We want Youth-LeadeR to be fit for the homes and classrooms all over the planet.

Our CORE MEDIA of approx. 100 flashlight stories (on the web, card game, poster sets) are evolving in 19 languages: arabic, chinese, english, filipino, french, german, hebrew, hindi, hungarian, indonesian, italian, japanese, korean, polish, portuguese, russian, spanish, turkish, vietnamese.



As long as you stay in this browser tab, also external pages will be translated.




1. Translations are 80% accurate; this is good enough to understand; and this is all we need

2. It teaches contextual understanding; yes, for many people it is the first time they kickstart their brain; it’s good!

3. It motivates intelligent, focussed questions to friends or research

4. Little gaps of knowledge are tolerable; it’s okay if you dont understand each and every detail; generalist understanding is sufficient; you can always find detail understanding such as for replication from more research or talking to people in person

5. It teaches us that we can easily communicate WELL ENOUGH to make our way in the world; the standard English we learn at school is a joke, compared to what varieties of english are spoken around the globe, especially the RP English we learn in Europe; close to nobody speaks it, and 30 minutes from London, we don’t understand a word due to English dialects; school usually creates a false impression in our minds of being WEAK foreign language speakers; this is not true, as we notice quickly when we TRAVEL; our basic school vocabulary quickly gets us everything we need, and short exposure in international lingusitic environments boosts our abilities to understand and speak in short time.

6. It opens access to the planet; many people still totally ignore this; many people keep saying “sorry, the website is only in portuguese”; well, so what? we can translate it all, sufficiently; use it.

7. It teaches us that machines are stupid, compared to us HUMANS; this is a precious worldview-shaping revelation, since special interest group influenced media keep push the idea that computers had any form of “intelligence”. Intelligence is precisely the ability of making meaningful contextual connections, especially across thematic, cultural and linguistic fields. As you can tell, even if the most advanced translation engines may be kept secret and google used outdated software, there is zero intelligence in it. The softwares getting a 30 or 50% rate at tricking human chatters that they were a human also are no indication of relevant intelligence. Human and animal intelligence is and will stay dimensions above clumsy I-O codes.

8. It shows you the beauty of languages and awesomeness of your peers all over the planet who can read them! Which is the most beautiful language in writing? Which the most wookhha? Play with the language menu. Start with LAO!


That’s a lot of precious and very practical learning dimensions!

The brief Youth-LeadeR exercises in school context, with high intrinsic motivation, can easily open up these experiences. A brief statement on the matter, – maybe reading out the text above, with brief casual reflection in class – can round it off.


FAQ: Can’t you translate all articles and more?

No. Even though we work with online volunteers, this kind of translation, editing, uploading, updating is way too much effort for us. But for you, it takes only little effort, and comes with 7 precious learning experiences on top. That’s better. Hint: Be awesome, upgrade your mind to access the ONLY internet layer where you find humanity’s full spectrum of high end advanced changemaking knowledge, from youth leadership to global experts. That’s simply a fact we have to adapt to. Here’s how to learn a language at native speaker level in a few weeks.