Can one inspired person get this started?

Yes. The exhibit’s many features, the many offers and activities popular with caring folks, SDGs, media, city, civil society and other coaches in town swiftly build relations with friends all over town, partners that join in and contribute to evolve the infrastructure, user community and activate the regional education landscape.

All it takes is a caring, good natured dynamic person, who invested a day to acquire YL Coach competences, an idea of the  stories, fun actions, opportunities, smart tricks, the fascinating partners, possible projects, even for youth exchanges, funding … whatever dreams you and your growing community and partners would love to live.

To give you a practical impression, here’s a re-mix of real people and activities from different places that can very well happen at one place. At your place.

Get a good cup of tea, sit back, take some time viewing these and imagining which one you could do. It will bring to mind ideas, people, places … and with your new equipment, you will re-discover them and new ones in new ways.

This is Nidhi

Nidhi has decided to activate Youth Leadership in her city, and involve schools and citizens. She has explore YL and completed her online Crash Course

As YL Coach

she follows YL social media and continuously gets to know more young changemakers, genius visionaries, project partners and users, solutions, videos, music, ideas for FUNdraising … and stories to inspire and empower others

In the Public Library

she organizes a 6-months exhibit on young hero*ines – funded as education program for SDGs, youth leadership and intergenerational cooperation

Nidhi knows nice, caring people

that are very happy about this vision and new opportunities – and enjoy to contribute their talent, offers, resources and relations all over town

Pooja in the youth club next door

rightaway uses the poster set to inform her colleagues, and invites Nidhi to guide a Crash Course for her youth yearning to do good for people and planet

Nidhi turns to the Radio

and tells the audience about the new LearnSpace for Youth Leadership and Living the SDGs – in Action!, to train local young hero*ines and do a lot of good for their people, city and land, with project partners all over the world – and invites people to come visit. She highlights the extraordinary value for schools and student clubs!

Then, she goes to Schools!

Nidhi does not sit idle in the library, passively waiting. She actively takes her good news to schools. It begins with 24 hero*ines’ stories, their best videos and music (Crash Course session #1). 95% of students agree that this is super inspriational, important for their generation and should exist at tehir school. Nidhi invites them to the LearnSpace to learn how they can self-organize as student club and youth – anytime, anywhere.

Students love her

and look forward to come to the Headquarter in the Public Library. For many it is the first time to meet youth and adults on fire to rock good for the planet!

Nidhi gives them homework

to activate friends, also from other schools … by sharing their favorite hero*ine stories and videos, plan activities for their favorite causes and bring these ideas to the HQ

At the Headquarter

they meet teens from other schools, and adults, to deepen their knowledge on how to organize high impact projects – with lots of fun! (Crash Course session#2). These skills they will wield at their schools – they launch projects, form clubs, HQs and LearnSpaces

Thus, Crew & Community grow

rapidly at several school in all over the district – and naturally many activities follow, self-organized by fired up students with love for adventure!


For starters, they throw a party to FUNdraise for a project partner + with a dose of magic and adventure like LemonAID Warriors do – for more fun and good photos + to make a loud statement “now things get rolling!”

Book and Games Drives

for orphanages and indigenous community schools. Where german books are no good we send “typically german” cooperative games that are becoming ever more popular internationally. Teens download and print english rules or translate them together. Off go first shipments to Babar’s school and Neha’s orphanages.


with a good message of play, dreams, creativity, education and engineering skills … for kids in rural Africa … generate surprisingly large lots of kind donations – from kids and adults that re-awaken sleeping treasures and give them into grateful children’s hands

Soon, photos stream back ...

from fly-in communities without road access that had no books at all to-date.

At a common school of 1,000, a book drive of 1 book per student creates an entire library of 1,000 good books in one go, enough for an entire childhood!

... and from Uganda

where Micah, Alicia und Anabelle ahve delivered 1 ton of LEGO and gifted 1,000 children a kilo of LEGO to take home. The next 2.5 tons are ready for shipment.

Lively cultural Activities

are part of Nidhi’s and Pooja’s lifestyle, and naturally enrich the LearnSpace

Cultural and Spiritual Heritage

Kids are open for this! It’s part of their spirit. Environmental etc organizations do not offer it. Here it is integral part.

Nature, Color, Alchemy

for play, art, gardening, discovering nature …


… own clothes, social business, international Fair Trade Fashion

Creating Gardens

… a mix of dyeing, tower gardens and edible landscapes with all age groups … to feed canteens, beautify schools, pacify gangster hoods …

Events on UNITED NATIONS Theme Days

These almost weekly occasions are perfect for schools, libraries, city, culture centres, markets … 

One can use them for 1-4 weeks to highlight a topic with

  • exhibits
  • workshops
  • activities
  • actions for project partners

and invite to plan it, realize it, participate. This provides a rich multifaceted calendar of alternating themes and a rhythm that others use, too (teachers, journalists, NGOs, city).

UN Days are a perfect occasion to connect with media, organizations and schools.

They are all happy about “colorful + active + youth + quality + results + participative … and can contribute in many ways.

YL resources serve 50 UN Days – water, girls, women, family, city, radio, teachers, peace, environment … with hero*ines, activities and constantly new media and tools. 

50 Days, 50 weeks, you can fill the whole year.

e.g. World Day of FOOD

with selected posters and activities inspired by stories, action guides + your own ideas

Like Alicia

Create seed libraries – also for kindergartens, schools and libraries

Like Rachel

learn about GMO hazards … and about safe, people-powered solutions to create people-, animal-, soil- and ecosystem-friendly healthy food abundance for all

Like Sophie

creating gardens at pre-schools in challenged areas

Like Madi + Rhiannon

learn about enormous destruction caused by criminal palm oil industry and make Lifestyle Challenges to learn to live merrily without palm oil

Like Robyn

save fresh water in abundance for our future – i.e. declare the city as “Blue Community” : water is public, a human right and bottled water is banned

Like Stephen Ritz

Green classrooms and tower gardens that enrich learning culture, canteens, improve eating habits, grades and open up good, fulfilling local professional careers

Like Luwayo

who scores abundant yields with permaculture, also in the “Hunger Season” of the world’s “5th poorest country”, Malawi, and lives “a young couple’s dream of a little farm in the Prairie”

Like Todmorden

that has 70 public edible gardens open for all citizens to enjoy and serve themselves

Like Cecilia & Luis

who use a sense of wonder to introduce kids and school classes to the magical world of nature, bacteria, seeds, sprouts and super vital fermented foods – self-made for life at home

Video-Meets with Changemakers

make your Inner Hero*ine bloom . We are all part of grand initiatives that change lives, land, learning, laws and industries – and toegther we want to learn more from masters

Teachers at elementary schools

organize personal meetings for their classes, so students can ask burning questions and follow up with action

From grade 8 and up

the whole school comes together to plan big campaigns, to shape the city they love – because they comprehend that the city belongs to them, the inhabitants, not faraway companies or a small group that’s “briefly elected to govern”.

Hero*ines' Action Guides

each propose 4 concrete actions to join, support, replicate the action. LearnSpace users have 400+ actions to choose from. 12-60 at each UN Day!

Here, Alicia sends out seed libraries to 13 schools and libraries across the country.

There’s more occasions throughout the year

If they don’t exist, you create them : Spring of Sustainabilty, pollinator weeks, town fests, youth film festivals, handmade parade, street music month … and global dates that matter to all of us :

International Campaigns

are an excellent occasion, and their websites offer resources to take part, for example Stop Street Harassment Week in April


are essential part of the campaign. What stories will youth and adults around you tell?

Open Conversations

How does one want to feel? What shall live in our streets, quares and cities be like? Which future do we want for ourselves and others, for the next 70 years? What will one decide, take on and implement – at school, in public space?

Participation in the campaign

There are many ways to raise awareness for “girls and women to once again feel safe and welcome in our streets and public spaces” … and to implement proper behavior, laws and their enforcement

The Story of the Red Brigade

shows how one can defend oneself, change worldview and laws, curb crime rates – led by teens and twens! All their members have experienced abuse in childhood – now they end this scourge. They have trained 30,000 girls, also at schools. There’s trainers for this also in your city.


teach fellow youth what they have learned. Their superpowers include “TIME” … to joyfully train others free of cost and regularly

Next : an international Project Partnership

Now, Nidhi wants to activate a new exciting element : a cooperation with fascinating changemakers, a development project, a practical impact on SDGs, a model solution for a global issue … each a brilliant popular topic with the general public, schools, city, funders, organizations, journalists, caring entrepreneurs … the entire evolving LearnSpace Community …

For inspiration, she organizes exhibits about potential project partners in YOUTH-LEADER’s global network. They lead high impact initiatives, vividly document on social media, are accessible by video and open for visits by tourists, trainers and volunteers. She picks these 4 to start with :

Babar Ali

a free, volunteer-run school for children too poor to attend regular school

Red Brigade Trust

Open a self-defense academy that also serves as education and training centre and YL LearnSpace

Namaste Nepal

Holistic village development in a Himalayan valley


Train and fund rangers and activate Kenyan youth for protection of Africa’s remaining wildlife

The goal is to raise funds to achieve the initiative’s next milestone!

They choose to help achieve the Red Brigade Trust’s dream of building a self-defense academy. It costs $70,000€ … but with teams at 3 to 6 schools, this is possible to achieve.

For FUNdraising, they use student company Namaste Nepal’s big fat magic trick : a 48-hour sponsor run, day and night! And like their role models, they achieve to get schools, kindergartens, athletes and the mayor involved – which also brings media and companies on board! It turns into a great party that scores 24,000 kilometers (18K miles) and $41,016€. 

As the kids begin to check on local needs, and caring adults learn how they can contribute

the ever-growing crew also expand activities in the local community. Also inspired by examples in the poster exhibit.

Multifaceted Action in the Community

inspired from stories and action guides, with lifestyle challenges, social experiments …

Explore natural & cultural heritage

and document in with a youth voice and perspective, with tips and tricks for hiking, camping to #spendmoretimeinthewild

Youth-led Tours

along historic hiking trails

The canoeing club offers free tours

for kids whose families cannot afford it. Best with overnight camping.

Ranches offer Free Rides

and trainings in caring for horses. Many are more than happy to offer this once a year.

Workshops on Wild(!) Bees

and how we can help them in forests, meadows, gardens – through pollinator friendly plants, insect walls and hotels, how cool huge hornets are … which laws make sense and how to educate the population with Pollinator Weeks … 

Volunteer Harvest

of tons of unused fruit in homeowner gardens, distribution to folks that deserve to have fresh fuit, too, via homeless shelters and markets

and Alicia's new project!

10-tree Sidewalk Food Forests at 10 places in one’s district – cared for by kids, teens, parents and seniors

Vivid Documentation of Activities

is simple to do on-the-go, fun and essential part of successful high impact Youth Leadership.

It uplifts everyone involved and boosts reach, community, support and impact. And fun. It’s a great exercise in Positive Media Culture und goes straight to YL media, magazine and resources, as well as your 100s of friends’ social media and regional news media. One can also make this a school projectAnd once several teams are active in town, they generate so many solution stories that one can compile them as a local positive news magazine, connected with YL Magazine as a global digital LearnSpace. 

Here’s how to document your activities to reach many, short- and long-term:


News Wall at LearnSpace

with photos of many activities

On the YL Map

LearnSpaces, activated schools, partners, actions in town and region

Articles in local positive news magazine

co-created by teams, schools, part of global YL Magazine

Social media + newsletters

of all people, media, NGOs involved reach 10,000s!

As enthusiastic YL Coaches Nidhi and Pooja move around a lot

They visit trainings, LearnSpaces, regional partners, inter/national conferences, fairs and UN summits.

There, they give workshops, seminars, trainings – for youth, teachers, journalists, mayors, other professions …

… and meet fellow YL staff and changemakers they know from the YL Tribe and media. It’s a real adventure.

The new knowledge and energy they bring back to their communities! Remember, it’s all for the cause.

Note: It is also a challenge on spirit, body and resources. That’s why only few people have the balls to live change #fulltimeforfuture. Honor your coaches.

Meanwhile “their” teens at by now 7 schools are not lagging behind …

At many schools, or even every class, some families fly to a different continent for holidays.

“This time, with purpose!” – not as “extraterrestrial” tourist, but as friend and contributor, immersed, much more exciting + with adventure tales for media, schools, supporters + momentum for new ventures.

Their goals this year

  • Namaste Nepals partner village for a work visit
  • Raabia’s Walk With Rangers in Kenya
  • Shark Dives with Ocean, and campaign planning for their protection
  • YL Warrior Camp in New Zealand + Maori power with Raumati + climbing tours with Dave #BeMoreAwesome

That is so cool! How about having this in YOUR district?

If you scroll up and retrace the steps, you notice

the steps are simple, humble, common sense.

Nowhere do you see big investment, campaigns, big partners,
no need for time, learning, finance or strenous networking.

This is why it can work everywhere – even started by individuals.

1. It begins with getting to know the Stories,

the media, methods, partners and activities available easy like a breeze via YOUTH-LEADER.

For this one uses the Online Crash Course or a YL Training.

Now one has knowledge, vision, first experiences, contacts, and status as certified YL Coach in the worldwide network.

2. Then, one sets up the “frame” of one’s space – the Poster Exhibit

It has all the characters of a house … cornerstones, pillars, main walls, windows to look out, even a garden with flowers to pick and magnificent beings and birdsong to listen to …

as a Learnspace where people of all ages come together, with ambience of changing the world, based on clear, shared virtues, convictions and common sense good for people and planet … peer-to-peer, high impact, in every sphere of life

Now one has a unique space with fascinating ambience, well communicable via media, that inspires, sparks conversations, shapes identity and identification, official partners, dates – i.e. structure, a Headquarter – where user community can evolve.

3. One connects with key sectors:

Family, friends, schools, media, civil society, key professions (sharing the core purpose to active “able, active, caring citizens” : teachers, coaches, journalists, librarians, city councillors, civil society) using our letter templates and “tags” self-organization, agency, Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, Education for Sustainable Development ESD.

Now one has, after a few weeks of interaction with YL Social Media, conversations with friends, colleagues and partners already found one’s favorite topics, hero*ines, can freestyle, improvize – and can offer a unique product: the #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course 

We highly recommend to offer

YOUTH-LEADER #BeMoreAwesome Crash Courses

that convey a powerful, uplifting, memorable and empowering experience of Youth Leadership, YL resources and potentials

  • onsite

and also by taking active steps in the community

  • at schools
  • at events

to get found, experienced and booked. This accelerates evolution, amplifies impact and FUN!

With experience and confidence, one can get certified as YL Master Coach and offer trainings for teachers and other adults.

We have a planet to save – so let’s get started!