"The school we built is the only intact building after the Nepal earthquake."
“It towers like an icon of hope on the mountain, like an icon of hope for the entire valley. Our student group has decided to build a school for each of the valley’s 7 villages.”

“Schools across the state have joined our quest. 4 years later, the 7 schools are complete.”

Namaste Nepal student company

Intangible Impact

Positive Worldview

Normally, people have a bad image of youth, uncaring citizens, an impotent citizenry, and a bleak outlook for the future. Our stories of 100s of solutions for everything, powered by ordinary kids and people, to copy-paste to one’s city by the 100s evokes …

POSITIVE WORLDVIEW CHANGE about youth, humans, power of one, people power, solutions, big picture vision, the future, one’s own agency, life at school, life in the city, one’s region.

That’s great for mental health, and for an active citizenry, teachers, youth – because now they know, and they don’t fret about or fight against something, but in fact stop fighting, drop revolution and shift to evolution – they paradigm shift to create the new, what they LOVE.

That’s a new thing. If schools, organizations and media had aimed, practiced and achieved this, our youth, schools, cities, media and world would look much different. So, use our stuff!

New Mind-, Feel- and Do-Set

Observe terms used in social / media, of “activists” and you note we evoke a new mindshift, worldview, attitude, an inner alchemy of shifting #FromtProtestToProject – just like Buckminster Fuller said decades ago “You never change things by criticizing existing reality. to change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – quoted many times, but never properly understood. We do and our users do.

They evolve into the new human model: ABLE, ACTIVE, CARING CITIZENS implementing humanity’s finest knowledge in real-time collaboration with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis. No longer minions of monarchy, morons of fascism, or impotent voters.

This upgrade to the new Operating System of co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of the next level collaborative good society begins with this change of SPIRIT, thee pertaining new mind- and feelset that give birth to a do-set.

Tangible, Collective Emotional Experience

User Feedback

More Intangible Impact – in form of an uplifting user experience.

You’ll notice it is usually around “the best of” and “the best ever”.

That is once again a world-premiere unachieved by formerly available tools and methods.

And it’s easy. 

Changemaker Feedback

Strong experience of recognition and support.

Highly encouraging. Global Family. Precious for many limited to local regional activities and backwards mindset of their local population and stakeholders.

Coaching and collaboration, vision, tools, feasible, outlook highly encouraging opening new horizons, status and references.

Tangible Impact

This Tangible Impact happens

when youth at school hear our stories. Examples Namaste Nepal, Emma and Julia, Lulu, Craig, Sophie, Avalon, Nellie, Robyn, Cassandra, Polly, Usha, Luwayo …


Namaste Nepal teams raise up to $33,000€ with a single sponsor run.
“Our group in Buchen, a town of 20,000 inhabitants, raised $20,000€. People in town have found purpose and adventure.”

What if Changemaker Student Clubs at 100,000 schools … raise $1,000€ per month?

They can do so easily, with bake & lemonAID sales, Philanthro-Parties … like Lulu and 10,000s of other kids do.

100,000 schools = 50 million students

What if …

each student

  • gift 1 book, 100 grams of LEGO
  • says no to harassment, to rape
  • learns of epidemic birth defects in Argentina’s soy GMO cultivation regions
  • learns of Ecocide as a Crime Against Peace?

each team

  • makes their city a “Blue Community”
  • starts a permaculture garden
  • restores a local river
  • activates other schools

at least 3 projects each month.

This is what we are making possible now, with ordinary youth, teachers, citizens.

The Youth that we work with.
THE YOUTH featured in our media and programs influence lives, laws and industries, learning, popular and media culture. We take their initiatives global, to scale their impact and help young people everywhere achieve the same.
  • tens of thousands of children’s lives impacted through charity and education
  • thousands of children liberated from forced labour
  • changes in the palm oil industry
  • making water a human right, public and banned bottled water in 30 cities
  • New Zeland national ban on shark finning
  • China national moratorium on ivory import
  • compulsory grease to biofuel recycling
  • recycling laws for still good and  expired foods
  • national awareness on GMO and glyphosate hazards
  • national lawsuit against the government for wrecking the climate
  • regional moratorium on fracking
  • $1,600 billion divestment from fossil fuels
  • regulations and law enforcement against sexual harassment on public transport and spaces
  • persecution and incarceration of rapists and murderers
  • saving hundreds of whales from illegal poaching
  • thousands of lives transformed to vegan, non-harmful living
  • hundreds of educators inspired to teach changemaking
  • millions inspired to live their dreams
  • millions taught positive worldview of aboriginal children and communities
  • worldview change about sharks and oceanic ecosystems
  • national legislation making ecocide a crime
  • and much more
These solutions are urgently needed, and they are replicable by ordinary youth and people everywhere.
The Adults that we work with.
THE ADULT CHANGEMAKERS featured in our media and programs lead high impact initiatives that transform our societies to become regenerative, sustainable, peaceful, thriving. Together, we take their initiatives to inter/national scale, and truly shape the future.
  • Boost local biodiversity with arks
  • Large-scale ecosystem restoration
  • change worldview on sharks and enforce their protection
  • make ecocide a crime against peace
  • stop street harassment
  • end rape culture
  • curb gun violence
  • heal broken youth biographies
  • make youth leadership integral part of learning culture
  • and many more
Also young people can strongly support, spread and implement these massive solutions with simple steps – even outperform adults – and learn world-leading know-how, worldviews, principles, skills and relations!
Intangible impacts.


We bring change of worldview and methods to many spheres of society, and connect activists, students, teachers, parents, journalists, funders, entrepreneurs and citizens from all walks of life to take youth leadership and solutions to global scale. Our multi-faceted approach has more tangible and intangible effects that one may imagine. Here are some highlights.

Members, Ambassadors, Volunteers and Users on 6 Continents
We experience a fantastic success story – wherever we go, the world’s finest changemakers instantly HI5 us for our approach, contribute everything they have and everything they are to our quest of empowering the young generation.
Users in Primary and Secondary Schools and Adult Education
Teachers, students and parents are inspired by our stories and unfolding vision for their professional and personal paths. We are so excited to see it happen!
Tangible, Realistic Hope
Our people-powered success stories nurture positive worldview. The abundance of solutions for everything forms a concrete vision and solid conviction that we can easily create a good world for all in one, two, three decades.
Positive Youth Image
We present the finest, and we unearth and highlight that 95+ percent of youth support their spirit and vision, that this generation volunteers in record numbers and loves youth leadership at school. Adora Svitak de-constructs negative stereotypes about youth. Our media, methods and services equip everybody to do the same.
Belief in the Power of One
The success stories convey strong evidence that individual people can evoke tremendous changes when putting their mind to it – as youth, teachers, social entrepreneurs, mayors, mediamakers… Our approach to composing positive news media ignites the hero/ine spirit that exists in each of us and offers instant action opportunities for experiencing this force and lifestyle.
We re-mind teachers, students, parents and policy-makers of the purpose of schooling, our rights to up-to-date education and methods for realizing it. We also “translate” between and align the worlds of changemaking and education and newly “define” youth leadership in education by adapting simple, widely established standards, formats and activities for “creating a good world” activities. This adds considerably to a better understanding and involvement by teachers, students and citizens who are stuck in the outdated reasonings of education in an unsustainable society that we have all grown up in.
Excellent Media, Methods and Services for Education
Our media serve as Add-Ons to units and subjects across the entire curriculum – bringing global issues to life with solutions, young role models, action opportunities, options for live meetings and action beyond the school fence. Huge!
Huge Empowerment of Student Clubs
Our media, methods and community equip and support them for starting and sustaining a year-round stream of activities, as well as amplify presence and impact through contributions and actions creating omni-presence in class and school, public space and media.
Better Status and Recognition of Activist Youth
We highlight that empathic youth with global awareness and a will for action are Our New Highly Gifted, our future Social Entrepreneurs and Cultural Creatives, to be granted the same recognition and support enjoyed by talented musicians and ball dribblers: space and time for self-organized learning, practice and performance at and beyond school, benefitting their peers, learning culture, people and planet, making headlines and generating ever greater impact.

Bringing Youth Leaders together

Usually, superstar teen changemakers only briefly meet around event stages. We bring them together in our media, on Skype, at events, for projects and trainings. They love it. For once, they are not the one person in the room expected to inspire all the others.

Global Speakers Platform

As a Speakers platform, we serve schools, organize skype and webcast sessions, contribute workshops, formats and ideas to events. They love it, because we tick like them. Examples: Cassandra presents at a major sustainability in Mexico (above), Adora, Babar, Nellie, Joseph and Lonjezo met at Nightscience Paris, Rhiannon, Babar, Usha and Gaurav met at IYONS India, Holley joined us for a thundering Skype performance at Loyola College. Avalon, Xiuh, Itz, Chloe, Kjell, Karl, Prisca and others came down to COP21 in Paris.

Materials for their Quests

We promote changemakers’ solutions to a greater audience, especially to schools. They love it, because their true vision expands far beyond their focus campaign to empowering their entire generation.
Expanding Outreach to 18 Languages
We are the first to seriously communicate the youth leadership phenomenon beyond english speaking North America. We expand outreach to the entire planet in 18 languages. People from 70 countries are inspired.
Adding New Angles and Public to Major Campaigns
We really, really care. We develop photo essay exhibits for changemakers’ crucial campaigns (banning shark finning, ending ivory trade, making ecocide a crime against peace etc) to scale petitions, found local chapters etc. These free downloadable + printable media sets equip their followers and are a priority of our users, too.
Upgrading Art Projects, Events and Campaigns
Austrian artist Niki Eberstaller designs his “HONEYS” Homemade Money on the 7 Cardinal Virtues with 7 Youth Leaders embodying these virtues, linking to their YL profiles and encouraging the public to take action. “11 Wie Du”, Germany’s leading change pop youth band, partners with YL on their Earth Forward school tour to inspire and equip their youth audience for action.
School Partnerships
We arrange short- and long-term collaboration between schools and “Field Partners” – young and adult changemakers with exciting development ventures that schools can easily support, even visit them, make considerable difference, and see the success story unfold. Examples: “100 Schools for 1 Million Girls” partners 100 schools with The Red Brigade Lucknow for raising $1,000 each, to build a self-defense academy. Also Babar’s schools, and the Books With No Bounds and Kids Right To Know campaigns.
Connecting to Funders
We connect awesome changemakers with funding opportunities and awards. Examples: The Red Brigade Lucknow has become a main partner of the FRIDA grantmaking program. Our nominations have earned some of our Youth awards “worth” $5,000. Babar Ali has received fabulous support via INK Conference.

Promoting Best Practice Activist Know-How

We explain the DIY Steps To Success for replication of world-famous youth initiatives and convey wildly successful activists’ knowledge to a great public at and beyond school. Examples: Action Kits for the model solutions of our members, PDF version of Madi Vorva’s Tool-Kit for Student Activists, Skype meetings for consultation.

Equipping Citizens for Meaningful Activities

We package our media along with guidelines and tipps for use, combination and adaptation and provide online trainings. These are very powerful, deep and comprehensive immersions with rich media packs containing best-of collections of videos, hero portrait posters, action kits and more. Examples: Presentation Kit on youth leadership, Discovery Tour to Youth Leadership and Our Offers.

Exhibits in Museums, Schools, Libraries, Public Space

We provide rich media sets for multi-media Exhibits for download and self-printing, in small and XXL formats, as well as printed sets that users can order from us. These are very attractive media, serving many user groups, can be adapted and directly combined with local and global actions, from fundraisers to campaigns, for featured hero/ines or the users’ causes. Examples: The Power of Youth Leadership, Girl and Women Changemakers, Peacemakers.

Promoting Positive Youth Image

Our massive display of young hero/ines changes worldview of youth, aduls, and major multipliers at school and in media. Adora’s features liberate us from negative stereotypes that have been put on us by society, to re-connect with our own, healthy, rightful defiitions of our ever transforming selves, dreams and future.

Promoting Positive Change Youth Culture

We promote the Music and Memes conveying the genuine spirit of the Change Generation. Earth Guardians, Holley Somerville-Knott and Lemonaid Warriors already shape views of the world and self, fandom and global community manifesting in action lifestyle, from school kids to Hollywood.

Spreading Healthy Media to Public LIbraries

We package, promote and distribute our media to public libraries : Our book(s), teaching tools, poster sets, music album, as well as musical, music and books by members of our changemaker community. Examples: Pacha’s Pajamas (musical and animated book), Earth Guardians (music album), Ellen Prager (Tristan Hunt, Shark Whisperer), Robin Grille (Peaceful Parenting) …
Upgrading UN Educational Programs
We contribute up-to-date contents (role models, solutions, authentic inspirational media) to the (too theory-laden) UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, participative methods, live services, consultation and supportive community. We are preparing our UN Webcast programs and Theme Kits as special contributions to UN programs and platforms. Examples: YL has rare, official status with the DESD (UNESCO) with special mention for “its extraordinary potential for youth and citizen empowerment”, and our input has made Empowerment for Youth Leadership an official year 2012 priority for ESD in Germany.
Proper Presence of UN Days
We support the knowledge of the UN, its vision and mission by connecting our media, program and proposed activities with International United Nations Theme Days (Water, Forests, Girls, Teachers Day etc. etc.) and important dates like Orang Utan Day, Shark Week, the brain tickling Day of Blasphemy, and the indispensable Day of Talking Like a Pirate. Beow!
Ambassadors for UN Level Programs
Kehkashan Basu – UNEP Global Coordinator for Major Groups of Children and Youth, Omang Agarwal – He For She and A World at School, Lulu Cerone – A World At School,  Xiuhtezcatl Martinez – Representative of Civil Society opening the Climate Change Conference in NYC, Emma Mogus – Youth Council on Girls and Women’s Rights, and World’s Children’s Prize Ambassador. Our media and profiles highlight their involvement in these UN initiatives and how young people can get involved.
UN related programs
We are members of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, its follow-up Global Action Plan program, the UN Decade of Biodiversity; We contribute to The UN General Secretary’s Education First Initiative – especially the Global Citizenship Education GCE program; to He For She, and to A World At School through educational activities, members, and we contribute our services. Examples: Special Publication in partnership with the German Environmental Agency (UBA) for the rio+20 National Summit, Video Show for the National Closing Event of the UN Decade for ESD.
Major Changemaking Programs at UN Level
Large-scale Eco-System Restoration with ICUN – John D. Liu, Making Ecocide a Crime Against Peace at the International Criminal Court ICC – Polly Higgins. Our media highlight the operations as citizen-powered initiatives for global harmonization on ecological, economic, legislative and legal levels.
Strong Experience for 5,000 Online Volunteers
We have had more than 11,000 applications via the UNITED NATIONS Online Volunteering Program UNOV, and we have actively involved more than 5,000. They love committing their time and skills to our cause, writing, editing, comic strip design, translation and coordinating teams! The process of application, feedback to our work, their experiences with our solution stories, interviews with famous changemakers, setting up, running and promoting our positive news magazines (global, India, indigenous people) have profound impact on worldview, skills and even career changes.
Setting New Standards in Online Volunteering
11,000 applications throughout the UN Decade of ESD 2005-2014 mean 3/day, more than 1,000/year, representing 10% of the total flow of UN Online Volunteers! Our approach of involving their personal creativity, vision and outreach adds new dimensions of connecting online volunteering with tangible impact on the ground, as well as running complex media ventures purely on free softwares and online volunteer teams.
Repeat Awards and a Model for Volunteer-powered Projects
We have received the prestitigious UNOV Award 2010 for YL Team India and UNOV Award 2012 for YL Team Youth Rising for Peace, and highlighted as THE “Best Practice in Online Volunteering” in the UNITED NATIONS Volunteering UNV Program’s Annual Report 2010.
“Nobel Peace Prize for Media with World Benefit”
Images & Voices of Hope IVOH Award 2012  for Eric Schneider – earlier laureates include the director of TED and founder of Frontline – for connecting humanity’s best changemaking knowledge into schools, in classrooms and with student (club) powered positive news Wall Displays as “Informal Sustainability Learning Environments” ISLEs.
Training of Young Writers in Positive Change Media Culture
Our magazine writers learn philosophy, principles, guidelines for creating positive news articles that inspire and empower readers for action. They use powerful examples, interact with real hero/ines for interviews and have a real, relevant publishing platform with long-term use, even in education. They benefit for personal development, reference, some even change their fields of study, begin journalism studies, take on their own creative writing projects and even set out to launch their own magazines!
Promoting and Connecting Positive News Pioneers
We connect pioneers in [meaningful!] media culture around the planet, cross-publish their stories, contribute to their platforms, set their excellent individual approaches into a holistic context, and package their groundbreaking work for education in our Theme Kit on Positive Change Media Culture.
Would you like some of this to happen around you?
We hope that becoming aware of these precious impacts makes you appreciate our work and motivates you to support us and connect with us to take our services into every school in your sphere of influence.