It is an honor to get invited to inspire adult women to believe in their powers. It’s also a somewhat bizarre.

Emma Mogus

Books With No Bounds

We live in challenging times. Times are changing. 

We see peace, prosperity, our beloved people and planet erode. The achieved good spirit, values, societal contract no longer work, checks and balances are shameless being unhinged.

Centralized monarchy got replaced by de-centralized democracy with civil groups acting as stewards for negotiating a life in dignity for all, as watchdogs protecting the people. This was a big upgrade from monarchy’s minions and fascism’s morons!

This has been hacked. And it becomes obsolete. But it is also the natural way of evolving to a higher, better level, because our infantile democracy was still built on blood and bones.

Decentralized democracy of passive voters is being replaced by the distributed model (like open source and blockchain). It means that every single cell of the societal organism is actively involved.

You all want that. Now embrace that it requires letting go of old ways and upgrading to able, active, caring citizens

  • that implement humanity’s finest solutions
  • act as responsible guardians of their own region
  • of their body, health, peace and global family
  • as a cell of the Living Planet

This new human model is embodied by teenage hero*ines, changing lives, laws, learning culture and industries at record scale.

Adult generations are hardly able to upgrade to this, like inhabitants of monarchies and dictatorships have difficulty to become vibrant democracies (view 1920s Europe, Arab Spring states …).

Adults’ role is to sustain peace, and strongly invest time and resources to empower the young generation to grow up with the spirit and lifestyle of their hero*ine peers. Not just a few, but many – especially at school. We make it super simple. Get to know our general approach below. We are available to help you with causes, opportunities and foci specific to your setting.

Eric, YL

View what young changemakers en masse look like.

You want this!

Flip through brochures 1 and 2 for a first impression of youth leadership, and of how it can amplify positive change spirit, participation and impact in your region.

Note the scope! Youth take on everything from water and street harassment to ecosystem restoration and  making ecocide a crime against peace.

Tour the Online Exhibit to feel its full scope, spirit and impact, see it come alive with videos and music.

Take the Tutorial on youth leadership essentials with swift action. The experience trains you to inform others and run our Crash Course.

Take the Crash Course for an advanced experience on how ordinary citizens can embed action in their daily lives, with rich benefits.

Is this awesome, or what?! Imagine your adult gene-ration had grown up like this at school. Your world would look very different from today, and be more fun. Let’s make it happen for this generation!

We have a 90+% inspiration rate at school workshops. Imagine such workshops held in every class in town! YOU can do that.

As you can tell from examples like Craig Kielburger (teams at 16,000 schools) or Greta Thunberg, young people best rise for action for their favorite causes when awakened for their powers via INSPIRATIONAL hero*ine role models with common sense solutions and concrete steps to get active, with basic tools and support on demand.

At YL, you find teen and adult hero*ines with high impact solutions for favorite causes for everyone, with resources for various uses and settings, like exhibits, work-shops and for school use. Our signature is that inspired youth can join or replicate the initiatives, meet hero*ines ‘live’, run a year-round stream of 400+ activities, backed by our global community, and local Adult Allies – caring citizens and key professionals like YOU.

Civil society benefits

from a thriving culture of youth leadership and active citizenship in public and media, with tangible impact on people and planet.

Act with a sense of SERVICE. Trust that young changemaker crews will naturally connect and support your cause, in their time, their ways.

Your Superpowers


via word of mouth, flyers, posters
via event and market stalls
via giving presentations and workshops
by activating their workplaces


  • that have caring kids
    at schools throughout town
  • that are teachers
    and would love to have Gryffindore student clubs
  • to swiftly reach via newsletters, at events, your HQ



  • that also love seeing youth leadership thrive
  • that are willing to support young changemakers

donors, funders, media, organic grocery stores, farmers, beekeepers, natural horse breeders, nature guides, eco-tour operators, national park staff, artists …


that can serve for meet-ups, workshops, camps


how they operate, friendly staff, sections of interest

That’s a mighty lot of powerful potentials to help your region’s young to become awesome like their hero*ine peers.

How could one not want to wield them to activate hundreds of skilled young changemakers?

Let’s put on the Magical Spectacles of Youth Leadership

and have a look at how we can make Youth Leadership present in your organization’s world and work, with win-win benefits.

It is simple, part of your core purpose and activity anyway, and precious for your members whenever they encounter youth, teachers, parents … and causes that young hero*ines have solved. Hence, it takes no effort, is riskless.

It gradually grows and evolves, like a tree. Can you activate each branch of “your tree”? Look at the splendid results!

Browse our Brochures

for a quick impression of our work.  view

Browse the Online Exhibit

for inspiration and first ideas. view

Take the Tutorial

and eventually continue with the Crash Course. view


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Share the Good News

with friends, family, colleagues, and have conversations on youth leadership to spark ideas

Best, if you have taken actions for hero*ines during the tutorial. 

Activate Staff

Make youth leadership present using

  • brochures
  • use the SURVEY with your members to find out their views on youth leadership, and their schools’ potential
  • share progress of a hero*ine you support

Meet up with inspired folks

Find agreement on what kick-off activities are easy, where, when, maybe aligned with partners, occasions.


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Make Youth Lea-dership present

so it becomes part of your members’ worldview

at your HQ
using brochures, posters, books

in your newsletter
using our resources

in your news media
with hero*ine stories and interviews, on causes and UN Days

in your stories
shared with allies and journalists


Do a Hero*ine Poster Exhibit

for long-term presence. Add music, videos.

Have a conversation on youth leadership, who wishes to see it grow in your commune, what they can contribute

Add a FUNdraiser for selected hero*ines

This experience trains you to organize exhibits at schools, fests, libraries, add conversations and action.

Take photos with the exhibit as backdrop, share on your, social, and news media.



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Your Inspired Members

followers, supporters, partners and allies


  • spreading the spirit to their workplaces, to schools, to media, to their homes
  • boosting global young hero*ines
  • supporting local youth teams




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Clubs will run a wide range of projects

creating eco-social good saving the town a lot of money. YL Teams will organize activities aligned with UN Days

Be well aware, informed and appreciative. There is more to come!

Clubs will come to you

When young changemakers age 7 to 17  turn up with ideas, take them extra serious

They are your finest caring citizens and allies for decades to come.

Clubs will become omni-present

  • at schools
  • in news media
  • in public spaces

Contact them, boost their initiatives, ask how you might help in-kind.

Observe and learn why and how they organize these unprecedented activities and impact.



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Follow Change-maker Clubs online

to stay informed on what they are doing, ideas for collaboration, and continuous inspiration.

Go visit Clubs in Action

as a team training, to build a friendly bond, have stories to share

at school fests, FUNdraiser stands on markets, project days and weeks. Join them in the field restoring rivers, tracking biodiversity, documenting natural and cultural heritage. Meet other key professionals and share the delight of seeing such youth in action.

Invite Clubs to present

to your members

  • on their activities
  • on youth leadership
  • on how you can help

Take nice Photos

of you together, feet in the mud, learning, celebrating achievements!

It makes great feedback, news coverage, inspires your crew and community to join club activities!



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UN Theme Days

on forests, girls, youth skills, families, habitat etc are excellent occasions for young changemakers to connect with teachers, journalists, organizations, … and potentially you … for theme displays, exhi-bits, meet-ups, tuned to what fits in, and clicks with your community.

View the section Ideas For Evolution further down this page

Invite Local Hero*ine Speakers

to bring events to life with the fresh spirit of youth leadership, their creative activities, music, and role model! They will add new angles of inspiration and involvement for

  • families
  • children
  • journalists

Team up for Activities

with changemaker stu-dent clubs on on the UN Theme Days to organize pertaining activities

  • at school, with teachers
  • in public, with the city
  • documented by media

with focus on youth and concrete actions with an impact. Youth shall be in the driver’s seat. Your role is to support.



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First steps inform your members on the Youth Leadership phenomenon, and how it benefits your community. Next, Activated Adults will spread the spirit in their environments. As you get in touch with activated youth, you’ll have ideas to support on demand.

You may be surprised that you are not asked to take any specific actions “as an organization”, unlike other key professionals shall do to spark and cultivate youth leadership and collaboration in their “spaces” : schools, libraries, media. It’s because

our goal is to spark “universal youth leadership on all causes” (unlike single-focussed organizations do) and to spark “self-organized multi-focus youth teams or changemaker student clubs”, and because adults only support on demand.

in order to avoid that anyone un/intentionally tries to “use youth to serve their agenda”, or that anyone assumes, or that people with dishonorable intents spread rumors that organizations were “using youth to serve their agenda”, we “keep organizations per se” aside, and we address you as humans, the caring citizens that your members are : so they may act as independent, caring citizens – as or like YL Volunteers – to inform and inspire youth, and

to support without any personal aims, purely acting with a spirit of SERVICE to the youth leadership phenomenon, and local youth, so they can unfold their powers and grow into able, active caring citizens.

free to add their personal story. It is welcome and natural that YL Volunteers or citizens giving presentations, organizing exhibits etc share about their own lives, passions and activities for positive change – such as being active in an organization training girls in self-defense against sexual assault, boosting biodiversity, creating permaculture gardens, doing charity etc.

ACTIVATED YOUTH will learn of your organization anyway, and, following their interest, they will support your causes, join your youth chapters, and take them to greater heights.

You never change things by criticizing existing reality. To change things create a new model that makes the current model obsolete.

R. Buckminister Fuller

Bucky speaks of model solutions for people and planet. We seed plenty of them, powered by people.

We also nurture the new human model : no longer minions of monarchy, or morons of fascism, or disempowered voters hoping for a tweak of rules and regulations, but able, active, caring citizens implementing tangible model solutions, in their local communities, in real-time collaboration with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis.

New Kids On The Planet.


Times and emotions are heating up – unfortunately in angry violent fascists, but also in Earth protectors, gearing up to “no more sitting idle, throw outselves into action, like athletes, #fulltimeforfuture. There is powerful energy in turning young people’s love, outrage and passion* into creative action, for implementing proven high impact solutions, changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture, like their shining, successful peers.

* This is the mix of inner of alchemy of badass teenage changemakers. It is different from the majority of adult-led organizations’ members. It is of decisive importance that you and your members understand this, so you do not refrain from trusting and supporting their kind. Or to try to change them, to educate them to “be like you”. Oh my God, that would be the worst thing to do! It would make them fail! Do you understand? 

We set out to change the image of the angry young activist, to ‘giving all that we have, and all that we are, on behalf of everything we love’

Ocean Robbins, YES!

Their different nature, more like “social entrepreneurs” – acting by themselves or as small teams – without charters, 503 registration fees, or board meetings – project-oriented, dynamic, improvizing, playful, surprising, spectacular – is why they don’t fit the more slow paced, serious, moderate nature of many organizations. You know how young people refrain from joining those adult structures. “Too boring, too much talk, too little action.”

Well, youth leadership is “their sport and music”, and they achieve!, many even outperform! adult organizations, and they sing a new kind of uplifting musicthe sign of every new generation that matters.

You will meet many

in the Online Exhibit, and The Tutorial, as part of your personal Crash Course.

You encourage you to get PRINT MEDIA

Books and posters have superpowers.

  1. long-term presence and inspiration.
  2. for you and everybody that comes by
  3. holding pages in your hands makes a more profound read than on screens
  4. posters enable conversations, that people read stories together, make decision for action

By being different from you, they add a complementary angle for evoking positive changes in society … considerably boosting to-date’s civil society’s impact, and even better:

They are present at schools (where you are never present at all!) reaching their entire generation, daily for their 10 forming years. That has impact. See?

Invest your superpowers well.

Swift Steps to Start

Seed Info

at your HQ, and in your media

using flyers, brochures, survey, posters, books.

Our Tutorial and Crash Course provide an enormous lot of inspiration. You will develop a lot of own ideas, also how to connect with your local partners.

We are very interested to hear your story, in casual text or video, to learn of what you need, and to share with others. 

Set up a Poster Exhibit at your HQ

  • for better, and long-term visibility
  • have conversations between members

Here is what we encourage public libraries to do. You can do the same (esp. if your library cannot).

  • invite schools, families to visit
  • offer to come pick up poster sets to host exhibits at their school; you can even offer to come along to present
  • provide the ‘Explorer Guide for Kids’  (questions on hero*ines and youth leadership, also at school, that kids find answers for in the exhibit)
  • offer a reward for completed guides
  • we aim to offer a digital badge


  • Film loop and music by teenage hero*ines for ambience, e.g. via screen and headphones
  • a FUNdraiser for selected hero*ines; it’s part of the exhibit via QR code; you could add a call, a stand, run by a volunteer, show latest news; get them from our
  • offer conversations on people’s interest for the future of youth leadership; at schools etc
  • Join a ‘live meet-up’ with YL Staff and benefitting Hero*ines to celebrate achievements

Vividly document the exhibit, interactions, feedback, inspired con-versations – share with us, news media, your community, city council and school boards. This is a great way to spread the spirit and give people a powerful prac-tical tool kit to use at their schools, summer camps etc. They need to see it in action. That’s our common job.

Decide on your role and actions

Share your feelings experienced when going through these teens’ stories and videos. Do you wish this in your region? Can the world, youth, the future do without it?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who in your town is inclined and educated to communicate this to youth at school. Pimps? Fascists?
  • Who loves nature, people, is in good mood, believes in people and has a spirit of volunteerism? NGOs?
  • Who has time on school days?

Will inspired members get active as Activated Citizens and present on youth leadership at “their” schools as a caring citizen OR as YL Volunteer, that is up to you.

Vividly document your decision, and share on YL, social, news media.

  • LEVEL UP! Crash Course session 1+2 with story posters, videos, music (90-180 mins)
  • optional : focus on youth life skills Core Abilities, using hero*ine stories as examples
  • session 3 workshop (90-180 mins) The Hero*ine’s Journey following changemakers’ footprints from start to success, using roadmaps and 108 magic trick action cards

Harvest their feedback using our feedback bulls eye graphics

  • Take a vivid thumbs up group photo.

Each session can culminate in swift actions taken instantly, or after.

  • (Have them) Document actions taken, and send them for display in your youth leadership section and as part of the poster exhibit
  • Inform us, news media, your com-munity on feedback, actions, impact

Documentation and sharing serve spreading the spirit and showing how people enjoy this new phenomenon and new practical opportunities.

Ideas for Evolution

Observe Feedback

by youth, families, adults, teachers … and eventually decide to add face to face encounters

  • conversations
  • workshops

offering your support


View LEVEL UP! Crash Course. The tools  and methods can be mixed into other programs on youth, causes (add hero + solution) and citizenship.


We experience a lot of positive feedback and gratitude. We also find a lot of allies and users. Many parents connect us to caring teachers at their kids’ schools … that’s your allies, too.

Holiday Activities

Some organizations, and public libraries, run classes like

  • novel writing for kids
  • doodling, taught by artists
  • news writing
  • grow a vertical garden; inside or outside
  • create a seed library

Our hero*ines’ initiatives and YL programs may serve you well with ideas, resources or even partners.

We encourage libraries to offer such programs if it fits their community’s demand. You could team up. 

UN Theme Day Activities

We encourage youth teams, teachers and journalists to use our hero*ine stories and actions with pertaining UN Theme Days. We serve 50 through the year, approx 1 each week.

Run a UN Day based exhibit, adding infos on pertaining UN SDGs (resources available online) and your own books on the issue – girls, rural women, forests, friendship …

On-going Sharing of Positive News

on youth-led activities, achievements, opportunities to support

with vivid photo impressions and testimonals provided by youth teams (using our media guide)

to keep inspiring your members, followers, workplaces, the citizenry, your partners and allies, including journalists and teachers …

… not only for direct involvement, but also to uplift their hearts with vision, hope, can-do feeling and concrete solutions, tools and leads to share with their kids and relations.

People too easily forget in these chaotic, confusing times. Dishonorable interest groups seed chaos on purpose to destroy our communities, societies and institutions.

Use these medicines against it.



So, are you in for selfless service to youth


of next level able young changemakers, growing into remarkable adult changemakers, community organizers, interdisciplinary experts and policy-makers?

The steps are simple, and while teachers, librarians, city councillors have their enormous superpowers to add for cultivating youth leadership NO ONE has as much CREW to seed the spirit, inspire volunteers (self-coached by the YL Tutorial) to reach into all schools in town, and reach 1,000s of children and teens at record speed. What a grace for the young generation, if you wield it.

And who will be more delighted to see flocks of Gryffindore crews changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at record speed and scale like their hero*ine peers are doing … but your members?

What if all social and environmental organizations did this this year? In fact, one per town is enough.

The resources, methods and support are available.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a video-meeting, or call us in for workshops and a campaign.

Your personal crash course

is free, online, self-paced, and highly entertaining.

It provides insights, ideas, and experience what students and citizens experience. It helps you detect potentials, inspire folks, connect with partners and collaborate in good spirit.





Discover more on-the-go