Education & Leadership Programs Activation

in pilot regions around the planet is this year’s focus


aligned with CG RISING, serving all featured changemakers for stronger global outreach, integrating all YL services, like magazine, videos, presentation kit, action guides, community etc


aligned with CG RISING for profound interviews, audience interaction, support, education, training, etc




Get involved!

Youth Leadership Book Project - Crowdfunder


Boys & Men Changemakers Book Project - Crowdfunder


YL CG RISING Student Planner


Training Camps for Teenage Changemakers


YL SPEAKERS Platform Upgrade

YL MAGAZINE re-launch

Poster Set Translations - Crowdfunder


Cardgame Translations - Crowdfunder


Publishing & Rolling Out

our media and programs is the year’s focus

Daughters of the Sun Book Crowdfunder

YL Boost Club

YL Charity Shop

YOUTH-LEADER Website 2017

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, Paris

Hacking Paris Entrepreneurship Day, Paris

Peace Tree Connexion Education Program


Emma Mogus MCs World's Children's Prize for 3rd time

Tshering appointed in charge of regulation, signage, fees on waste recycling and pollution

in his district in Bhutan, planning for school, education programs on resources, cultural and natural heritage, arts, youth leadership.

Pooja scales her program statewide

adding social, environmental and youth leadership education programs.

The Chinese government announces a ban and closing of ivory carving shops

while we know that the decisive media breakthrough was not achieved by the major organizations and celebrities, but by an 11 year old, Nellie.


Prototyping & Field Testing

tools for users is the year’s focus

This Young Generation Booklet Translations

YL Girl & Women Changemakers Calendar

The 7 Virtues Postcard Set

7 Virtues Coloring Book

7 Virtues Sacred Mandalas

YL Poster Pop-Up Exhibit laminated


This Young Generation Booklet

YL Action Workshop Kit Package : Open Prototyping Week-End

YL Action Guides

with level 1-4 actions per heroIne

YL Presentation Kit


The Essentials Of Youth Leadership

Online Tour / Seminar / Presentation


Alliance with creative hub, Australia

Scouting YL Summer Camp Locations

Provence and Normandy, France, Tuscany Italy

Pacha Live App Integration

in YL booklets

Teaching Tools for Bildungsagenten, Germany

Action Toolkit Coop for Climate Strike

YL Pop-Up Exhibit in School

rated best installation by students and teachers, scoring three courses on youth leadership across grades in the next semester

YL Presentation Kit field test

in schools across Germany by ordinary volunteer citizens acting as YL Messengers

Pooja Vishwakarma has brought 20,000 poor kids into school with the RTE Act

in 1 single year, informing poor, illiterate families about the Right To Education law, obliging private schools to fill 25% of their places with poor kids tuition-free. Pooja has broken resistence inside her own state’s government to actually implement the law, and further responded to schools complaints that the children had no equipment by forcing the state’s children’s commission to sponsor equipment for tens of thousands of children.

Tshering gains recognition as Waste Recycling Social Business in rural Bhutan

after defining himself as social entrepreneur, involving officials, touring communities and achieving what “everyone said was impossible ” : inspiring people for waste awareness, contribuiting to collections, volunteering …

Kehkashan receives International Children's Peace Prize

for her incessant advocacy, workshops and trainings and UN speeches on sustainability, climate change and girl empowerment with Green Hope UAE.

After Alicia's (age 5) year-long pressure, there's a first Non-GMO Girl Scout cookie

It’s a start.

Standing Rock water protectors raise global attention

demonstrating non-violent resistence focussed on prayer, with women in the centre, backed up by men, as well as mobilizing awareness for water.

Emma Mogus MCs World's Children's Prize for 2nd time

raising awareness for suicide epidemic among aboriginal children suffering from outdated, unequal, racist laws in Canada.

Emma & Julia break 150,000 mark of good books for aboriginal kids in 49 fly-in communities

of Northern Ontario with Books With No Bounds

The International Criminal Court recognizes that ecosystem destruction is a crime against peace

following information by Miriam Clements, that the legal formulation already exists in articles of the Statute of Rome, which is the base of the ICC.

The Chinese government agrees on a moratorium of Ivory sales.

Xiuhtezcatl is in talkshows all over the planet

after scoring the victory in court, and nonstop appearances at events, festivals, speaking at the UN multiple times.

21 kids win against U.S. Govt, oil and coal industry & proceed to federal court

making waves across national media.


Content Presentations & Partnerships

for different settings, regions and user groups is the year’s focus

YL Youth Leaders Calendar

Conference of Visionaries, Teachers Workshop, Berlin

IYONS World Conference, India

with Rhiannon Tomtishen, Project Orangs, Usha Vishwakarma, The Red Brigade, Holley Somerville-Knott, Omang Agarwal

Erde Nach Vorn, Children's Summit, Germany

Battlefield Love, Berlin, Germany

7 Virtues - Honeys Currency Art Project, Berlin, Germany

COP 21 Film Project

COP 21, Paris, France, YL Poster Pop-Up Exhibit at Youth Camp

Loyola College Youth Leadership Day, Chennai, India

International Peace Festival, Berlin, Germany

Youth Voices for Change, Kosmos Journal

Partner Pacha's Pajamas Global Dance Challenge

Emma Mogus MCs World's Children's Prize

as a recogition for her work of building healing bridges across historic divides with Books With No Bounds, Canada.

N+ Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine becomes the first media B Corp

Usha Vishwakarma and Red Brigade Lucknow score Indian awards and TV presence

making women’s violent self defense against sexual attacks socially acceptable. Military officers ask for trainings for their wives.

Ocean Ramsey's TEDx completes the information on the Saving Our Sharks situation

Be more like Bella.

Chloe Maxmin and Divest Harvard make NY Times frontpage

causing cascading divestment effects around the planet on hundreds of college campuses, as universities, cities, state funds, churches and companies divest, totalling $1,600 billion.

21 kids file a lawsuit against the U.S. government

for wrecking their future, via Our Children’s Fund, based on the Constitution asking that the government guarantee citizens clean air and water for the future.

Emma Watson speaks for HeForShe campaign

giving a shit about aggressive reactions by insane people

Anita Sarkeesian publishes Tropes vs Women in video games

sparking tumultous violence, verbal, physical, death threats by mad people online and at campuses

Earth Guardians release Generation RYSE music album

on the values of the sacred warrior

Xiuhtezcatl holds historic speech before the UN

as representative of civil society at UN Climate Panel, speaking for his generation


Upgrading Major Events with Teen HeroInes

in digital, print and live format is the year’s focus

Conference of Visionaries, Berlin

Lead presentation on youth leadership, standing ovations

COP 20, Lima, Peru, Youth Breakout Video Bridge

on Ecocide being a Crime against Peace

European Youth Week, Berlin

Youth Leadership session, rated best by far, by youth

UN Decade of ESD Closing Conference, UNESCO, Bonn, Germany

Digital YL HeroInes Exhibit

Ashoka LEGO Foundation re:imagine learning Challenge

scoring Pacemaker Status

Maker Days, Paris, France

NightScience Conference, France

with Babar Ali (India), Adora Svitak (USA), Nellie Shute (Hong Kong), Joseph and Lonjezo (Malawi)

YL Media in Adult Language Training, Poland

creating the most energized lesson ever

YL breaks 10,000 Online Volunteer Mark

from 70 countries via the UNITED NATIONS ONLINE VOLUNTEER UNOV Program. With an average of 3 applications per day, 1,000 per year, YL has attracted 10% of the global UNOV workforce over the duration of the UN Decade of ESD for working in 20 languages.

Neha Gupta receives World Children's Peace Prize

for raising an average of $15,000 per month since the age of 9 for building safe homes, loving communities, providing health and quality education for India’s most vulnerable children with Empower Orphans.

Climate March in NYC puts teenage changemakers into first row

notably Earth Guardians Xiuhtezcatl and Itzcuauthli

Xiuhtezcatl holds historic speech at Bioneers

about youth leadership, the power of message through music, and how Earth Guardians crews are spreading across the planet.

How Wolves Change Rivers

A 4.34 min video on the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park changes our worldview, showing us that apex predators cause trophic cascades, leading to ecosystem abundance; kudos George Monbiot and Sustainable Human.

Bentley Blockade vs Fracking successful

and its hymn “CSG No Way” composed by 10 year old Holley becomes a classic

Ocean Ramsey changes worldview on sharks by freediving with Great White Sharks

raising awareness for the global crisis of 70-100 mio sharks being massacred, finned for a useless, tasteless bowl of soup, their extinction already causing dead zones in oceans, since the next biggest predator, which multilies super quickly, eats up all the fish, leading to fisheries and ecosystem collapse, threatening algae and atmospheric collapse.

Youth Leaders all over TEDx's across North America

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Rachel Parent, Adora Svitak and Avalon Theisen cause standing ovations setting new benchmark on youth power on public stages.

Usha Vishwakarma & The Red Brigade Lucknow score billions of media impressions globally

for their fierce stand against rape – patrolling the streets, shaming and beating up rapists, saving and de-traumatizing survivors, forcing the police to do their job, put criminals in prison, change laws, add video surveillance…

Riley Elliot and Taylor Finderup achieve NZ shark finning ban

after adult – teen powered media campaign gets journalists into the water with sharks and all is fine. Riley launches Shark Man show, taking science into the 21st century, being immersed as loving friend in the planet’s life systems one studies.

Emma and Julia star in We Day movies and on stage

for their immense scope of volunteering.

Nobel Peace Prize for Malala, and for Kailash Satyarthi

highlights the power of youth to the so far clueless billions, and Kailash at TED highlights “If you want to make peace, get angry”, on the need and power of sacred (out)rage at violence and injustice. Note: Kailash met Craig Kielburger at age 13.

The Hong Kong gvt agrees to confiscated Ivory incineration

after years of resistence.

We Days also in London, Great Britain, and Oregon, California, Minnesota, USA

Rachel Parent's hand-delivers global health impact studies to Minister of Health

documenting devastating health crisis in GMO cultivation regions, scoring meeting with expert board, unveiling that no Canadian ministry considers itself in charge of protecting the population from poisons used in GMO agriculture.

Nellie for Ellies public children's demos achieve first time coverage in Hong Kong and Chinese news

on record speed criminal elephant poaching and extinction due to Chinese demand for ivory.


Building Cooperative Community with Teen HeroInes

is the year’s focus

1st YL Warrior Honor Shirts awarded to Youth Leaders

having made great achievements for their people

  • Emma and Julia Mogus, Books With No Bounds
  • Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Earth Guardians
  • Rachel Parent, Kids Right To Know

UN Day of Youth 16 hour Livestream with teenage heroInes

Official Project UN Year of Water

Official Project of the UN Decade of Biodiversity 2011-2020

13-year-old Robyn Hamlyn makes 27 cities "Blue Communities"

passing one, two or three parts of the “Blue Community” Resolution: keeping water public, making it a human right and banning plastic bottled water.

Rachel Parent scores epic talkshop appearance

making TV bully ridicule himself over his baseless attacks and claims on safety and proper testing, finally acknowledge GMO labelling and – quote – that people are in a long-term study, illegally – “we are the lab rats”. 8+ million views globally. Rachel is invited to the We Day stage.

We Days in all big cities of Canada

uniting 250,000 active kids in the program.

John D. Liu publishes Large Scale Ecosystem restoration films

evoking worldview change on what is possible for healing the wounds of the Earth and shifting beyond a stupid economic model of intruders destroying a community’s holistic wealth for the short-term profit of a few, leaving behind scarred landscapes and empoverished communties.

Uplift Australia creates a new positive media platform of global reach


Designing Print Products

is the year’s focus, to get off the web into the hands of many user groups, at schools, homes and public

YL Cardgame

YL Poster Set 48 Youth Leaders

YL Positive Print Newspaper Prototype, Berlin

YL Positive News Special Edition for Rio+20 Conference in coop with Federal Environmental Agency, Hanover, Germany

Interviews for Change Series

YL Poster Set Youth Rising for Peace

IVOH Award 2012 for Eric

IVOH Conference 2012

Eric is Member of National Round Table 2011-2014 for the Implementation of the UN World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, UNESCO

Youth Leadership a Priority of ESD, UNESCO Germany

Vision Summit on Social Business, Berlin Germany

UNOV Award 2012 for YL Team Youth Rising for Peace

We Day scores 6 hours live on TV

uniting 250,000 activist kids from 10,000 schools.

Xiuh & Itz Martinez, Earthguardians, stop fracking inside Boulder

causing national news coverage over vicious attacks, asking why the oil and gas industry is bullying 12 year old.

Namaste Nepal student social business earns Zeitzeichen Award

for their social business model for development between their german school and a village in Nepal, through solar energy and calendar sales, and scoring $20,000 on the annual epic 48h sponsor run, visiting for workcamps and more.

Polly Higgins brings Ecocide as the 5th Crime Against Peace to global attention

after being around in the UN for fifty years, and that it was actually intended to be the 5th crime at the founding of the ICC in 1998, had it not been vetoed by 3 countries, the USA, Great Britain and the Netherlands (who “are” Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever, who process 50% of palm oils used in Europe), that want the destruction of ecosystems to continue for enriching a handful of shareholders. Ecocide as 5th Crime brings perpetrators – CEOs, heads of state and investors – to trial and prison for life. Casting this protective web of law around the planet is our step into a sustainable civilization.

UN Forest Hero Award to Girl Scouts Madi and Rhiannon for achieving moves on sustainable palm oil

by Girl Scouts, Kellogg’s and WIlmar, after decades of resistence to adult organizations.


Online Magazine & Social Media

are the year’s foci

YL Magazine Print Poster Edition

YL Magazine Global Upgrades

YL the OV Best Practice in UNV Annual Report 2010

Status as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, UNESCO, 2011-12

Official Project of the UN Decade of Biodiversity 2011-2020

Vision Summit on Social Business, Berlin Germany

N+ Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine reaches 3 million listeners

by creating 55 min radio shows with usic and jingles, for free download by community radio stations across South and Central America. Six months into the program, 120 stations use their weekly shows, reaching 3 million listeners.


Cross-Platform Publication & Partnerships

is this multi-year span’s focus

IDEC Sydney, ESD Video Bridge

YL Magazine Oceania

YL Magazine India

European Business Campus, Berlin, 2009

Shimmers from the Shoal article in Kosmos Journal, Spring 2009

Ecoclubes European Workshop, Spain, 2009

YL Water Special Edition, for EWOC, Canada, 2008

YL Radio Reporting at Global Water Summit, ecoclubes, Argentina, 2008

School Presentations, Berlin

YL Magazine Global

UNOV Award 2010 for YL Team India

Status as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, UNESCO, 2009-2010

Vision Summit on Social Business, Berlin Germany

Ecoclubes European Workshop, Poland, 2009

Status as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, UNESCO, 2007-2008

Partnership Radio N+ Noticias Positivas Radio Argentina

Status as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, UNESCO, 2005-2006

We Day Toronto unites 25,000 teen activists

active in student clubs inspired by Craig and Marc Kielburger’s Free the Children and MeToWe.

Jane McGonigal at TED : Gaming for a Better World

changes worldview on games, gamers and potentials for future forecast and positive change

12 year old Adora Svitak at TED

opens the world’s eyes to a new generation of super smart kids and youth.

2008 : Social Business & Social Business

emerge, boosted by the Nobel Peace Prize for Muhammad Yunus (Grameen) and Bill Drayton (Ashoka)


enables proper online video, empowering changemakers to tell their stories themselves in genuine spirit


enables proper, solid rapid web publication

The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD

builds the bridge between the young generation at school and civil society, changemakers, activism, innovation by at last formulating that positive change is part of education with unique high value


Collecting & Contextualizing Contents

on solutions and changemakers in media and education is this multi-year span’s focus

World Future School Online LearnScape Prototyping

tour 21 Swimming Sustainability Classroom

EWOC World Conference 2014, Canada

The Unifying Aspects of Culture, inst at World Conference, Vienna, Austria

Bhutan's Queen Ashi Dorji Wanghuck presents the pillars of Gross National Happiness

at Universal World Exposition expo 2000 in Hanover Germany, on economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual wealth / poverty, and that when the latter three are high, the first becomes little important.