as individual or group

Learn how youth around the planet are changing lives, laws, learning culture, industries – and how you can do the same. Plus, about the roles of adult allies, plenty of tools and opportunity to get started with flying banners – with epic partners and “live” support. Welcome to a life of Awesome!

We can create a world of awesome now, but you need to learn the essential magic tricks.

LEVEL UP! is a Crash Course in Youth Leadership for youth or students of all ages, to take as individual, with friends, at school. Proceed at your own pace.

Sourced from the finest high impact young change-makers on the planet, it features inspiring action, music, latest news, and invites you into the action, to make swift real-world impact, inspire 100s more in town, dream big, and self-organize year-round follow-up actions, with tools, partners & hero support! YES!

You will experience

  • your agency
  • shared passion for people and planet
  • shared vision among your generation
  • vibrant community
  • real-life impact
  • shaping the world and life you want
  • countless options for year-round follow-up actions
  • equipped with tools, allies, support

It’s your flying start into the world of changemaking!

LEVEL UP! as 1 person

Don’t wait. Activate yourself! The description below is for groups, but you can easily adapt it to yourself. The only difference is : Start with the YL Tutorial. Then, get active, organize Step 1 for a group, like family, friends, your class, a youth chapter or other. Proceed by yourself and / or with the inspired group as you see fit. Feel free to contact us for questions, guidance, companionship.

LEVEL UP! as 1 group / class

As Session guide, train yourself with the YL Tutorial, grab the Toolpack and run the kick off session. If you love young hero*ines, you can do this! Easy.

Choose your goal

  • raise awareness for youth leadership and core abilities, life skills, theory
  • inspire youth leadership, instant action, form a changemaker student club

Choose your format

  • one session in class
  • workshop series in class
  • project day
  • project week

We are available via video to help. Rock it!


We can run the session, if you choose not to do it yourself.

Advantages: Students sometimes pay better attention to outsiders. We bring in spirit, focus and experience. Teacher can kick back, observe, re-discover students… 

Attention: You caring teacher are their Adult Ally present at school, so be part, and ready to support student follow-up.

Recommended: Learn it for the future, so you can run sessions for new students, annually, in collab with your student club.

Phase 1 : Inspiration

unlocks positive vision on youth power for doing good for people and planet, with favorite causes and activities for everybody, everywhere

Phase 2 : Practice

is about practical action, using all essentials of youth leadership in your regional community, making conside-rable impact, presence at schools, in public and media

Phase 3 : Document

Turn your generated photos, videos and testimonials into stories in YL, social and news media, get creative. Submit your report and score a digital + real Badge

Optional Follow Up

You have countless options for year-round action, resources, a global tribe, live meets with hero*ines and more.

At School

LEVEL UP! is perfect for use at school!!

Students, teachers, parents or YL Volunteers can organize

  • Step 1 “Discover Youth Leadership” Kick-Off Group Session in class, as project or as student club
  • Steps 1-4 on a Project Day
  • Steps 1-8 in a Project Week
  • Steps 1-8 as semester project

Inspired students can self-organize Steps 2-8.
They will also organize Step 1 for other classes.

Their activities will reach and benefit the whole school and greater community, and show you the rich potentials of making this part of learning culture



If this is your goal, you want to form a team of inspired students at the end of Step 1+2, latest after Step 3.


If your goal is to (only) raise your students’ awareness for youth leadership and LIFE SKILLS, you can do only Step 1+2, and conclude with the 8 Core Abilities exercise.

Conclude the session with  “A Reflection on 8 Core Abilities” : empathy + curiosity + sociability + resilience + self-awareness + integrity + resourcefulness + creativity

We normally do this after Step 6.

Browse the interactive Compass with your group and reflect on how you have seen and experienced 8 core abilities in stories and action.

  • Have an open conversation on how these abilities help successfully navigate one’s personal, idealist and professional life
  • as a child, as a student, as an adult, as a professional

You may also

  • casually storytell pertaining key moments that you remember, or even
  • create a text, audio, video, photo collage on how you experienced abilities
We really like this elegant option of raising awareness for life skills, and how youth leadership obviously is not only the crown jewel of changemaking but also of life skill activation.

At this point, students have become better conscious

  • of life skills
  • of their value for their own personal, idealist, and professional lives
  • of inner energies being more defining to their life’s success than outer looks, grades and opinions
  • of inner energies being defining of achieving their personal dreams for themselves and loved ones
  • how they can train themselves by making youth leadership part of their lives

That’s quite an awesome collateral result!

Hello, teachers, city councillors and funders, we are speechless about your decades of inaction, despite teen hero*ine stories all over media and world stages.

Are you joining, now?!

Online interactive compass, guide

Tip for a focus on Core Abilities, LIFE SKILLS
If your focus is to nurture awareness and activation of LIFE SKILLS in students, we strongly encourage you to use the Crash Course for it!

Compared to theoretic exercises in subjects in the classroom, it amplifies relevance, intrinsic motivation, experience, and follow-up activities organized by students as club.

Even if you only have time for the Kick-Off Session 1, you can conclude it with the Core Abilities Compass and have students reflect on where they have detected abilities in stories and their own session experience. This is a good learning experience on practical case studies beyond the clasroom and can be an additional motivator for students to form a club.

Please view details under Step 7 BONUS Activity.


BASICS Step 1 is 2-4 hours
ADVANCED Step 2 is 2-4 hours

Step 3 is 1+1+2-4 hours
Step 4 is 6+ hours over 1 week
Step 5 is 3 x 1 day or more

Step 6 is ongoing X min’s per day
Step 7 is 1 hour

You wanna change the world? Tell me how you rock that in a year.

Here, you can easily level up to Local Hero*ine in a Month … present across schools, in media … with tons of crew and supporters and allies … impacting lives and meeting hero*ines… how the heck can you achieve it? Here you do.

“Creating a good world” means living like the HERO*INES, it means making changemaking your SPORT. So far, you had no rules and balls to play it. Now you do. And it’s fun!

Sure. And it is not wasted time!

Each step has top notch value for every sane, caring, informed youth and adult today, with positive effects on your life, now or later.

You just don’t get the Badge.

We are pretty sure you’ll be curious to unlock the next steps and experience yourself!

No, but like when learning a new sport or language, it makes sense to keep the ball rolling, also since you’ll be relating with, inspiring and involving other people. When momentum slows, you fall off the bike. That spoils the experience! So yes … better march through to 5, 7, the “impact & report” milestone!
Ask yourself : are you a holistic high impact changemaker? Erh, no. Is youth leadership omni-present in your life and city? No.  Why not? Here you learn how to evoke these indispensable, gamechanging steps. All of them. In record time!
Handling a new phone can be “difficult” for a sec, so what?

Doing new things means unfolding new skills, learning curves, growth edges … like climbing a ladder, jumping a creek, designing a poster, speaking on tv … so, it’s new stuff, new emotional experiences.

Kids and teens are doing this, it’s at 16,000+ schools, so why should you not be able to do it?

Once again, you select your own challenges and it’s exciting.

Is playing 6 hours of Minecraft and LoL an effort for a gamer? Is a match an effort for an athlete? Is a new move an effort for a skater? No. Yes. Is an effort a horrible thing? It is a fun challenge that makes me feel way more alive?!

For people caring for people and planet, for a good future for themselves and others, empowering themselves to protect what they love and shape the future(!) it is pure bliss to

  • immerse oneself in inspirational videos, music and stories
  • explore action opportunities
  • meet and hug like-hearted folks
  • design creative actions
  • change lives for the better
  • collaborate with hero*ines
  • go out there and make impact
  • live one’s feelings, convictions
  • taste one’s life’s purpose
1. We present initiatives run by kids and teens, using the imagery and information they use.

2. We focus on solutions and activities that are warmly embraced across society and already at 10,000+ schools.

That tells you it’s safe enough. You select your own activities tuned to your comfort zone.

Creating a good world means being aware of a broken world and twisted people. That can be itchy, but it means being real.

Some people around you display bully behavior, like orks. The magic of the Kick Off session helps dissolve it among your class and school. Further, as you gain companions and you know that you are doing good, like humanity’s finest hero*ines, you become resilient to their BS.

Yes, but know that the materials are meant to empower you to do this on your own.

Contact, communications and collaboration evolve naturally as you begin interacting with our media, initiatives and tribe.

We are available to fired up folks via chat and video, because we love you, want to see you succeed, enjoy it and look forward to rock great things together!

You need materials. It can be downloaded, and printed, but we recommend that you order a good looking proper set from us (instead of thin, scratchy copies) because “beauty” matters to people today.

This set can serve many people that you reach in Steps 4 and 5. And at schools over years.

Raising FUNds generates money for your favorite hero*ines, their causes, and for spreading youth leadership.

Phase 1


Learn the ESSENTIALS of youth leadership
and feel your passion for positive change

MISSION #1 “Discover Youth Leadership”

In this KICK-OFF session, you experience worldview change to “Youth We Can”, shared passion for positive change, determination to learn more, decide on instant action and imagine follow-up activities.

Quite probably, some will found a student club (equipped with a wide spectrum of tools, tricks, support and global community). That’s quite something, huh?!



If this is your goal, you want to form a team of inspired students at the end of Step 1+2, latest after Step 3.

#1 Goal : Spark a Student Club

that will follow up with Steps 3-8, and organize year-round multi-faceted actions, uniting fired up students across classes and grades. View what High Impact Student Clubs do here (link) View how they Activate Your School here (link)

With this goal in mind, approach your session, and pay good attention at the final phase – harvest feedback, decide on follow-up, take action, form a club, what’s next

Learn about the most exciting and important innovation of the Century :
Youth Leadership – teenagers changing lives, laws, industries and learning culture at record scale and speed!

Get to know hero*ines, their causes, solutions, tricks, music and fire up your own spirit for positive change.

This is your generation’s chance to grow up learning with today’s genius hero*ines
to protect the planet and create the future you love.

Prick your ears and activate your personal and group Operating System!

1. Train yourself using the YL Tutorial (on our website)

2. Read “The Mindset” in YL Brochure 5 FAQ, Magic Tricks & Spells

3. Get your toolset

– – –

Do you run the session with a SCHOOL CLASS?

As teachers, we love high student contribution, interaction and identification.

You can amplify all of this by starting with a homework assignment

  • each student gets a hero*ine storyposter and link to online profile with videos, music, links and latest news
  • study, follow links, immerse in the story, know the story well
  • prepare a flashlight presentation to the class
  • add personal comment on what surprised, inspired, touched, empowered you most

This homework deepens your students’ focus and involvement. They can follow their interest, spend personal time on deep(er) research than during the session, they have time to digest, come up with revelations, ideas and questions. They may start discussing with peers “geez, what crazy badass did you get?” and look forward to the session.

Every student can contribute something highly interesting and unique to the session, and have all the group’s positive attention – which is a rare experience for most school classes. Personal comments bring stories, anecdotes and the human element to life.

> You can imagine there will be a lot of wow, oh, also questions, ideas and passion.

There will be a lot of expression, active listening, and audio-visual comprehension when videos and music are included. This makes the session great for use in English as a foreign language classes, too!

Depending on your class, you have to consider how dynamic or lame, how articulate your students are, and eventually consider more time for the session, so that every student gets their deserved time to present at ease.

You may also consider to break up the session into 2 sessions on 2 days (close, in the same week), with different topic focus, for example by hero*ine category. 

This is a VERY PRECIOUS session, so, as a teacher, we would definitely make the most of it. We strongly encourage you to NOT HURRY through it, but also give space to the energy of the moment and spin-offs. One or two lessons more, … considering the enormous long-term effects, intrinsic motivation and follow-up opportunities…

TIP : You can also time SESSION 1 short before a school fest, project day, week or UN Day … so that you can deepen the experience there and then.

  • discover 24 short stories (12 at primary school) of outstanding teenage changemakers
  • with their raw, powerful videos and music
  • reveal the enormous scale and scope
  • understand its value for learning culture
  • select favorite causes
  • share feelings and vision
  • harvest everybody’s feedback
  • agree on follow-up action

View a detailed description in our LEVEL UP! Crash Course Brochure

Add Step 2 “Optional Instant Action”, depending on your group’s momentum, enthusiasm, ideas and demand “to get rolling!”

Use Step 4 “Document Your Experience” by capturing the enthusiasm in testimonials and photos – to share with YL, social, school paper, news media and civil society newsletters.

The resulting photo essay or article will be “great news” to caring citizens, and inspire them to ask your students, or our YL Volunteers, to run a session for them, to get involved themselves, and also to support your inspired student club!

The better you know your tools, the better you can freestyle – Take the Tutorial

The better you know the stories, the more personal anecdotes you can add to bring the session alive – Follow & support your fav’ hero*ines @ the Boost! Club

Give space to expression of feelings, suffering, joy, enthusiasm, ideas and celebration –

Take some time for the session, 2 to 4 hours, don’t hurry

Be open, flexible, welcome the unexpected! Expect students’ wish to turn newly found passion into action through self-organized follow-up activities – be willing to listen and support them with a sense of service

You can tune the session to your group and context

a. frontal – like a presentation

b. interactive – involving youth

c. participative – preparing as homework, each member

We encourage you to use option c

You can run this session at any school. It is essential knowledge for all youth to level up to “able, active caring citizenship” aligned with the Purpose of Schooling in libertarian democratic societies.

Use this in social sciences, history, arts, media and foreign language class.

Students are highly motivated to study and tell their hero*ine’s story. Music and videos train audio-visual comprehension.

Use to make project days and weeks awesome!

Use an occasion like the UNITED NATIONS Day of Youth, Girls, Youth Skills, Charity, Peace … there are plenty throughout the year, and they make excellent occasion for a “special session”.

Task students to wield their newly found skills to educate others … with presentations and exhibits at your/other schools, also at fests! It’s part of QUICK ACTIONS anyway(!) and a superb exercise of great intrinsic motivation, societal relevance and impact.

24 hero*ine story posters and action guides (12 for elementary school), short films, music, feedback graphics, guide


  • have a positive view on youth
  • have respect for young changemakers
  • agree that it is important for their generation
  • agree that it should be part of life at school
  • want to know how they can get involved
  • are likely to take instant action for a fav hero*ine
  • are likely to want to form a student club


“Students are inspired and want to get involved!” is a common result of Kick Off Session 1. So, don’t be boring, don’t slack down, don’t quench the flames, don’t slip back into the land of doom and gloom … cross the threshold and live the new hero life! Be spontaneous, take an action on one of the hero*ines – aim for a first nice milestone, like 100 books, like $1,000€ dollars. Bam!

Right away, use the momentum and enthusiasm – and take an action, make an impact!

Take a simple, straightforward action for (a) favorite hero*ine, using their Action Guide

If your group is super lame, exhausted at session’s end, or their vision is captured by something else … do not force this Action Step now. You can follow up with it later, as a group, as a teacher, as student club, in class, at a fest, using a UN Day occasion etc.

Follow Step 1’s momentum, passion, and inspiration.

Decide on action(s) for (a) favorite hero*ine(s).

  • Choose a simple, swift action from their Action Guide, a fundraiser, petition, or other.


This can be a great highlight,
but it depends on your group experience.

Do not force it, it needs to come from students.

First actions can also come at a later stage, or from the group that decides to form a Changemaker Student club.

Use phones and social media for a purpose.

Vividly document your first activities, capture the enthusiasm, share on social, YL and news media.

This is the stuff that inspires community.

24 hero*ine action guides (12 for elementary school)


  • have turned shared values and passion into action
  • have a story to share with friends, family, media
  • for many it is a first in their lives
  • for many schools it is a first!

MISSION #3. “The Hero*ine’s Journey”


Here’s how others have experienced it : “I get it. Each step is common sense and simple. I can do this.” + “I could have thought of maybe 3 steps. Now I have 108. Crazy.” + “From no clue to national and global level, reaching millions. Anyone can do this.” + “I think this will work well with any kid.” That’s what we wish you to experience as a group. Let’s see how much you will get out of it!

Go pro!

Deepen your understanding of causes, tools, tricks and tactics,

and build the bridge from inspiration to action, using a simple, genius exercise,

learning from hero*ines, and drafting roadmaps to boost their campaigns.

Follow the footsteps of hero*ines from tiny start to inter/national success

  • follow their Road Map from start to success
  • track the activities they used, using108 Magic Trick Take Action cards
  • form focus teams on fav causes, use pertaining Hero*ine’ Action Guide to draft project and campaign roadmap using the myriads of fresh impressions
  • present to the group

You are now practically ready to get started and make them a reality! You have become able to design your own grand campaigns on critical global issues using proven “best practice” approaches, as well as design your own from scratch in response to local causes. Hey, and you did this in record time. Chakka!

Document the procedure in vivid photos capturing your members’ intense focus.

Capture their learning, revelations, imagination, serious planning …

Your story is rare and precious “news content” for YL, news journalists, your school newspaper and civil society newsletters.

Keep in mind that your students are now able to run such workshops for peers at other schools.

Your vividly documented article helps convey the spirit to them and inspire them to get in touch.

You need not spend much time on this. Think of a photo essay showing the activities, with 1 or 2 sentence comments, plus brief testimonials of your students. That’s all that’s needed.

This session is designed to bridge the gap from “inspiration” to “stepping into action” with tangible outcomes at relevant scale!

For newbies, this is like an insurmountable chasm!

It’s like they face an inner void, like their mental and emotional “operating system” lacks the info and building blocks to get rolling.

Well, this simple practice activates it. We love it beyond words!

48 hero*ine story posters and action guides (24 for elementary school), short films, music, hero*ine journey roadmap, blank roadmaps, 108 magic trick take action cards, guide


  • have confidence in their capacity to run initiatives
  • are equipped with 100+ high impact actions
  • are equipped with proven tools, tricks and tactics
  • are ready to take action
  • at home, school, in public, online
  • to inspire students, help teachers, make headlines
Phase 2


Practice the ESSENTIALS of youth leadership
and feel your agency and impact

Now it gets exciting. No reason to panic. You choose your level of challenge, cause and activities. You are ready. It’s fit for use @ school, on an action day, as student club, or with your friends. – Emma


In this phase, you apply, integrate and embody what you have learned. You build team and community.


Tell others about the exciting things you have learned and experienced, what moves you, and what you are up to, as a group, or as individuals.

Share your group experience and what has inspired and surprised you most about youth leadership, specific causes, hero*ines, and about yourself, your peers …

with family, friends + media + colleagues

Share in ALL your spheres of influence

  • online, using text, photos, videos, adding ideas and anecdotes
  • with local news media; use positive news tricks (step 7) and our resources for media
  • with family
  • with fellow students and teachers

and observe reactions!

Use photo, video, whatever you like!

Follow your intuition.

Employ students in co-creating media! Many are real experts.

Use “positive news philosophy”

  • be a shameless idealist.
  • there’s enough “boring” articles; be true and factual, but emotional.
  • convey your group’s genuine feelings passion, joy, heartbreak, rage, commitment
  • use photos showing all your activities – film, intense focus, vivid conversation, roadmaps, thumbs up, celebration, planning, hands-on, … like key scenes of a micro documentary
  • add brief texts describing the scene, include feelings
  • add students’ testimonials on their multi-facated experience
  • add your own
  • on hero*ines, global issues, solutions, the session group experience, value for school, value for life skills …
  • and what else comes to mind
  • and what’s next!


Imagine for a moment your collective reach and impact

… when each student gets engaged a little bit !

Our tools, texts and videos help you amplify your reach online, to family workplaces and relations.

It’s simple. How many can we inspire?

video and music playlists, digital posters, YL media pack for news media, quick guide on positive news writing


  • have used social media for a purpose
  • have informed 100s of people on youth leadership
  • along with a personal testimonial, a seal of trust
  • conveying can-do feel and feasibility


In this phase, you change people’s worldview, grow community and generate demand for your services.

This is actually part of Step 6 High Impact Starter Actions (and you should combine them), but Step 5 activities are for inspiring others, for “intangible impact”, whereas step 7 are boom bam tangible impact actions. That’s very different things! Hence each deserve their own Step, focus, procedure and tips.

You are activated, and you agree “everybody should know”,

so rock it – activate others!

Use the simple, efficient processes and tools that you have experienced.

  • Kick Off Session
  • Poster Exhibits

and a few other common sense methods

You have gone through the process. Now use it for other groups.

  • run LEVEL UP! sessions for classes at your school
  • run LEVEL UP! sessions at other schools

and establish long-term presence

  • organize a poster exhibit at school
  • organize poster exhibits at public library, parents’ workplaces
  • … make it fun and interactive, like YOU would have loved it as a kd or teen
  • … use it for entering conversations
  • … use it for impact; add a FUNdraiser
  • … use it for involving people : add our Survey on Youth Leadership

and invite the general public

  • to exhibits
  • to book you as speaker 
  • for doing crash course sessions
  • to contribute to your FUNdraisers 

by using common simple steps

  • seed flyers and posters; especially at organic grocery stores
  • make press releases in media
  • send info to organizations
  • activate parents
  • activate newsletters of organizations and businesses


Combine these steps with your Step 6 High Impact Starter Actions!

Since you meet and inspire people, you might as well show at what advanced stage you are already, help turn their inspiration into action, and leverage the enormous community potential.

+ as always:

Vividly document your activities, share on social, YL and news media.

You are now making considerable (intangible) impact on many people’s lives,

equipped with our tools.

Imagine a class of 30 students to split off into 4 teams,
each doing an exhibit and presentation at a school, fest, public library, market or park.

Can you see the wave that you are creating?

And it’s only starting. How many can we activate?!

24 storyposters and action guides, videos, music, feedback graphics, 48 posters A3, info flyers, info posters, info brochures


  • have learned to inspire others face 2 face
  • using the same session that activated them
  • using common tools like poster exhibits
  • adding their own creative spirit to involve people
  • have reached 100s of peers at school
  • have reached 100s beyond school
  • have had conversations with people of different age groups, profession and skills
  • have considerably grown reach and impact, at school, to other schools, to public spaces
  • have experienced what works and what doesn’t


Take High Impact Starter Actions

In this phase, you make tangible impact, wield tools and tricks, meet allies, generate media presence and scale your reach, community and vision.

Now, we wanna get really serious. Now we do HERO stuff.

Take everything you have learned and felt, and

  • turn it into action on your favorite causes
  • following the hero*ines’ example
  • boost, join or adapt their initiative

Yeah, time to go epic!

Select your favorites from a set of missions

that are straightforward, popular, hands-on, realistic to achieve, and generate swift results. They make tangible impact, win people’s support, easily generate public and media presence.

Set ambitious milestones

  • that challenge you to draw on all your wit and resources
  • that make you go whoopla, and fire up your Inner Hero*ine
  • (it’s not yet boss battle like, but like a good training fight or cross country run)
  • that’ll make you go “wow” and proud when you have achieved them; you’ll feel you LEVELED UP!

If you are 1 person, do one of each.

  • 1 FUNdraiser to boost a hero*ine’s initiative
  • 1 lifestyle challenge
  • 1 project (a Level 1-4 Action; don’t panic, some are quick)

If you are a group, do more,

following your passions and options, but stay focussed. Don’t choose too many, unite and employ your forces wisely (view Tips).

The purpose of this exercise is to take robust steps together, and make real impact.

Hence, focus your energy on what can work best right away.

These activities are completed rather quickly.

Besides impact for people and planet,

they also quickly build crew, supportive community, public and media presence.

This means, they lay the foundation for greater, multiple activities that you may wish to take.

Like in sports or music:

1. practice basic skills and moves first. Experience different roles and tasks.

2. then, master them

3. then, add freestyle

You are now at step 1.

That’s why we say : start with this stuff.

As usual : Vividly document your activities, share on social, YL and news media.

Now, you are really producing veritable positive news!!

  • through your action
  • through your documentation

This is the time of your techies, introverts and aspiring journalists to wield their skills and experiment on using phones with a purpose.

Who wants to document? Depending on your group, it will be shared by everybody, or by a few dedicated folks.

Just MAKE SURE that someone is on the job to HARVEST the countless visual impressions generated by your activities.

This is gold for all your media platforms, and also for the cause of inspiring others, and for sparking a regional positive news edition (like a local special edition of YOUTH-LEADER Magazine)

Contact us if you have questions, seek guidance or tips and materials. We love to help.

You are now making considerable (tangible) impact on many people’s lives,

equipped with Hero*ines’ Action Guides with Level 1-4 actions,

easy to advanced, for greater impact.

How many lives and laws can we change?

You are living and producing fantastic images worthy of news coverage…

– so, turn them into positive news – include step 7 right now !

TAKE IT EASY. This is practice.

HAVE FUN. Be curious. Expect intriguing moments. Know that we have selected ace cool high impact starter actions, each with their own magic, so you have fun and discover cool stuff! – GO AT IT WITH PASSION!

BE AMBITIOUS. We are talking about real lives of children, animals, the planet. There exists real need. MAKE AN IMPACT!

BE TRUE to your Hero self. The world and innocent kids need help. You can help. So, evoke a real change! Set a goal that earns you your own respect. A little effort, and you’ll achieve. It’s a neat experience. – GO FOR THE MAX!

TAKE IT SERIOUS. It’s your lifetime. So make it an epic, lifelong memory. Have your cause and goal either make

  • your soft heart smile
  • you smirk, yearrhh!


High Impact Starter Actions Package with handpicked action guides


  • have run a bundle of projects
  • have experienced various activities
  • have tested their own skills and seens others’
  • have formed teams, shared roles
  • have connected with teachers, journalists, mayors
  • have made considerable impact for people and planet
  • have experienced what works and what doesn’t
  • have developed presence at school, in public, in media
  • have built a foundation of respect and support
  • have given hero*ines reason to smile and celebrate
  • have made themselves, parents and teachers proud
  • have induced new sense of hope and can-do feel in their community
  • have generated lots of photos, videos and stories
  • have generated lifelong memories
  • have generated momentum for more

It's the case for individuals

who will have activated friends and peers at school.

It's the case for groups

of friends, a class, a project week team.

It's the case for student clubs

formed by freshly fired up youth for the sole purpose of making high impact for people and planet!

BONUS : Reflect on Core Abilities

This neat bonus action highlights

  • how many special and intense moments you have realized together
  • how they serve all of you for your next 70+ years on Earth together
  • how incredibly rich the LEVEL UP! Crash Course is from a teacher’s point of view, who wishes to generate learning

This session, and the collage will convince Adult Allies like teachers, parents, journalists, funders to back and support  youth leadership and your future ventures.



Reflect on 8 core abilities empathy + curiosity + sociability + resilience + self-awareness + integrity + resourcefulness + creativity

that you have experienced in stories, in your group, and in action.

Browse Dr. Marilyn Price-Mitchell’s interactive Compass with your group and reflect on how you have seen and experienced 8 core abilities empathy + curiosity + sociability + resilience + self-awareness + integrity + resourcefulness + creativity in action.

  • Have an open conversation on how these abilities help successfully navigate one’s personal, idealist and professional life
  • as a child, as a student, as an adult, as a professional

You may also

  • casually storytell pertaining key moments that you remember, or even
  • create a text, audio, video, photo collage on how you experienced abilities

You could cross over into arts class with this.

We really like this elegant option of raising awareness for life skills, and how youth leadership obviously is not only the crown jewel of changemaking but also of life skill activation.

Hello, teachers, city councillors and funders, we are speechless about your decades of inaction, despite teen hero*ine stories all over media and world stages.

Are you joining, now?!

Definitely share the Core Ability session’s outcomes with your parents!

Definitely share it also with teacher colleagues!

Online interactive compass, guide


  • have become well aware of 8 core abilities
  • how they benefit their personal, idealist, professional lives 
  • how they can train themselves by making youth leadership part of their lives

Wait a minute, this is spectacular!

Phase 3


You enjoy doing this anyway!

This earns you the Badge! Plus, it inspires and grows your community, feeds journalists and trains you in new, positive news media culture. That’s mighty!

If I can run my own youtube show at age 8, you can do this. – Coral


Here, you learn a simple, fun, creative and very powerful step for boosting reach and impact! This is how Hero*ines inspire and give back to supporters, how they inform and equip journalists. It’s a no-brainer, but most youth activists fail to do it. Well, you’ll be doing it. Like a champ!


Make an Impact using Media. Take a step back and think about how you can help people and planet through creating inspiring media that people love to explore, share, that they learn from and realize “this is what I have always hoped for”, and can get involved. Think back at Kick-off session 1 : the inspiration, learning and awakening of your Inner Hero*ines were only possible because your teenage peers have created THESE MEDIA, those photos, those videos, that music, … to convey their knowledge and their spirit to you. It’s simple, creative and fun!

Now it is your turn to do the same for thousands of others!

While you have been briefly documenting all your activities to-date, this is a moment to

  • look back at your adventures, revel in your new life
  • compile all your activities
  • in a style that’s convenient and pleasant to explore
  • to share on various media platforms

You have everything you need. We don’t ask you to spend a lot of time on this. Be efficient, casual, have fun!

  • you have tons of content : pictures, stories, films
  • spice them up with feelings, memories
  • add a few notes inspired by your 8 Abilities experience etc


As usual : Vividly document your activities, share on social, YL and news media.

Now, you are really producing veritable positive news!!

  • through your action
  • through your documentation

This is the time of your techies, introverts and aspiring journalists to wield their skills and experiment on using phones with a purpose.

Who wants to document? Depending on your group, it will be shared by everybody, or by a few dedicated folks.

Just MAKE SURE that someone is on the job to HARVEST the countless visual impressions generated by your activities.

This is gold for all your media platforms, and also for the cause of inspiring others, and for sparking a regional positive news edition (like a local special edition of YOUTH-LEADER Magazine)

Contact us if you have questions, seek guidance or tips and materials. We love to help.

[Use our Quick Tips For Positive Change Media Culture for basic guidance and links to examples]

Do like the Hero*ines running the world’s most vibrant teenage activist streams. You’ll see, it’s simple, fun and magic!

Tech has low importance : Your phone camera and mic are enough. There is no need for expensive tech. If someone has a $50€ meteor mic or $100€ go pro cam, use them for recording interviews.

Story is the important thing. Action, plot, spirit, passion. You’re generating loads of that during the Crash Course! Like no one has ever done before in your region! Become well aware of it, and use this to shower a rain of positive uplifting energies on y/our audiences. 

Ask yourself :

  • what FEELINGS do you wish to raise in your audience?
  • why? (it shall be to uplift, liberate, empower them)

You have a lot of examples, you have experienced what inspires you, and how, and you have created media, captured moments and enthusiasm, mission statements etc, so we think you are absolutely ready to do this.

Get creative and do something “magical” that’s fun for you and your audience, uplifting, meaningful and memorable.

  • video testimonials on the adventure
  • a short film
  • a magazine, telling your various groups’ stories
    in their own fav’ style : story, photo essay, interviews, artwork, poetry, music …
  • or other

It can be a “kaleidoscope of impressions”. What does this mean? It means that you need not create a novel or cinema movie, or a professional magazine. You are basically telling the diary of your adventure. It was different sessions, different days, phases, like chapters that are only losely connected through plot. You could even imagine it like different rooms in a museum, an exhibit showing the different phases, activities, impacts, stories, results, magical moments and memories, photos. Some phases were static in a room, others were highly active, moving around. In others, you encountered other people. This already gives each chapter or room a different feel, and keeps the whole thing interesting for your audiences. This kaleidoscope can take ANY FORM … a website, an exhibit, a magazine, a mix of it all…

Since (some of) you will hopefully continue,
you may also connect with our tribe and media platforms

  • start your own page on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube
  • record, edit and upload videos
  • and it’s likely that you’ll make headlines in print and online and tv news

After all, you’re doing HERO stuff!

Each crew member, also tech gaming and youtube nerds

can bring in their talents, do what they enjoy, contribute big value, and relieve other crew members from tasks they don’t enjoy so that they are free to wield their own magic!

Positive News Media Culture Guide, your accumulated photos, videos, memories, testimonials


  • have sent an unprecedented wave of inspiration through their region’s news, social and civil society media
  • have generated an enormous amount of vivid photos serving them to reach out
  • have learned how to convey inspiration and steps of action via media
  • have learned about “positive news media culture”
  • have raised journalists’ awareness on meaningful news
  • have built relations with media folks for future outreach
  • have manifested a visual gem for their CV


and earn your Badge, using our online form.


Finally, show up to YL, and show your accomplishments.

We are asking you to fill out a form. This is like a brief summary of Step 7. You can probably copy paste a lot.

You can make this your application to access the true Hogwarts School of Magic … Change Generation Rising.

This is no additional, annoying, useless work. Far from it.

  1. You already have the required photos, texts and links
  2. You will enjoy reflecting once more, and responding to personal questions
  3. It proves to us (and the world) that you have studied, learned and lived the LEVEL UP! Course

It proves to you that you have indeed LEVELED UP!

It is the closure of this newbie phase. You are now ready to step into your power and evoke enormous, cascading changes.

You can now step into ADULT power, to act as a Guardian of this magnificent planet, its mountains, forests and streams for the little ones to grow up in in peace, joyful communities, with dreams, and protecting the vulnerable from abuse and poisoning of their bodies, minds and hearts [re-define adult]. Native American Warriors begin to live this at around age 12.

Your completed report is your key to accessing CG RISING, and walking The Path Of The Warrior …

You will know that

  • you have unlocked something very special in yourself
  • you have leveled up beyond most “activists”, teachers, journalists, politicians
  • you have the basic skills to co-create a world of awesome
  • you can evolve this without limits, and shape the future of society

Con gra tu la tions !

And thank you for being awesome !!

We look forward to seeing many of you join the ranks of like-hearted Hero*ines assembled under the Banner Of Light, for the grand quest of our era.

Your badge in CAPITAL LETTERS 🙂

One could say that it has little importance … considering the impact and experiences you have made, but, hey, on the other hand, it’s cool, of real value, too, you know that such a YL Badge stands for something, like we use them with our Warriors in CG RISING,

In fact, this is an ARTEFACT for you – directly from YOUTH-LEADER, forever to remember this pivotal moment in your life. It’s epicness may only reveal itself to you later in life.

  • 1 digital badge on the Mozilla Foundation Open Badges platform, listing your learning, deeds, achievements
  • 1 material badge, shipped to you via mail

This YOUTH-LEADER Badge is not given away for FREE, no “pearl to be thrown to orks”. Earning a YL Badge MEANS one has learned, practiced and understood The Essentials of Youth Leadership – the game changer for humanity, and stepping stone to the next level good civilization. It means that one has made a conscious step to upgrading to a 21st Century able, active, caring citizen … in the direction of The Path Of The Warrior … walking the soils of Lothlorien, as a Guardian of Life On Earth! 

So, do your job well, present your accomplished deeds to the altar, and the angels will send you your reward 🙂


  • have completed their training
  • have left behind their newbieness
  • have got a good taste of the life of changemakers
  • have achieved advanced know-how far beyond peers
  • know that they can be part of something greater
  • in record time – and they know this



TENDER NEWBIES turn LOCAL HERO*INES in record time !


they can now

  • evoke a year-round stream of multi-faceted actions
  • respond to local causes with high impact campaigns
  • activate their entire city’s youth for youth leadership
  • do so for their next 70 years
  • and create a world of awesome, as an entire generation

They can change the Anthropocene #fromscaredtosacred, and create the ultimate epic win in real-life : Paradise on Earth

Why would one choose to live a life of boring and wait until peace and life on Earth are lost?


LEAD A LIFE OF AWESOME in real-time collaboration
with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores.














The hottest this this Century.