The Core

You and your staff are the nucleus, but you are not alone. Many others will appear who contribute and actually co-create 90+% of the program. Your grand capital that they don’t have is the space and status. Invite them to unfold their superpowers and together bring to life an amazing place for people to come together and shape the good future of your region.

YL Coach/es. You should have one among you. Others in town will make your life so much more exciting.

Global YL Coaches are part of your start-up partners. We are here to help.

YL Project Partners are part of your start-up community for development projects, video-meetings, travel and adventure. And also for the planetary flair through vivid presence on photo walls, social media, in educational resources and the exhibit.

Early Crew & Community

Youth. How many schools are there in your district? What if 10 students per school join the crew? That’s how many? Fifty? One hundred? You just need to let them know about the space and experience the magic of youth leadership in the Crash Course. Youth will also start Changemaker Student clubs at their schools. What if just 1 student per class joins in? That’s twenty to one hundred at each school.

Adult Citizens are a supportive community of users. They are parents, seniors, university students, artists, professionals, unemployed or homeless, volunteers … who facilitate youth involvement, connect to schools, partners, funders, act as coaches, are superfans, spread the news …

More Folks in Town and Region

From a bird’s view. View Evolution

Here’s who to connect with

Teachers are a very precious ally. There’s three good teachers at every school: the social one, the green one, the wild one (often, the sports teacher). They love such spaces, special activities, UN Days, changemaker student clubs at school, youth contributing to subjects. Find them.

Journalists. There’s one good journalist at every bigger medium who seeks to upgrade their profession with meaning and purpose. You have stories, images, hope, virtues, action, impact, celebration, participation, hero*ines, unfolding adventures for them to tell, with ways to involve and empower their audience. Tell them about your work and invite them to be part in telling the stories, boosting young changemakers, coaching young reporters, involving their audience and scoring awards. This is an early step, to get the message out in vivid images.

Coaches contribute to the eclectic program and bring in a lot of skill, ideas, relations and also other spaces for your user community to visit, learn from and contribute to. Some will volunteer their skills in return for good photos, with others you will arrange payment by participants, a hat, your budget, funding or kind sponsors. Some may turn up once (and will be present on your activities photo wall, on our map), others will become part of your regular program.

City Council is your partner for communications, public events, tangible growth across the district with gardens, installations, murals …

Organizations relate to your topics. The wide scope of 17 SDGs facilitates collaboration with many more NGOs and institutions than usual. They’ll come as contributors, invite you and your crews and coaches, meet at events, spread your message …

Partners will bond for activities, exchange, manifesting projects at their places, in town, for excursions, media trainings of crew, designing campaigns together and more. 

Funders can appear from many sides. City, philanthropic clubs, local banks, businesses, donors … for space, staff, resources, prizes, travel … and also in-kind … space, organic food, plants, wood, media articles, staff (for film production), transport, workshop spaces, summer camp villas …

The one at the centre of it all are you and your youth crew.

It will open up a lot of opportunities. What will you do with that?