We have changemaker friends around the globe

They all live somewhere, and run projects. this means it’s places – and one can visit these places. Yippieh!

  • It’s an exciting experience – and it supports the project – and creates interesting positive news
  • It offers open, trusted bridges into the world – as friendly traveller and guest, not as alien
  • It offers diverse experiences, personal encounters with the people and the land
  • It offers ways to to contribute – simply by being there
  • it offers rich learning opportunities, beautifying CVs, hearts, opening vision and doors for a lovely future

We love it, and if you love it, don’t be shy of catching your dreams! 

Nearby YL Teams + LearnSpaces

in other districts and cities

Far-away YL Teams + LearnSpaces

in other countries, on other continents

YL Summer Camps

for teens and adults, with option to prolong one’s stay in the region for eco-cultural holidays

Project Partners

to team up with, to visit, learn, share, volunteer, also long-term

Development Projects I

as volunteer, also long-term

Development Projects II

to visit as group, as youth exchange

Changemaker Projects

with programs for tourists

Changemaker Projects

with programs and trainings for tourists

Ecosystem Restoration Camps

the global initiative started by John D. Liu

Work Exchange

for diverse experiences in diverse settings

We know each other

from stories, video-meets and project cooperation.

We all have a BIG HEART for people and planet – the essential thing that makes uplifting encounters.

That’s a good reason for visits!

Some of us have short time. Others seek a deep immersion and learning journey. You can also share your skills – not only as volunteer but even as coach or sevengardens dialoger. Some could even make it an official exchange and get funding.

Types of Visit

  • tourist
  • coach, trainer
  • delivery
  • partner
  • volunteer
  • long-term volunteer

Then of course, our many forms of interaction make us friends, and many visit as guests.


We can all boost positive change, reach, support and impact for our favorite ventures by smart communication in image and text before, during and after our visit, for our media and community at home and media and community on site (international visitors are worth a news item and can even lead to meetings at school, workshops, interviews etc), on your LearnSpace news wall, social media and with the global YL Community. These raw, authentic impressions and insights give a special feeling to our work and motivate people to get involved. 

We can grow splendidly

and strengthen each other by building a world encompassing tribe with finest quality spaces … to experience, to live, to work … for us, for our kids and the kids of the world … and each of these places radiates on their entire region … many radiate even globally by their inspirational news work.

That’s huge. We hope that you’ll make the most of it.

Each of our actions supports the bigger whole. 

It’s a wonderful feeling to be part of something greater, complex and beautiful – powered by like-hearted people and youth. This is way different from being part of an NGO chapter.

You can tell how #bemoreawesome (for youth), the YL Boost! Club (for adults) and the Global SDG School Challenge each play very powerful roles to boost this endeavour.

It begins with setting up the LearnSpace. Then activate youth, adults, schools and fellow LearnSpaces across town.