It is not expensive to set up a LearnSpace. One can always handmake a Poster Exhibit and lay out the resources and manage workshops and activities using the LEARNSPACE IN A BOX package.

However, depending on your setting, status, sense of beauty and aspirations, you may want to invest in style and extras.

… to make it more welcoming, uplifting and practical for users and unfold all its potentials, in- and outside your place.

It is possible to receive financial support from different sides. 

An interactive poster exhibit with precious self-learning tools can be set up for $150€. Zap. That’s enough for a basic SDG LearnZone and Headquarter at schools and public libraries. Train 1 youth or staff as YL Coach and get rolling.

If you need to fix and beautify the space a little it easily costs $500€. That’s not a big budget for institutions. For this, you get a paint jop for your kitchen or half a small car, a buffet for a training, and puff, it’s gone. One, two couch seats and it’s $1,500€.

In Living Museums, shopping malls and public space, with life-sized banners, figures, that work well with people and media, with projections, sound and film, workshops etc, you are easily at $2,000 to 5,000€ and more.

Such money is constantly dished out – for town fests, meetings, all sorts of things. The money is available. And funders are happy when something useful, new, impactful is made possible that makes good news, empowers youth and citizens long-term, that serves many large user groups like kids, families, schools, the citizenry and can keep growing, tie in professionals like journalists, civil society, teachers, entrepreneurs, councillors, public services, and enable fireworks of activities … something that does not exist in this form in your city, even on your continent!

This means – you will find appreciation, that’s for sure. One just needs to

  • be willing to get started with the basic resources, without waiting for anyone
  • know where to ask, so it doesn’t cost time and nerves.

Here are four addresses that you can contact without much ado.


For example in Germany, there’s now a lot of federal funding resources distributed at state level, for SDGs and Education for Sustainable Development ESD.

Especially also for innovative Learning Environments that nurture active learning for one’s own agency to positively shape one’s environment, e.g. in the Local Education Landscape, peer-to-peer, youth-oriented, with experts, intergenerationally, via video, with positive media culture etc etc.

These Learning Environments bring the SDGs to life wlike no other program in the world, with authentic solution stories, vibrant media, role models, activities, partners, enablement for self-organization, intergenerational, intersectorial, international – with today’s einsteins and Gandhis.

We know what we are talking about, since members of our network have received dozens of recognitions and awards for their work, by various inter/national institutions, UNESCO, the UNITED NATIONS, the UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY, for innovation in learning culture, citizen participation, Learning Regions, in media for a good world, with membership in councils for the implementation of inter/national programs for Education for Sustainable Development ESD etc.

This means, that you as Place (school, public institution, enterprise or citizen) can apply for funding from various sides, especially at state- and communal level via the city, often little complicated, or via districts etc. (“one cannot foresee everything by December or January. A lot of funding is locked early, but we have a pot of resources for small things that pop up during the year”).

2. CITIES ... also at DISTRICT level

are becoming highly aware of need for positive active citizenship

for various reasons, such as eroding peace, eroding prosperity, escalating violence against public service personnel and against political office holders. It saves money. And it makes more conscious young people step into positions of responsibility – also in politics.

So – help them!!!!!!! Be the local agent of change that does precisely the work they wish to unlock and activate across town in the population.

YL Learnspaces that activate 1,000s of youth and citizens to self-organize tangible solutions for people and planet are their dream come true!

  • They are good for lives and land.
  • They nurture peace, health and well-being.
  • They generate positive news that set examples for others.
  • They upgrade public space – so that the less conscious citizenry be pacified and satisfied. 
  • They improve the city’s performance on the SDGs and creates success stories to share. They need that, because everything is checked on SDGs nowadays.
  • It makes the city win awards. You’ll be the one on stage – which serves your mission to spread your example and activate other LearnSpaces.

So, no longer be shy to connect with city officials. There are different departments that are potential conversation partners … youth, environment, economy, families, an SDG office, check their special departments on tackling problems and introducing good stuff and innovation … sometimes they have such special offices for 3 or 10 years …


Keep in mind : it’s always about individual people.

At every school, there’s 3 good teachers – the social one, the environmental one, the wild one (often a Phys Ed. teacher), and they can do their thing in classrooms, projects school fests … (and the other 50 don’t matter, ever, and don’t stop it). Likewise, there’s always 1 good journalist in local media (who loves reporting on colorful, vibrant action stories… find her/him and team up!) and 1 or more in local administration. This person may not be a “politician” but someone in administration.

This 1 person worked her / his way up into this space with sweat and tears oevr years or decades (!) in a rather dull, toxic, even corrupt environment (party intrigues etc).  Imagine yourself in the seat, shoes, skin and heart of this person. Get it? S/he LOVES when there’s a chance to do something relevant, rocking and enjoyable that shakes off dust and brings some bloom to youth and the city. And being part as a wheel in the system.

This person may very well actively seek out partners, funds and ways to collaborate again and again on opening doors. Because their purpose is to enable active citizenship, peace, joy and abundance for all! (like teachers, journalists, public librarians, civil society – view Key Professionals). Remember, it’s not monarchy or fascism. It just took people to practice that … and citizens to grow beyond being voters to be able, active citizens with relevant innovation. There you are.

Now form this new 21st Century Dream Team. Find this person. It may be a handful of people across departments. Some are likely to know each other after their years in there. Don’t underestimate this potential. It can be very powerful. You are welcome to get Eric involved to brainstorm win-wins, weave, formulate, interact.


Local banks tend to invest $1,000€ in good youth and education programs. We are not ashamed to honor such support with a note onsite, photo in the newspaper and their crew’s visit, since local banks are a good, people-oriented model of financial institutes that strengthen regional economy, and do not invest in inter/national arms trade, war, ecocide and destabilization of economies like pretty much all big private banks.

Also, for example, the federal foundation of german local banks invests in new learning culture.

Health Insurances invest in various form in learning, youth, health, prevention, nutrition, environment, well-being … a lot of things fit in, also this. One can also contact them at local and state level.

Health insurances, in particular, can communicate this good practice via their magazines, newsletter and media. This good example can inspire others to join in or do like them!

Once again – organizing a visit, thinking together – what else one can do – also based on hundreds of action options in YL. 

We can coach inspired staff and teams about their favorite causes and activities.

Just call us in via video! 

4. LOCAL BUSINESSES, i.e. Entrepreneurs (real people!)

Also local companies like organic grocery story, car sales (yes, they are part of our society, too, and that’s great) enjoy giving support to make such places possible and to make precious contributions to society.

Think about it: Entrepreneurs enjoy to do projects, to build new stuff. To do more than hand over a cheque.

Entrepreneurs enjoy innovative ideas for project development that have a dynamic energy to kick off ripple effects in the community, in public space and media – like social entrepreneus and teenage hero*ines do. In short, “the power of one”.

For Germany and Europe, this is still new, since for historic reasons, the greater part of society knows affluent people for manipulation, violence, dehumanization to sustain obscene wealth, while others are denied dignity and slave for them. This is true for many people driven by greed, but there exist also WHITE SHEEP, and they are great, they seek ways to invest their resources, priviledge and access with meaning and purpose. This opens up entirely new opportunities … if one is able to think like a “social entrepreneur”!

Even better : Use support by entrepreneurs to encourage them for personal involvement and relation to your crew. In YL for Adults, the YL Boost! Club, you find a lot of tips. Invite their staff – they are people like you and me – to experience life at the LearnSpace and to be part in creating projects that they like, that fit their goals and skills : from Philanthro-Parties and partner projects with hero*ines around the globe to purchasing media sets for all schools in your district, and in-kind support for inspired youth teams – with prizes, support on demand etc. – and as partner to create edible food forests along roads and parks, campaigns, summer camps, travel to project partners etc.

Tips : Cooperation with Entrepreneurs

A few warm words to build friendly collaboration with entrepreneurs.

They are people.

They have a restaurant. A grocery store. A cinema. That’s nothing immoral.

They have a winery. A warehouse. A whatever. And capital. Land. Vehicles. Friends that also have such things. 

The sub/conscious hostility and distrust versus all owners and entrepreneurs, waiting and trusting in big institutions, lack of trust in one’s own competences to inspire the people in one’s city to contribute time and reosurces, the weakness to DREAM is the reason why in Europe – except for student company Namaste Nepal – exist zero teenage hero*ines with projects making tangible impact on lives, land, laws and industries that are worthy to report in national media exist. Is this true, you may think? Well, have you ever heard of any? If they existed, they would be impossible to ignore.

It’s different with teens in North America. In their stories, one sees them in friendly collaboration with citizens of all sorts, including kind business people. One even has to look closely to see any support by companies… since these local entrepreneurs do not suffocate the project with their logo … because they are PEOPLE, not inhumane “monstrous” corporations  of Mammon. 

Hence, we aim to nurture friendly collaboration at all levels, following the example of young hero*ines. That is how one also wins other well-meaning “investors” in youth, projects and youth-powered initiatives … without cunning requests to plaster their logo on your forehead. It just has be somewhere – as proof of their support for tax reports.

There’s KIND PEOPLE everywhere, also in the world of entrepreneurs. It’s time to find them now. They also need the help of us expert #fulltime changemakers to activate their own superpowers – and are glad to at last find co-players that think a bit like them, and who offer them exciting challenges beyond their (conventional) core business. Be part! 

Ergo – you have 4 solid sources and environments to ask for support to swiftly create your beautiful LearnSpace. 

Your passion evokes media presence and invitations by potential supporters. Go at it with passion and you will succeed. One way or another.

To strengthen your funding application

Applying for funding with YOUTH-LEADER, UNESCO-Status, as partner

emphasizes the official cooperation, competence in Education for Sustainable Development ESD, for the SDGs, international partners and coaching.

We are Competence Partner of RCE-Ruhr, UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY, for facilitating collaborative networks and partnerships for Education for Sustainable Development ESD. It might fit to establish a partnership at this level also.

One can also formulate the set up of a LearnSpace as part of a long-term ESD, SDG education project with workshops etc.

Further fitting themes are children, citizens, girls, migrants, environment, one world etc.


Training + Certification as YL Coach

can be part of the project. We can come to you for a half-, full-day or week-end training on

  • Youth Leadership
  • YL media, methods, services, partners, programs

tailored to your setting, goals, challenges, potentials … with follow-up coaching and membership in the global YOUTH-LEADER network

Certification as YL LearnSpace

and mapped on the YL Map


Coaching by a YL Head Coach

via video during phases of planning and activation

Self-training as YL Coach

is highly recommended, if one wishes to swiftly get finance to set up one’s place with the Poster Exhibit and some Coaching.

Status as certified YL Coach proves that one has competences, resources and relations

  • to bring the space to life
  • to inspire, involve and empower people
  • to start swift projects and fascinating long-term projects
  • to coach others to be part and create similar spaces



If you are enthusiastic about creating or evolving a LearnSpace for Youth Leadership, SDGs, and activating the citizenry, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We want you to succeed.