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Select your favorite role aligned with your lifestyle.


Kick back for a moment and connect with your bottom lines. What truly matters to you? Where are your deep powerful passions? It may be friends, nature, music, sports, gaming, and … some changemaking. It may be full-time changemaking. Be very true to yourself. Everything’s fine. We are a diverse tribe.

When you got this clear, take a minute to reflect about topic foci, priorities, and time. Especially time. You may be surprised how little or – how much! – time you can allocate to planning and rocking actions with awesome people – for the adventure! Maybe take pen and paper to arrange the things that matter, take times of your day and what times are free for shuffling around and taking action.

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Adults have important supportive roles.

You will be surprised how precious you are, when equipped with our magic tools and when connected with inspired youth teams and educators. Browse the options and select the role best fitting your lifestyle, skills and joys for this year ahead.


Take a moment to reflect about what truly matters to you. About nature, the kids and what legacy we are leaving as an adult generation. Yes, we could do better as a generation – and now we can!

Assess where you are in life right now, and how you can upgrade living your core values by giving a few hours of support to hopeful young activists. Tap into your deep love, the fierce passion, feel your backbone stretch and your heart soar at the thought of spending your days in the company of groups of brilliant activist kids and teenage youth creating a good world all around you!

There’s a whole lot of us adults sharing this feeling, and from this place, we can evoke tremendous impact as volunteer networkers, presenters and mentors.

Now have a look at how you can join the grand quest of our lifetime – nurturing, birthing, uplifting the Change Generation. There are plenty of ways, all of them simple, beautiful and exciting!