Imagine Eric setting up the Planetary YL Headquarter - in nature, with lovely medieval villages, with coastline, mountains, airport ...

Let me share an open secret and dream with you.

I look forward to living in the beautiful country side in majestic, rich nature, with creek and spring water, edible forests, teeming with wildlife and birdsong, magnificent twinkling starry skies, crackling fires – with some lovely people on-site AND with rockstar changemaker youth, lovely YL Volunteers, epic coaches dropping in for workshops, summer camps, trainings, … the occasional celebrity flying in to enjoy trusted loving community to recover from the madness of the buzz world.

This model represents an XXXL YOUTH-LEADER Headquarter “outside school”. Compared to city-based Learnzones, LearnSpaces, HQs, it has different potentials and needs, with an entire region as a playground, with many potential allies and people to help.

Our mere presence will rain our gifts to the region’s schools, citizen groups, markets, conscious businesses, caring mayors … and enrich their lives at school, workplace and public with stories, speakers, projects, workshops, teams, coaching, excursions, international partners … true gold for rural regions.

I work on this for Western Europe, but it won’t be the only one.

So, if you like LIVING THIS DREAM, join the adventure of manifesting it – in all kinds of places – small and big and of different sorts!

The place will buzz with genius and transforming activity rippling across the region, uniting a tribe of kids and adults and attracting crew and warriors from all over Earth.

This is perfectly suited for eco-villages, eco-farms and spiritual centres

… well aligned with

  1. their values and wishes for youth, people and planet
  2. their aspirations and needs for harmonious interaction with the local population

A LearnSpace that reaches out into schools and public space creates precious bonds and interactions with the local population, various stakeholders and partners – schools, farmers, artists, town councillors, families seeking uplifting creative activities and learning opportunities …

It thereby creates many benefits

– for the eco-villagers, who are often newcomers to the region, with new ideas and international horizons that often the “traditional rural inhabitants” do not (yet) share and which can sometimes create a gap, distance or even distrust between the two groups.

– for locals, who do not have the amount of progressive education, methods, media skills, relations that are common in avantgarde centres of cities today

Also, the newcomers fly on the energy of vision and of building something, and this momentum offers opportunity for youth to get involved, even by volunteering in building new structures – like permaculture gardens, eco-buildings, often drawing on traditional knowledge, or developing offers for eco-cultural holidays – which gives them a lot of learning opportunities that do not exist in slow-life settled villages and towns.

Further, YL activities motivate to reconnect with the regional heritage and protect it. For example:

  • Abbie’s hiking and documenting natural and cultural heritage is motivation for rural youth to contribute to YL media, to the eco-village and tourism operation, even to the local heritage museum, to regional news media and regional schools … and of course into the hearts of the newcomers, making them more part of the local. This can even generate jobs as tour guides for local youth.
  • Peter’s sevengardens – sourcing colors from plants – is another rich access to rediscovering the local landscape and its plant inhabitants, and one of YL Coaches’ favorite activities to fascinate people to rediscover the planet
  • Mary’s ARKs for wildlife are a quick, genius approach to multiplying biodiversity and reducing communal expenditures by declaring messy roadsides an ARK
  • Luwayo’s Permaculture Paradise Institute provides a “Our Little Farm In The Prairie” vision for young people to rediscover the DREAM LIFE for young couples on lush, beautiful farms producing abundance in vivid, playful interaction with the greater learning community
  • like Robyn make towns a “Blue Community”, protecting water for the future
  • produce positive news articles, gain media production skills
  • as Changemaker student club connect with a global changemaker community for open doors, internships and volunteering opportunities around the globe

… all of which help locals achieve aspirations that are difficult to achieve to-date.

KEEP IN MIND : These activities will NOT eat up eco-villagers TIME!

Kick-off activities are brief and can be organized by youth who might feel under-challenged by down-to-earth eco-village activities

  • a few Crash Courses at schools, market stalls, workshops at events lead to
  • formation of self-organized Changemaker student clubs
  • visits by youth, friends, families and caring citizens

Follow-up is casual and pleasant

  • meet-ups at the eco-village for workshops and activities, incl volunteering
  • meet-ups in towns for win-win benefit activities

So, once a YL Coach lives in an eco-village sort of thing, she/ll definitely aim to seed this in the region and build an exciting local tribe – for so much love, fun, friends and free hugs!

At this “Centre”

an enormous lot of interesting activities can be organized … especially for youth, caring families and conscious adults.

Think of what they are limited to experience in their small home, small garden, narrow streets, people with limited rural village experience, culture, slow life.

As “cultural creatives” in this rural region of many small places in a laid back environment, you have greater horizons, dreams, motivation, skills, creativity, knowledge, relations, passion than the majority of people

… everything that makes an “adventure playground for kids”, a “music band room for rocking teens” – in different form, more exciting!

… to explore, to learn

… to create, to contribute

… to encounter

You know your place and region.

So, we’ll leave the details to your imagination

At the Centre

Your home and LearnSpace


the place. A farm? A retreat? a ho(s)tel?


the place. How? And the terrain?


interesting installations


is smart, has skills and stories


to evolve. Can people help?


with people near and far will bring the place to life

Cool Stuff for people to EXPERIENCE

That’s given. It’s about opening it up.

Wild Weird Folks

living a dream, how interesting for youth!

A Big Place

not just an apartment. There is so much to discover here.





Be Part



Build more


Your Own



Skills & Crafts

Art & Installations

Excursions & Field Trips



using YOUTH-LEADER resources

The Land

Model Solutions

Lifestyle Challenges

Media Production

Music Production

Culture & Spirit

In the Region = LearnScape


They really like coaches with special knowledge

Rural schools face challenges

because fireworks teachers tend to live in cities because country schools to them are laid back, boring, hostile. In some places, schools lack resources, ideas, methods, partners. YL Coaches can be precious partners that add great stuff, casually, and enable youth to pursue their interest outside school – and there’s even a LearnSpace for them that village youth clubs cannot provide!

Rural schools, students, communities have access to space and land

because land is unbuilt and cheaper than in the city.

That's cool also for city youth to come and collaborate

Commune and landholders benefit

from people doing something with their land – from picking fruits on abandoned farms, to setting up color gardens in monasteries, restoring food forests that attract families and tourists, and make good stories in media.

Those caring students have parents that

have jobs, businesses, insider knowledge, access to town council, associations

have land, resources, skills

know donkey, horse, cheese farmers, nature guides

LOVE to visit a place with yoga, spirit, projects!


to various partners + presence & contributions on occasions


National Parks


50 throughout the year – an average of one per week

Town Fests

Media Offers + Stories


using YOUTH-LEADER Resources

Meeting people

with stands and stalls


Flyers, brochures


to city, schools, civil society

Harvest Positive News

visit changemakers and connect

Invite them as Coaches

for your crews and youth

Human Encounters

Market Stands



Family Programs


LearnZone + Exhibits

Global SDG School Challenge

Media Reports


Seed Library


Plastic Pick-Ups

Free Fruit Picking

Public Library

Book Stores

Culture Centre

Youth Clubs



LEVEL UP! Crash Course

Project Days + Weeks

Positive News Magazine Regional Edition

highlighting active youth, caring people, model solutions, exciting places – connecting many, forming new alliances, sparking actions, interconnected with global and national YL Magazines and networks

The regional Tribe

Youth Teams at Schools

because there’s warriors, weirdos and wonders everywhere and there dreams are coming true with the worlds, activities and friendships you bring in as YL Coach

Civil Society

connected via positive news, and for all sorts of activities as coaches, partners and users

Organic Grocery Stores

mostly highly appreciate caring creatively active folks, and they make great allies on everything food – from donations to where to find the kind farmers


for flyers, workshops, sensory gardens and more


Tower Gardens, Green Bronx Machine

School Gardens

Edible Landscapes

Food Forest

Create ARKs for Wildlife

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Color Gardens, Fashion and Art


and activated folks to benefit from the rural experience

YL Coaches

are your best partner. You share the same world and vision. They know activated youth, schools, partners …

If there’s no YL Coaches in town yetthen you be that YL Coach and follow the steps. View Set Up


can organize excursions to your place, with activities and trips to nearby places of interest, natural and cultural heritage, organic farms …

Youth Teams + Families

can visit, enjoy and work together.

Work Camps to reach Milestones

You have a rich and intriguing space with many valuable experiences, like building sheds, a new garden, a pool etc … make it super exciting and uplifting for the teens – in Philanthro-Party style – and you will benefit from helpful crew! Include visits to nearby friends, natural and cultural heritage. It will build bonds for further relations both ways!

Summer Camps

You have a fantastic space … and once there are activated youth teams and adult allies, … you have a dream combo of space host, young warriors, coaches and adult crew.