We recognize that kids and families are very busy. So we provide simple, realistic tools for them for effective action in their communities, at school, and to turn what is on their calendar into PhilanthroParties and opportunities to serve.


LemonAID Warriors

Public Libraries are such a precious and powerful space for our communities, if only people knew how to use it best and become part of bringing it to life as a community centre of learning, creativity and cooperation.

As changemakers, we love “hubs” and co-working spaces, but those have become increasingly commercialized, more business than social, and secluded. Working at the intersection of youth, learning and positive news media, I see new win-win benefits to reach our common aspirations for people and planet.

We have wonderful content on “youth creating a good world” in various media formats

  • fit for young and adult reader groups
  • fit for teachers and students
  • fit for programs like workshops
  • fit for informal interaction with the public
  • with attractive contributions by the public
  • building cooperation with teen hero*ines in town
  • building bonds with kids caring for people and planet
  • enabling youth-powered holiday programs
  • creating presence in news media to raise awareness

I’d say this is on the wish list of PUBLIC LIBRARIES. We make it super simple. Get to know our general approach below. We are available to help you with causes, opportunities and foci specific to your setting. don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us what you need.

Eric, YL

For a first impression of youth leadership, and a vision of what it can add to your city life, please flip through our brochures 1 and 2.

To know the basics about youth leadership, to best inform teachers, students, citizens, youth and collea-gues, take the Tutorial.

We encourage you to also take the following stages of the Adult Crash Course to experience hopw inspired readers can turn into users and enjoy benefits in their daily lives.

As you can tell, these are the youth and students we all love. They awaken through INSPIRATIONAL hero*ine role models.

At YL, we work with world class knowledge on many local and global issues. This knowledge, the role models and citizen empowerment are available to you too, in form of various media, and creative ideas of using them in your ways – theme displays, exhibits, workshops, activities for school classes and holidays.

As YL Youth and Adult Volunteer Teams evolve, they reach out to libraries as afternoon HQ, and partner for workshop programs.

Your Superpowers


  • frequented by 1,000s of citizens of all ages
  • with kids
  • with an interest in knowledge, fun, discovery and play
  • and 1,000s of school students, from early age
  • with spaces
  • with public status and newsletters
  • with a local, regional, national partner network
  • with a year-round program
  • with alternating monthly themes
  • with a mission to serve the public’s good
  • and the goal to be a Community Centre of Knowledge, Learning and Cooperation

If it didn’t exist, our hero*ines would invent it!

Except, we would do more action hero stuff, empowering your community to act to achieve their aspirations for people and planet.

But that’s what we could do together, aye?

So, to us, our mission is to ADD

  • young hero*ines
  • changemaker tools, knowhow, options
  • support

to your scope of content, and establish friendly connection with the local changemaker community so they can provide their talents and resources to contribute

  • activities for your user community

in ways that you love. How about it?

Let’s put on the Magical Spectacles of Youth Leadership

and have a look at how we can make Youth Leadership present at libraries, with win-win benefits.

It is simple, and part of your core purpose and activity anyway, hence takes no effort, is riskless. You have a patient, diverse space. That is very beautiful in today’s hectic times.

It gradually grows and evolves, like a tree. Can you activate each branch of “your tree”? Look at the splendid results!

Browse our Brochures

for a quick impression of our work.  view

Browse the Online Exhibit

for inspiration and first ideas. view

Take the Tutorial

and eventually continue with the Crash Course. view


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Share the Good News

with friends, family, colleagues, and have conversations on youth leadership to spark ideas

Best, if you have taken actions for hero*ines during the tutorial. 

Activate Staff

Make youth leadership present using

  • brochures
  • use the SURVEY with colleagues to find out their views on youth leadership
  • share progress of a hero*ine you support

Meet up with inspired folks

Find agreement on what kick-off activities are easy, where, when, maybe aligned with partners, occasions.


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Set up a Section on Youth Leadership

with books, music, musical, teaching tools.

Add books by grand adult changemakers, too.

We have a great selection to start with.

Make this space cool. Add exhibit, interactive elements that active youth, schools, citizens and contribute to … for example with PHOTOS of their actions taken inspired by your programs!

Monthly Themes

Your display with books on a specific topic like forest, art, the 60s, food …

  • add Hero*ines
  • align with UN Days
  • add SDG infos

view details at Swift Steps To Start further below

Use Art

  • invite artists for installations on Earth, global issues, SDGs, youth activism
  • visible, uplifting, inter-active
  • add youth hero*ine stories, film, music
  • add our coloring pages on hero*ines

Do Hero*ine Poster Exhibits

  • add film and music
  • add explorer brochure questionnaire for kids
  • offer poster sets for schools & workplaces to take-away; ask for a report on their expe-rience, also with photos, for display in the youth leadership section

if your staff loves the idea

  • add conversations
  • add FUNdraiser for global + local hero*ines

view details at Swift Steps To Start further below



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Team up for a city-wide or regional campaign for boosting Youth Leadership

[THIS CAN BE COMBINED WITH ‘ACTIVATE YOUR CITY’ CAMPAIGNS which focus on LEVEL UP! CRASH COURSES at XYZ schools to spark changema-ker student clubs, rapid impact, media presence, local alliances]


View more

Team up with city council + school boards

to run a season long campaign calling on caring kids age 6 to 18 to complete a set of missions (chosen from 200 options) modeled on initiatives of 50+ young and adult hero*ines + something of their own design. Journalist allies will naturally join in as youth share vivid reports on their actions with news media (part of missions).


– the one and only openly accessible space in town to reach 1,000s – where youth can see what others are doing, take their families (which is part of mission requirements), connect and team up.

There will be online and local meet-ups with coaching along the way, meeting hero*ines also, boosting motivation, FUNdraising and media coverage. The final celebration will HONOR outstanding youth crews. But every participating youth will be well rewarded. To ensure that the reward is justified, set, common sense goals need to be met, with low and high levels, for more impact, higher rewards. (You are free to use your own design of rewards and recognitions. We propose YL Warrior Badges and YL Honor Patches, of real value for CVs, also because this informs and introduces youth to our free year-round changemaker training program in cooperation with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis)

Completion + documentation

for display on social, in YL and news media and for printed display in libraries all over town scores them a Summer Pass (Berlin Pass provides free access to pools, zoo, museums, public transport …) or other cool packages by all your region’s imaginable cool Sponsor Partners; like cinema passes, canoeing trips, training in bow and arrow shooting, coding classes, news media internships, permaculture farming, painting, horseriding, skydiving, flying, car racing, as well as gifts for their parents (wellness week-ends etc) chosen by kids coming from a low income background (yes, you may think of secret surprise prizes for kids deciding to make such a selfless gift to their parents or siblings) … it is their choice of prize, depending on volume of availability.

Minimum mission impact of $100+€ and ‘service hours’ invested in the community balance the tangible value of Summer Passes gifted by the City. The activities, public and media presence generate considerable intangible value, worldview change, youth image, activate teachers and journalists for long-term follow-up activities, enabled by the resources packages circulating among participating youth, their teachers allies, and knowledge of the hero*ines / missions / levels / badges in the Change Generation Rising program.



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Follow Change-maker Clubs online

to stay informed on what they are doing, ideas for collaboration, and continuous inspiration.

Go visit Clubs in Action

as a team training, to build a friend bond, have stories to share with teachers and parents

at school fests, FUNdraiser stands on markets, project days and weeks, join them in the field restoring rivers, tracking biodiversity, documenting natural and cultural heritage.

Take a nice big photo of you in the mud with the youth celebrating achievements!

Makes great feedback, news coverage, inspires your crew and community to join club activities!

Invite youth teams, allies, key professionals

to the library to explore and pitch their ideas what they would do with this space if it belonged to them, if they could be director for time

  • everybody feedback
  • can it grow together, as one thing or a series?
  • what can each contribute to make it real?
  • how can each  contribute to make it a big success?

We can’t wait to hear your dreams, plans and results!



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Clubs will run a wide range of projects

creating eco-social good saving the town a lot of money.

  • Be well aware, informed and appreciative. There is more to come!

Clubs will come to you

for afternoon meet-ups. Leave them space, make them feel welcome, have patience. Their presence should add good spirit to the ambience. Once they feel at home, they can run ace programs for your community.

  • When young change-makers age 7 to 17  turn up with ideas, take them extra serious.

They are your finest caring citizens and contributors to your program, now and for decades to come.

Invite Local Hero*ine Speakers

and YL Volunteers to your programs youth, learning, citizenship, doing good for people and planet.

They have fresh spirit, perspectives, role model spirit, expertise, stories, opportunities and services to offer

  • for teachers, families, organizations etc.


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Their HQ

Inspired youth teams (often student clubs) may like to meet up and work with youth from other schools in your space.

Welcome them. They are good spirited and should become co-creators of your program offers.


The youth will casually meet up with activated youth and adult allies. They could invite allies, officials and partners for round tables, workshops, for interviews or filming.

They might offer Crash Courses for younger school classes, for adults, positive news coaching,  cardmaking for hospitalized kids etc.

We think that fits into your space and program, it’s up to you and your local hero*ines. THESE ARE IDEAS to make you dream.



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UN Theme Days

on forests, girls, youth skills, families, habitat etc are excellent occasions for young changemakers to connect with teachers, journalists, organizations, … and potentially you … for theme displays, exhi-bits, meet-ups, tuned to what fits in, and clicks with your community.

View the section Ideas For Evolution further down this page

At advanced stage

you may offer a proven crew an HQ space that they decorate, manage as a youth-led co-working LearnScape for the whole community.

Wouldn’t that be cool?



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First steps make Youth Leadership spirit present in your library. You can add activities for school classes. Next, activated youth begin to use your space as meet-up point. As they begin to feel at home, they begin to offer activities  for youth and adults. Changemaker youth could contribute 30% of your program as a Community Centre.

Geez, I LOVE the idea that public libraries become Citizen Hubs and that we can help them by boosting youth leadership in town and connecting these beautiful young beings with you – for everybody’s delight and collaboration. Their vibrant, shining presence will also be felt by your user community, and only in the most pleasant form.

I have to say, I have been really positively surprised many times by public librarians … that actively asked for my help to set up a section on youth leadership, plus a flyer with guidelines for their staff on how best introduce teachers and parents to it. I was surprised to feel their profound conviction about the ‘public purpose’ of libraries, and how enthusiastically they seek to develop their public libraries into Community Centres of learning, exchange, creativity and community building. Also, I remember events where changemakers said to me “this poster set should be at 24,000 libraries in America”, and “I want this exhibit at my library. I’ll take care of this”.

The spirit of librarians was new to me! Despite all my involvement with positive change, internationally, from experts and social entrepreneurs to schools and citizen groups, I had only once come across an article on how libraries are forced to justify, re-define and transform themselves to be relevant, frequented and financed by their community – to become more awesome. So … since such articles on how things should be are no guarantee that it happens (think of schools, or participative governance),

I have since paid good attention at libraries‘ interiors, collections and programs in different countries – and I am delighted by the fertile ground that has been laid! Congratulations and thank you to everybody involved! You will agree that citizen empowerment and youth involvement can still be evolved to higher levels – and I soooo much look forward to it, since

libraries are the one and only PUBLIC, EQUIPPED CO-WORKING SPACE that youth leaders can treat like their ‘afternoon HQ’, frequent casually without reservation, without paying, without getting square looks, where their presence is a welcome “contribution”, where they can gather, meet other youth and adults, and relaxed, able, helpful, appreciative staff that shares common ‘core purpose’! Cafes, markets, parks, NGO offices, youth clubs don’t offer any of this! Schools are an ultra awesome HQ, but reserved to mornings and core community.

Hence, public libraries are an incredible asset, yet untapped and unknown to young changemakers, also ignored by civil society and social entrepreneurs. I love that the flocks of hero*ines sparked by YL may bring alive your dreams for your institution, and that this PUBLIC SPACE may become the intergenerational hub of innovation for the greater community. I’d love to work with you to make it happen! 

Public libraries have a centre spot in our ‘manual’ book for youth leaders, adult allies and YL Volunteers. We’re going to push this vision, and add it to the missions of YL Crash Course, YL Volunteers and youth teams. Yesss, we back you.


Our main allies are librarians, teachers, journalists, and city councillors … as well as youth, parents, caring citizens and YL Volunteers. That’s many angles, so the chances are good. Anyways, like school teachers and journalists, you as responsible librarian, simply need to do what you are doing anyway, adding on youth leadership contents to your portfolio, ‘decor’ and program, inviting people to get involved.

We have plenty of resources and methods to start with flying banners. And music!

Tell us how they work for you, what else you need, and gems that you recommend we add to our resource collection for libraries! Let’s go!

ONCE Youth Leadership sparks in your city, and the youth choose to connect with our multi-focus changemaker program and our tips for teaming up with libraries as HQs to meet up in pleasant workspace ambience with other youth, to grow their movements, and to connect with the greater citizenry, to educate them and win them as allies, … they become a dynamic partner for bringing to life your aspirations for acting as COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRE.

We dearly hope that this happens, because it activates “public afternoon co-learning spaces” for youth + education and collaboration spaces with adult allies + holiday workshop program spaces for kids, with friendly support staff, free infrastructure and resources.

We aim to act from all angles to achieve youth activation. Via parents, youth and key professionals : teachers, journalists, librarians, city councillors, civil society.

In general, the strongest partner to kick it off are schools, since this is where all youth meet daily, where they can experience LEVEL UP! Crash Course group session, with several trusted friends among them. That is a “better” space than brief events or libraries with anonymous groups.

That is why we aim to activate youth at school. But since (a) it begins with inspiration of individuals, and (b) many teenage changemakers we know got inspired outside school … also libraries can set the decisive spark that will cascade into local schools. 

Swift Steps to Start

Seed Info

among colleagues.

Agree on common wishes and steps to cultivate youth leadership

  • make it present in the library
  • use our multimedia resources
  • use our (micro) poster exhibit
  • guide attention to it
  • announce it on newsletters, in brochures
  • invite contributions by citizens, organizations, young changemakers
  • lay out our Survey On Youth Leader-ship; people can also take it online

Our Tutorial and Crash Course provide an enormous lot of inspiration. You will develop a lot of own ideas, also how to connect with your local partners.

We are very interested to hear your story, in casual text or video, to learn of what you need, and to share with others. 

Organize Poster Exhibits

  • for better visibility
  • invite schools, families to visit
  • provide the ‘Explorer Guide for Kids’  (questions on hero*ines and youth leadership, also at school, that kids find answers for in the exhibit)
  • offer a reward for completed guides
  • we aim to offer a digital badge


  • Film loop and music by teenage hero*ines for ambience, e.g. via screen and headphones
  • a FUNdraiser for selected hero*ines; it’s part of the exhibit via QR code; you could add a call, a stand, run by a volunteer, show latest news; get them from our
  • offer conversations on people’s interest for the future of youth leadership; in the library, schools etc
  • Join a ‘live meet-up’ with YL Staff and benefitting Hero*ines to celebrate achievements

Vividly document the exhibit, interactions, feedback, inspired con-versations – share with us, news media, your community, city council and school boards. This is a great way to spread the spirit and give people a powerful prac-tical tool kit to use in their libraries, schools, summer camps etc. They need to see it in action. That’s our common job.

Offer on-demand Services

to school classes, groups and the general public

  • LEVEL UP! Crash Course session 1+2 with story posters, videos, music (90-180 mins)
  • optional : focus on youth life skills Core Abilities, using hero*ine stories as examples
  • session 3 workshop (90-180 mins) The Hero*ine’s Journey following changemakers’ footprints from start to success, using roadmaps and 108 magic trick action cards

Harvest their feedback using our feedback bulls eye graphics

  • Take a vivid thumbs up group photo.

Each session can culminate in swift actions taken instantly, or after.

  • (Have them) Document actions taken, and send them for display in your youth leadership section and as part of the poster exhibit
  • Inform us, news media, your com-munity on feedback, actions, impact

Documentation and sharing serve spreading the spirit and showing how people enjoy this new phenomenon and new practical opportunities 


Ideas for Evolution

Observe Feedback

by youth, families, adults, teachers … and eventually decide to add face to face encounters

  • conversations
  • workshops

offering your support


View LEVEL UP! Crash Course. The tools  and methods can be mixed into other programs on youth, causes (add hero + solution) and citizenship.


We experience a lot of positive feedback and gratitude. We also find a lot of allies and users. Many parents connect us to caring teachers at their kids’ schools … that’s your allies, too.

Holiday Activities

Some libraries run classes like

  • novel writing for kids
  • doodling, taught by artists
  • news writing
  • grow a vertical garden; inside or outside
  • create a seed library

Our hero*ines’ initiatives and YL programs may serve you well with ideas, resources or even partners


Theme Displays

Many libraries have a monthly theme display showing selected books … art, forest, women, food … you could pep it up with pertaining hero*ine poster stories, to show how youth act on these topics, invite actions by users, schools, and display photos of their actions in the youth leadership section.

UN Theme Day Activities

We encourage youth teams, teachers and journalists to use our hero*ine stories and actions with pertaining UN Theme Days. We serve 50 through the year, approx 1 each week.

Run a UN Day based exhibit, adding infos on pertaining UN SDGs (resources available online) and your own books on the issue – girls, rural women, forests, friendship …



We love helping you serve your youth, parents, teachers, and to evolve your library into a 21st Century Creative Community Hub.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a video-meeting, or call us in for workshops and a campaign.

Your personal crash course

is free, online, self-paced, and highly entertaining.

It provides insights, ideas, and experience what students and citizens experience. It helps you detect potentials, inspire folks, connect with partners and collaborate in good spirit.





Discover more on-the-go