The LearnSpace can be temporary or long-term, by itself or a module of a big place, and it can be set up quick and easy, or get evolved into something grand at many completely different places.

You know your city. You’ll immediately see that it makes sense and how it upgrades existing places.

Browse this page + keep it in mind for when time and opportunity appear.


At school

the most important place of all, where all youth gather daily for their 10+ forming years

… to spark youth leadership

during project days and project weeks

as method for new crews sparked by the Crash Course to reach their peers

… as Student Club HQ

the place to be for all fired up youth, with a year-round stream of activities, serving the entire school community as LearnSpace

Beyond school

This is where to reach the general public, from kids to seniors.

This is where the real action and impact happen. Every “sport” or “art” is practiced at relevant depth after 16h00, on week-ends, and also during school holidays. (Organizations’ offices are closed then. Anyways, they are not at all apt to serve as changemaker crew HQs, because they are small, secluded, focussed on one topic, lack ambience, and the youth will always be dominated to obey, think and act small.) So – we need new spaces *for changing the world*, in neutral spaces which also benefit. 

Living Museums

should definitely inform about this century’s only true societal innovation:

High Impact
Youth Leadership!  

in all its facets

the scope of actions, the scale of impact on changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries

with opportunity for practical involvement, on-site and to take it home to live it in one’s spheres of life and influence : the home, school, work …

with human interaction

a YL Coach enabling people to make an instant impact for selected causes and hero*ines, to document their action, report back and display it

activated Youth that inspire, guide and involve their peers and the public

Public Libraries

seek to upgrade to creative  community learning centres, of value to the city, citizenry, the SDGs, schools …

They benefit from the exhibit with highly inspiring content, and …

staff (self-) trained as YL Coach

users that can self-organize activities with value for their lives, people and planet

educational workshops for school classes, follow-up options as youth teams

alignment with UN Theme Days, pertaining book table, workshops

A fired-up youth crew

from different schools and age groups making this their Headquarter radiates good energy, reaches into the city, offers workshops, generates vivid presence on social / news media, partnerships, activates the Education Learnscape

making the library really special

Community Centres

have even more creative opportunities than public libraries …

… inside + outside spaces for long-term installations like gardens, arts, decor …

… for vibrant activities like concerts, film festivals, workshops, campaigns … 

It can also serve as a Changemaker Youth Team’s  Headquarter.

This strengthens status in the community, with the city, attracts more guests 

… which helps with funds



with spirit appreciate pretty, intelligent, uplifting content

for kids, teens and families it offers valuable edutainment,  uplifts spirit, mood and respect for the place

Big city youth hostels

can make it part of their profile, website and offers (by an in-house YL Coach) to become the best quality choice and favorite place to stay during school trips

Nature Centres

benefit from a highly inspiring youth- and action-oriented space

… to offer new, fascinating activities that can be taken along to enrich daily life at home, school and work

… to inspire guests for activities at the centre and of partners

… to build supportive community, generate vivid images for media, even spark a YL Youth Team that organizes many high impact actions, activates the schools and teams up with the centre …


Pop-up Stands

at markets, events, festivals …

as micro exhibits

with instant actions like FUNdraising, surveys …

… adding activities

like sourcing colors from plants, doing interviews, showing progress of global project partnerships and how to be part

… aligned with themes

like UNITED NATIONS Days, Spring of Sustainability, conferences …

Commercial places

People enjoy intelligent, uplifting content

Shopping malls

like to entertain, and they don’t mind positive content.



Organic grocery stores

Big city youth hostels can make it part of their profile, website and offers (by an in-house YL Coach) to become the best quality choice and favorite place to stay during school trips

Public spaces

reach and activate the citizenry and need quality programming on youth leadership and active citizenship,

also with focus on local problems and potentials, like harassment, gun violence, creating edible landscapes …

City squares and pedestrian zones

How about life-sized hero*ine installations? 

City parks and waterfronts

benefit not only from physical but also from spiritual beauty, to nurture appreciation of the Commons, and a feeling of owner- and stewardship