Let’s fire up your vision and motivation by looking at the naturally unfolding potentials as people gather at a LearnSpace, agree that this rocking action should happen everywhere, and take simple steps of action using our available tools. It’s all common sense, you will agree.

This is an important page

… since many people ignore the plain fact that

many people yearn to create a good world, to meet lovely people, to have changemaker family, to live exciting activities, to have fun “taking over the city”, to surprise people with lovely stuff, to do big projects that really change society at relevant scale,

many “big places” like schools, businesses, public services, public spaces, media, the town hall that appear “closed to you” are willing and open to changemakers coming with offers and solutions aligned with their role, their job description, their ways of operation, their aspirations as an institution, as professionals and as persons. After all, all those spaces maintain a LOT of collaborations with all sorts of partners. 

And now, equipped with the status, planetary network, tools, activities of YOUTH-LEADER, you have a lot to offer … not just as one kid or person, but as an able creative member of a global network of outstanding changemakers on the planet. As a local member (or certified YL Coach) you are offering to – free of cost – bring the services of this global network to the citizens, aligned with their aspirations, needs, passion and vision for their lives, streets and future. Who would say no to that? 

So, back to Gryffindore mode. Wield your wands and see how the magic spreads!

Users come from various environments

Imagine your LearnSpace

in the city, in touch with the public

It will be a school, library, museum, youth, culture, community centre, or a temporary LearnSpace at a town fest ...

frequented by youth, adults, parents and teachers – kind people inspired by what they see, sharing the wish to see youth leadership in their city, in their lives. These kind people live all over the city.

These in/formal Encounters generate a community of friendly folks caring for people & planet

across age groups, families, sectors, districts, disciplines and institutions.

That’s beautiful. Don’t you wanna experience that?

Keep in mind:

From interaction with LearnScape resources and Coaches they share the knowledge of …

High Impact Youth Leadership

and 100s of solutions and actions to support, join and replicate.

Methods, tools and tricks galore

to kick off and evolve multiplex campaigns with cascading effects.

Global Community to build on to inspire local community

with projects, live-meets and more.

… and they share the conviction and dream of wanting to see big positive changes in the world – and to do their part!

Following our guides’ advice, our newly awakened companions set out on the greatly exciting quest of boost!ing Youth Leadership in their city and region – together with hero*ines all over Earth. What could be more exciting – hooray! – and how fast this did happen!

Users seed Infos to their spheres of influence

Families, schools, workplaces and relations – telling stories, progress and success updates + using flyers, Online Exhibit, music, posters + invitation to activities and meet-ups + giving presentations, workshops, setting up exhibits, SDG LearnZones + forming teams

Your Users reach many places

with people + resources + super powers


The one person inspired will share their newly discovered passion at home with parents and siblings.

From here, determined people take the message to caring people all around them

  • using flyers
  • giving presentations


Crash Courses session#1 presentations, followed by more, self-organized by student clubs and youth teams


contribute financially, in-kind and use resources to inspire customers

Spaces for flyers, posters

in cafes, bars, …

Spaces for YL Magazine and placemats

in cafes, family restaurants

Outpost Spaces are set up

in various spaces – reaching 100s and 1,000s of people – daily

New LearnZones & LearnSpaces

are set up at schools + elsewhere


It creates a considerable number of people informed, inspired – new supporters, friends, mates and teams.

Upgrade their school

You know that it enriches schools with role models, a spirit of action, can spark Changemaker Student Clubs, and … set up an HQ that serves as LearnSpace for the entire school community.

Upgrade the workplace

with uplifting spirit of change by inspiring co-workers to donate to their favorite hero*ines … and come to the LearnSpace and bring their kids!

Upgrade the profession

Journalists that get hero*ine stories to tell and ways to involve the citizenry. Like-wise, librarians, youth workers, civil society organizations … benefit.

Upgrade the city

City councillors get a new powerful ally to restore peace, bliss and prosperity in town, and even help achieve their hopes for an able, active citizenry to shape the future.

Then – Activities start rippling through town

beginning with simple, popular activities that generate a lot of visibility, sympathy, support – and impact.

FUNdraising generates considerable amounts

using simple, common forms applied by teenage changemakers

FUNdraising all over town

In streets, on squares, in schools and offices

Putting the FUN into FUNdraising

in streets, on squares, markets, bridges, in parks, at schools, fests, in workplaces 

  • adding a dose of magic and adventure
  • using beauty and creativity

LEGO-, Book-, Game- etc Drives

1 book or game per student = 500 to 1,000 per school

Imagine Collective Impact

4 schools = 4,000 pieces worth $40,000€

10 workplaces $500€ each = $5,000€



Philanthro-Parties using Themes and Occasions

like UNITED NATIONS Days, seasonal, school and town fests

Documentation of Deliveries

to destinations, to give a feel of impact, and share with the donor crowd and media

Campaigns reach into streets and public space

Planetary Campaigns

uniting 100s of crew for focus times

Global causes

that we all care about

using tools and tricks

successfully used by changemakers

Activated people implement solutions

based on high impact model solutions pioneered by global experts – also with local partners

Model Solutions

people- and youth-powered

Edible Landscapes

  • tower gardens
  • school gardens
  • edible lots
  • color gardens

Free Food Abundance for the Hungry

Helping the unfortunate


Declare ARKs for Wildlife

Project Partners around the planet

for collaboration on taking their solutions to the next level together

Crowdfund for today's Hero*ines

so they can make enormous impact


badass changemakers changing 1,000s of lives – and help them grow their campaign inter/nationally and shape the future of entire regions

See progress unfold

Meet "live"

Go visit

Document for media + grow reach, support and impact

Collective media productions generate coverage

across personal, private, professional and public platforms + SUPPORT streams to the LearnScape
– especially once schools take on the Global SDG Schools Challenge

Collective multi-faceted Power

streams to the LearnScape + to its global partners

Crews keep growing

Warriors keep rising

What will this look like on your city map?

Ain’t that some neat Lord Of The Rings adventure to bring life, joy, beauty, peace and rockstar action back to the city?