine on the narrow Good Path – coming from a deep deep high high source.

With the unbeatable LOVE of the Divine Feminine.

Eric scouts YL Camp regions in France

on a one-year journey with his two cats and two backpacks, camping out in magical WWOOF’ing destinations. Mountain villas, castles, gorges, among 180 animals incl 40 free-roaming horses … what’s your choice?

Our favorite in-kind support of 2016

A Tuscany mountain villa with pool surrounded by olive trees. Geez, what a treat – what an incredibly beautiful region … frankly, the #1 where a cultivated landscape has perfect. harmonious BEAUTY! Tuscay … truly remarkable. Really, a place to live <3

Our Poster Exhibit is a smash hit at schools in Germany, Poland, Korea and India!

“Students and teachers agree: it was the best thing of the School Action Day,” and want us to come back and learn how they can get involved.

Exactly how we prognosed, but what a bliss to experience it. So much more to come. 

We team up with HippoHelp

to bring changemakers on their global map of volunteer & work opportunities.

COP 21 in Paris

Meet-ups with Xiuhtezcatl, his family clan and Earth Guardians tribe. Pretty magical to be present at this special milestone moment for many people involved.

NightScience Paris

We bring in teen hero*ines from Hong Kong, India, Malawi, make friends with  Adora Svitak, her super smart and lovely family and further creative genius adult folks from the U.S. Here’s Nellie, elven warrior who kicked off the ban on ivory trade in Hong Kong and mainland China.


Tashi uses our story posters and videos to pep up his Earth Guardians presentation and youth love it. They signed up 80 new Earth Guardians members at a single event!

Wild, rich days at IYONS World Conference India

What a trip. Besides the madness we got teenage hero*ines from the U.S. to Australia to inspire the crowd onsite and via video, and also got our friends Babar and Usha slots for speeches and workshops – at the conference and at renowned Loyola College.  

We team up with the crew of "Erde Nach Vorn" youth summit to bring youth leadership to german kids

alongside popular german youth musicians, organizations and UNICEF initiatives in Southern Germany and in Berlin, for Peace Festival, art events and side sessions for many memorable moments, new friendships and partnerships.