Where in your city can youth (citizens) get together
to learn to create a good world, to plan and realize projects?

So far, nowhere really. Without it, no active citizenry can appear. 

You can now create such spaces

using little known magic tricks and tools that are yet common sense.

Come on, have a look, and create a place in town that’s so awesome that it attracts local changemaker youth, their allies and evolves to the most awesome place with outposts across town and region. 

In short ...

We have bundled essential elements to set up attractive spaces with flair of action, inspirational hero*ine role models, resources for self-organization of learning and activities, exciting project partners, to serve as outer school HQ for a Changemaker Youth Team made of fired up youth from the district’s schools, with ways to involve coaches, offer workshops for schools and families, reach across town and region, build partnerships with schools and allies. Without such spaces, an active citizenry can never appear. So, check out examples on this page and get the LearnSpace Manual to sit down with a warm drink, dive in and dream one up for your region. We are here to help.

YL Coach

Well, any well meaning person can do it, but for optimal effect, it needs a YL Coach grade 2+; best grade 6 on the host squad


This frame with hero*ine role models sets ambience and intention like saints or former champions do in cathedrals and Wimbledon

Crash Course

The power initiation for newbies, guided by a YL Coach or self-guided by groups and individuals using Crash Course Guide Cards

Films + Arts + Music

Bring Youth Leadership spirit to life with experience of hero*ines in action, their vibes, their voice. Note: No 60s event is imaginable without its music. Same now with the new music and most never heard it.

Self-learn Materials

Enable people to immerse themselves in their own way at their own time without anyone looking over their shoulder


Offer Crash Course + workshops on your fav’ topics and invite local Magical Coaches to give trainings, too

Host spaces

should be open intersections with the public committed to enable Able Active Caring Citizens, such as libraries, community centres, also parks and temporary spaces

hosted by a YL Coach

preferably a staff member certified as YL Coach grade 2+, optimal is grade 6

powered by a Youth Team

a fired up, well equipped, connected and supported crew of Changemaker Student Clubbbers from the district’s schools


Book, games and LEGO drives are perfect High Impact Starter Actions to involve citizens, families, schools, generate huge impact, media presence. Philanthro-Parties add FUN, magic, adventure – select cause, action, occasion using our tips from the world champs and do like them! 


Pick your fav’s from 200+ proposed actions of 50+ teen and adult hero*ines. Many will fit your place, in- and outdoors


are not a factor, as you can tell from above. Our Starter Package costs around $300€ with rich materials as depicted on this page.

When the LearnSpace is an add-on to an existing space like a public library or community centre, there is no need for rental costs and it upgrades the host space’s standing, program, appeal and reach into schools, to media etc to grow their user community. 

One thing to keep in mind : A shabby, dark, dull, stinky space is unfit and will fail; the room needs to honor the cause and spirit of the endeavour as well as of the noble souls committing their time to great work. It shall have good lighting, air, not hidden away but preferably at an intersection with the public, like a lounge in a hall, optimally with access to the outdoors to sprawl out.

We recommend to set things up swiftly, lightweight, without effort, and see how things evolve. It’s an organic process, depending on many factors in town. One cannot force it.

> Funding

The LearnSpace

  • is highly innovative
  • serves youth, families, many user groups
  • cities need a healing response to rising crisis
  • strongly serves SDGs 
  • enables self-organized Projects (not Protests), actual solutions
  • is connected to a global high  quality network of practitioners
  • evolves many relations across town and region
  • generates win-win benefits for many
  • staff, users and LearnSpace can get certified
  • is cheak and highly cost-efficient compared to many projects
  • can be defined as a project with staff, costs etc for x years

which gives you good chances for funding. We are here to help.


is mighty important. It sets spirit and intention.

Cathedrals, Band rooms, Wimbledon Halls

Role Models. Sets Spirit and Intention.

Switch and messed up.

Hero*ines are the ones to need. Those with tangible solutions.

Worldclass, as we use Mozart, Federer, Ronaldo, not some local amateur.

You can tell from YL Youth Leadership 101 that few people even know these exist.


is mighty important, too.

Because changemaking also means doing a fair bit of talking. So, as we talk, plan and do, we shall *feel good* and get reminded what we fight and work for. And that’s to create Paradise, inside and outside!


Each photo stands for a story, a solution. Coaches can tell them. It’s like a 35-page powerpoint on 1 page


means that the poster will be appreciated for the ambience it radiates. People

  • put it up
  • keep it up
  • check it out
  • like what they see
  • remember it

This is exactly what we want to make changemaking omni-present in our lives at home, work, school and in public.



is mighty important.

Why? Because a space host cannot afford to have staff edutain people at all time.

Think of a library, community centre, ho(s)tel….

The idea is that the citizenry / user community can self-organize themselves … as kids, family, class, youth team… and find together.


Also, people rather want to explore by themselves, between friends or as a group instead of being guided.

It is good that a coach be present on demand for essential questions, for quick introductions and even for Crash courses and workshops. The mix makes it.

As usual, our Crash Course materials provide the basics. We add cool tools we like. You find more on our Resources.

You will add more, and also your community and coaches will add to them.

Think: what will make it the most awesome space for caring youth and adults to go?





XL Ambience Posters





Crash Course


Action Guides





The LearnSpace Starter Pack

provides the toolset that we have – over the years – found that we need as YL Coaches. Without them, there’s always something missing and that’s most annoying since it always means missed opportunities to activate people or evoke changes for real people’s lives. From uplifting flair to stories galore, fascinating photos and posters that tell a story at first sight and are veritable doors into this world of changemaking for diverse kinds of people, books to sit down with, even flyers to hand out to folks … it’s all necessary, but as greyish local print-out but in proper colorful, sturdy quality! We have a planet to save, so let’s do it right and fast. Get this pack. And gift it to caring people in places of crisis.


truly bring the space to life! One YL Coach is enough for a basic space. As the user community and activities program grows, the host AND especially a YL Youth team will attract local Magical Coaches from town and region, forming more bonds also beyond the space in the community.

To give you a flying start, we provide (self-) training and YL Coach certification, and access to our global community

YL Coach

They know spirit, tools and tricks for High Impact Youth Leadership, the core purpose, foundation and momentum of this space.

The Host Space's program

Public library, community, nature centre, eco ho(s)tel or else – they have staff with heart and wit and their own programs that complement youth action with other precious stuff, congruent or not with changemaking per se.

Local Magical Coaches

You have lovely bee-keepers, puppet makers, fairy tale storytellers etc in your region – invite them to use your space as dancefloor for their music … and activate your, their, city, schools, civil society and news media channels to invite folks. View what makes Magical Coaches in our menu to invite the “everybody’s favorite teacher” type of person that makes optimal sense for young people to get empowered to the max.

Evolve into town.

Youth Leadership spirit, your message and scope of activities offers many options to connect with schools, civil society, workplaces, media … and your youth teams will organize uplifting activities in public, such as FUNdraisers, plantings etc. in streets, parks, waterfronts etc. which generates vivid photos, spreads word and reach and grows community

YL Coaches help you wield our many tools and tricks and team up with you to activate allies in your district.


It really adds to flair, vision, stories, appeal and activities, if your LearnSpace displays and offers inter-action and collaboration with genius changemakers, LearnSpaces, their youth teams, citizen crews etc.

We offer awesome partners so that even a micro-Learnspace in a small town or village can connect with the global map and global community. It may be a world-premiere for your town!

  • Think of it: How can local schools, media, families and civil society resist to come?
  • Think of local kids, teens, twens and the dreams and paths you open up to them.
  • Think of the actions that can spill from your place to the youth’s homes and schools … forming Changemaker Student Clubs, launching SDG Challenges… 

That is the idea … and they will use your space as outer school HQ.


YL Master Coaches

help you realize bigger programs by directing you to YL’s best suited, resources, partners and activities, where to find local allies, generate win-win benefits and more.

They also accompany your adventures, certify you as YL Coach, as YL LearnSpace, listen to your dreams and help you make them real as part of the global YL Tribe with 100s of grand changemakers.

Project Partners

are highly recommended. These are outstanding hero*ines making spectacularly high impact on popular causes with many exciting ways to take part, with benefits at home and abroad. They vividly document, are available for video-meetings and flexible to work with you and embrace your ideas. This can make an ordinary public library a changemaker headquarter of value to schools, youth and citizenry in a matter of minutes.

Pick your favorites and – for example – align activities with UN Days. Geez, that has so many untapped potentials, we can tell you all about it! Besides, Project Partner impacts give you the strongest feel of truly changing lives and land at record pace … that’s not always easy in your home town and location. So, use it! We’re here to help.

Magical Coaches

teach practical skills that make life more awesome. While you have that type of person around you, too, we have … well, just like in the case  of teen and adult changemakers … we have very special ones that add rich value to your scope of activities, programs and you and / or your user community can quickly acquire those skills to evolve them themselves! View our Magical Coaches line-up for ideas and no doubt you’ll want to connect with more than one!

Collaborative Programs

YL Magazine

Our global magazine can serve you but as your journey unfolds and schools get involved, youth crews activated, they will develop sufficient stories to launch a local edition. You can host and help the media crew and display their productions.

Music + Arts

are exciting aspects of the Change Generation and spectacularly fresh. We have the finest examples for you display, learn, sing, perform, record, translate and compose new creations to share with our global Tribe, use in music and arts class and more. What an amazing program offer!


The amazing dyeing garden program to source colors from plants. It sounds like nothing but is a mesmerizing experience for kids, teens and adults from all walks of life and unfolds mind boggling potentials as people rediscover this ancestral craft and its use in all spheres of life, especially in education, sustainability and for SDGs. Plus, we certify sevengardens dialogers with access to the global network of pracitioners, a universe to discover. it’s also great because changemaking is very project oriented and the organic living beauty of plants, gardens, colors, playful artistic creations, make-up etc. are a balm for the soul. 

100% Fair Fashion

Hard to get, possible with us and Kalima Design, sevengardens dialoger and YL Magical Coach and Project Partner for Fair Fashion student clubs, boutiques and LearnSpaces. Connect to this chain from merry people in pure cotton fields via plants sourced from color, 6 weeks of dyeing, traditional street stampmakers, tiny tailors, unique design – to you – and you can even participate in designing and pay visits.    

Pan-European (West-East) Cooperation

Schools team up for pre-90’s like dialogue but now for collaboration to spark youth leadership, protect and restore natural and cultural heritage, reduce poverty, crime, prostitution, trafficking, develop youth-led social business in cities and disconnected rural regions, incl. eco-cultural tourism. Schools take part it, why wouldn’t you?

Travel + Exchange

Wouldn’t it be magical if your user community of fired up caring people of all generations shouldered backpacks and trolleys to pay a visit to hero*ines they love and support for family tourism, work visits and volunteering? Will you bring an entire children’ library or similar with you? We help faciitate it and have a TribalTravel program for this, along with vivid documentation as always to report back home and activate greater support. 

As your LearnSpace gets activated and certified, it can get on the YL LearnPlanet Map and get found by YL Tribe members.

As an activated space and team, with school allies and more, you become an able and interesting PARTNER for SDG and Global Learning programs of school teachers and of course for YL Teams.

Who would not want to work with a YL LearnSpace, its impactful projects and interesting allies … in post-war Sarajevo, a Somali refugee camp, the Amazon, history rich Varanasi, opioid crisis Kentucky, rural South Africa, the wildlife rich Danube Delta, an indigenous community?

After all, our crews and communities both share a like-hearted passion for high impact youth leadership for people and planet!

It naturally calls for video meet-ups, even for project partnerships, visits and youth exchanges.

You’ll already have a neat hosting community, exciting programs and youth guides in place! Wouldn’t hey love receiving fired up YL crews and friends from other parts of the world? Of course. And they’d do great stuff together that’ll form bonds for more. Like West-East School Partnerships.


So let's Activate your City & Region

Evolution in Town

Flair, activities, win-win benefits, user community and their interests in activating more folks for action will naturally wave connections with the LearnScape in town.

The LearnSpace will be one or the epi-center, especially if Changemaker Student Clubs at schools select it as their outer school HeadQuarter HQ.

Your user community reaches into many spheres so life that all win-win benefit.

Host Space Relations

You know plenty of people and institutions. Youth Leadership adds new opportunities to get them involved or make them gifts

Family homes

Inspired parents and kids will take stories and activities home and to their friendly and professional relations


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Parents' Workplaces

Young people’s daily hangout is school, parents’ is the workplace. Youth leadership, positive change have value for many to boost ambience, team spirit, even add purpose to professions like teachers, journalists, but also conscious cafes and music clubs. Use our brochures and digital letters to activate them – and invite them to your place and take part in Project Partnerships and more

Adult Allies

You have amazing content, activities, lovely users and a SPACE to create a better world. Many caring citizens love that. They collaborate in many ways with teen hero*ines and you and your users can, too. 

Civil Society

Organizations and citizen groups on fire to make life and land more awesome are your natural allies – as users, coaches, parents and partners to boost youth leadership in the region. You bring in new content, spirit and a space for youth that they never had and cannot create themselves. They’ll love it and YL Coaches know how to help them find their roles, unfold their superpowers and win-win benefit



You want them to tell your stories to the people and they benefit of uplifting stories with practical relevance to their audiences. They can even report on actions and achievements of their inspired readers and listeners. Explore this further!


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Cool Places

You are not the only place of value. But you are an epi-centre of inspiration and hangout of changemaker folks. What can you do, offer, enjoy, team up for with other cool places in nature, museums, riverfronts, farmers markets …? 


So let's Activate your Region

Reach into the Region

This is something that many miss out on. We don’t. For city crews, nearby rural regions offer opportunities for exciting experience they cannot have in town – including rewilding projects, micro adventures and donkeys.

Rural regions would love to have HOT STUFF for kids and teens, more rockstar Earth Guardians, and rural youth can become great allies, partners, mentors and guides for their city peers – reversing the role of who’s more cool and has cooler stuff!!


LearnSpaces Manual



like nature centres, open farms, permaculture farms

Magical Coaches

You already know this perfect ally


Exciting Places

How about your user community and youth teams make excursions to great natural places, organize canoeing tours, horseriding lessons – also for kids born into difficult circumstances …


to build stuff.

We don’t have that in town.


Nights by the fire.

Sleep in the woods.

Jump naked into lakes.

Scream your lungs off.

We can’t do that in town.


Horses. Canoeing. Hikes.

It’s stuff our Youth Teams will love to experience.

It’s also something that Youth Teams organize for underpriviledged peers … to complement indoor activities and mentoring. 

Getting out there offers entirely different dmensions of experience that teen mentors love!

Rural Allies

like farmers, horse ranches, nature sports, nature guides, rangers, bee-keepers, cheese makers …

who else is out there?

… are definitely willing to gift 1 freebie day per year to offer kids growing up in tough circumstances a magical experience.

This can change lives, form bonds and professional pipelines … both ways. 


Activate Schools

You have Crash Course, exhibits, speakers, activities and an HQ to offer … you can invite them and offer to pay them a visit

Activate Youth Teams

at schools, their daily hangout, and at your own place with Crash Courses – inviting them to use your space as HQ at an intersection with the public to grow reach and impact – perfect for after school hours, week-ends and holiday times! Plus, involve them in creating your program.

Youth Guides

projects, guides, tourism … what’s needed and great in disconnected regions in our Pan-European Partnerships is actually needed in most parts of the world. A migrant girl crew guided tour of their Berlin district was the rage for tourists, Berlin schools and classes visiting Berlin – booked out for 6 months in advance.

City youth and allies

benefit greatly of the experiences, partners and of activating rural youth and allies.

Rural youth and allies

benefit greatly of the experiences, new urban partners and youth teams, mentoring one another and developing projects together, also for eco-cultural tourism.

Youth Team



the page Superpowers of Youth at School in YL Youth Leadership 101. This makes your Learnspace LIFT OFF!! 

No one 

matches the hi-vibe energy of teens wielding Philanthro-Party magic with a good dose of fun, silly, magic and adventure.


are the factor that changes everything.

It’s not about money. It’s about SPIRIT!

YL Youth Teams have tremendous spirit, skills, resources and relations.

An Activated Youth Team

is your strongest asset. It can come about easily through good communication into schools and via media. One fired up youth is enough to generate a crew. Your best prep as with everything else is to go through YL Crash Course Phases 1 to 5.

You will probably gain in confidence and recognition by topping it off with the final Phase 6. It’s a requirement for certifications Level II, III and IV.


SDG LearnZone

= possible without Starter Pack or YL Coach

YL LearnSpace

= requires YL LearnSpace Starter Pack

National Youth Leadership Learning Centre

= all this happens naturally once a YL Youth Team exists

International Youth Leadership Learning Centre


Gift a Learnspace Pack

to …