YL has evolved through several stages, around the planet, since the start of the UN Decade for ESD in 2005. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we have no intention to slow down. On the contrary. We are starting into the next exciting phase : activation youth leadership at schools and beyond, all over the planet. Be part!

Scouting Eastern Europe for YL Summer Camps and Project Partners

Magical Coaches Map pilot region Berlin-Brandenburg


West-East European School Partnerships

Red Brigade European Tour

Project-oriented Youth Exchanges with Hero*ines’ youth teams

TribalTravel journeys to hero*ines

YL Magical Coaches Map, urban + rural focus

#bemoreawesome Changemaker Training for youth age 8 to 18

YL Magazine online re-launch

YL Youth Leadership 101 manual

ESD UNITED NATIONS University European RCE Meeting, Scotland

Scouting for boosting rural youth leadership in Africa with Community Organizers, LearnSpaces + Project Partnerships with schools, youth teams in the North

German-African Youth Exchange Conference via weltwaerts program, BMZ, Johannesburg, South Africa


Certification of Youth Creative Coaches via Corona*tion Academy

Global SDG Class Challenge Manual + Pack

Global SDG School Challenge Manual + Pack

#bemoreawesome Crash Course Pack

#bemoreawesome Online Crash Course

Corona*tion Academy : online + home + family activities

YL Boost! Club crowdfunding community

YL Magical Coaches

YL LearnSpaces manual + Pack

YL Coach Training + Certification

XXL Ambience Posters

RCE Berlin launch

Kalima Design Fair Fashion partnership

sevengardens Magazine

Pocket Garden children’s manual, Qumara International

Red Brigade, India International Board




RCE Ruhr partnership

sevengardens partnership

YL School Starter Pack

Level Up! Crash Course

YL Book My True Hero*ines 2nd edition

Activate Your City manual

Activate Yourself online crash course for youth and adults

Online Tutorial Discover Youth Leadership

Online Exhibit Youth Leadership




Podcast trial

Book translation – english – german

YL Book My True Hero*ines book 1st edition

Vlog trial

Adventures in France : focus on France’s handicaps preventing Youth Leadership at and beyond school, and ways how to change this


YL Advent Calendar YL Charity Store

The Hero’s 7 Virtues coloring book

YL Berlin : focus on Germany’s / Europe’s unease

Eric’s Adventures in France : scouting YL camp locations

Eric’s Adventures in Italy


YL Booklet This Young Generation in 7 languages

YL Workshop session #1 design

YL Presentation session #1 at schools

YL Poster Exhibits


COP21 Paris, France

YL Field Partnerships development

YL goes Kilimanjaro

IYONS Conference, and Loyola College, India YL

poster translation to 10 languages

YL Poster Set

12,000 online volunteer applications


COP 20 Lima, Peru

focus on Germany’s unease

Berlin conferences

NightScience Conference, Paris, France

Climate Extraction Impact Graphic – LINGO Leave It In The Ground


YL goes Antarctica

Hero video transcription and translation

YL Youtube Channel

YL Speakers

YL Cardgame

UN Day of Youth – YL 13h Livestream

UNOV United Nations Online Volunteering Award 2012
re:imagine learning, Ashoka Changemakers with LEGO Foundation Pacemaker status for Change Generation Rising
10,000 online volunteer applications


YL Cartoons

IVOH World Conference, New York, USA

YL Magazine – Peace Edition

YL Magazine – Oceania Edition

Images and Voices of Hope Award 2012
UNESCO makes Youth Leadership a Year 2012 ESD priority
UNV Annual Report 2010 – YL best practice in online volunteering

Member of UNESCO Round Table for the implementation of the UN Decade of ESD in Germany


YL Magazine Indigenous People Edition

Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Biodiversity 2011-20
UNOV United Nations Online Volunteering Award 2010
100 content partners


G8 Summit, Germany

YL Omnicultural Calendar

YL Magazine India

YL team at Hub Mumbai, India

esbz school Berlin, workshops

Zukunft Lokt Festival, Berlin

5,000 online volunteer applications


European Business Campus – sustainable student companies, Berlin, Germany

Media In Time Of Crisis, YL Pakistan Training For Young Journalists

ecoclubes, Poland

UNESCO World Conference on ESD, UN Decade half-time conference, Bonn, Germany

Kosmos Journal Spring Edition

David Wasdell video – Planet Earth, We Have A Problem

N+ Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine Argentina

YL Magazine  


fez Berlin workshops

Vision Summit on Social Business, Berlin, Germany

ecoclubes Europe, Barcelona, Spain

YL Water Special Edition Water & Youth Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Good News Boards in Canada and Argentina

PNYV Magazine in 10 languages  

1,000 online volunteer applications


idec – International Democratic Education Conference, Sydney, Australia

Global Learn Day 24h online conference

The Unifying Aspects of Culture TUAC, inst at, Vienna, Austria

PNYV Magazine in 6 languages

Official Project of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-14 UNESCO


idec – International Democratic Education Conference, Berlin, Germany

PNYV Positive News Youth Views Magazine  

PRE-HISTORY 2000-2004

2002 – tour 21 – Swimming Future Classroom on waterways 5 week-tour from Hannover to Berlin, Germany

2002 – future sounds music CD

Eric at expo2000 – 5 months at the Universal World Exposition on Sustainable Development, Hannover, Germany