unfolds sort of like this – as you wish – at your own pace.


ADULTS: You have been young. You can imagine how precious it is for youth to grow up like this. You can help them do so. Your Adult Life with YL you can imagine by viewing YL for Adults.

By yourself

Follow stories, contribute online, do activities. They can also be quite big. As you know, some hero*ines operate alone. As you act, you’ll meet helpers and allies.

With Friends

As informal team, it is easier to do activities in public spaces, hands-on projects, activate schools, create vivid photos, reach more families and their relations, also at workplaces.

As a Group

you can become more formal, like a sports team. This can boost your scope of skills, commitment, goals, frequency, reach and impact.

At School

you can unite students of all classes in a Changemaker Student Club, form a HQ, reach 100s of students every day of the year, collaborate with nice teachers, activate parents, use school fests, project weeks and more.

Impact quickly grows huge – for example, if each student donates 1 book you have a kids library for a poor village. You can do huge 48 hour sponsor runs scoring 10,000s of dollars / euros. You can book speakers, do global partner projects, youth exchanges. 

Hence, we highly recommend to set up a student club – also if you act alone and as adult, as YL Coach (local volunteer). Da kannst Du viele gute neue Freunde gewinnen!

Beyond School

Teams and especially rockstar Student Clubs are very strong. They can connect with other schools, form partnerships with libraries as outer school HQs, with organizations … for visits, trainings, projects. Once you have a solid team, definitely expand your vision across the district to other districts, to the under/priviledged and to the rural region – which has its own needs, potentials, adult allies and youth teams.

An example path

This typical path starts at bottom left, then walks up, always from left to right.

For each step, you find model activities, tools and partners in YL. Plus, you have coaches on demand. Kids do this. You can do it.


You find this poster elsewhere, easy to read.

From CAPITAL LETTER words you can tell that these steps are rather simple and swiftly grow reach, teams, presence at schools, in public spaces and media. Nice, huh? This is exactly what you need to achieve your goals for people and planet.


400+ Activities

modeled on high impact initiatives pioneered by young and adult changemakers.



New Music

Into the Wild

Social Business

Media Production

Free Kids from Poverty

Teach cool skills

+ Home DIY Skills


Vegan Bliss



Music + Arts

In the Wild

Positive News Media

Lifestyle Challenges

YL Crash Course

Vividly document



Home, Family & Online Activities

Quick DIY-skills that make life more awesome.

Gain Badges for completed skill sets and a YL Youth Creative Coach Certificate affirming you are able to teach many quality skills to kids and adults of all ages.


Perfect for

  • pandemic and civil war lockdowns
  • project days and weeks, school, libraries, fests, camp
  • underprivlledged kids
  • homeless shelters
  • refugee camps
  • SDGs

It’s also something one can get paid for. Just sayin’.

To Make School Awesome

We want to make life at school awesome, since this is where you spend every day, where you can unfold your superpowers like nowhere else and influence the future of your entire generation. It’s a #1 priority! 

With Teachers


With fired up youth

across classes and years

Amazing Partners

to rock with

Favorite Hangout

of all magical youth

Activate the entire school community

for action on all 17 SDGs

Epic Field Trips

powered by students

To Make Life Awesome

You have special interests, things you enjoy. We want you to have the best time ever, since when doing good is fun, magic and adventurous, many more people like to join in, which helps you achieve your goals, meet great friends and have even more fun. Plus, you deserve it. So, we aim to help you live dreams!

Adventures for your teams.

Development Project Partnerships

Exciting Milestones

Visit Hero*ines

Youth Exchanges

Meet Genius Changemakers

via video, at school, camp, events … to learn from, Q&A, tell your stories, celebrate your achievements,
plan what’s next, team up! Think about it – this is a world premiere in human history.

YL Coaches

Young Hero*ines

Grand Changemakers

Magical Coaches

Huge Projects & Campaigns

Implement genius changemakers’ solutions in your region.

Stop Street Harassment

1 million girls Self-Defense

Edible Landscapes

Restore Ecosystems

Positive News Magazine

LearnSpace in Town

National Youth Leadership Learning Centre

100% Fair Fashion

+ then also YOUR IDEAS

built on the foundation of trust, experience, impact, allies and community.

We back you with





Grow into our global Tribe

as you interact with YL staff, coaches, partners, youth and adult teams.

You have Years ahead of You

so take it easy, laugh and enjoy the journey.

Our Staff and Hero*ines are living this as adults.

Why would you stop living dreams once you graduate?

The idea is to open this up for you FOR LIFE. 



Further, we provide quite extraordinary benefits. You may not consider those a priority, but they can help make life easier with adults, like parents or teachers, and in your not very distant future as a young adult, on your professional path. Developing skills, relations and tools to open doors and paths in life make changemaking even more fun. 

A quick personal message.

So … we don’t offer common stuff that leaves youth abandoned to miserably battle through life in a dying civilization, forced to betray their hearts. This is gold.

We hope that you enjoy what we are creating for you and all young people on Earth. We are with you. We create this day and night for the kids and commit #fulltimeforfuture to Life on Earth.

It’s not evident. No one else connects today’s Gandhis with youth, and with schools, and at grand scale, and with benefits, and with adventure, and huggable, and for everybody to take part, and in their favorite ways.

No one told us to do this. We do it because we care for Life on Earth. We do it because we know of 1,000s of genius solutions and the honorable people leading them. We do it because we want to empower those who wish to protect Life on Earth and continue living Good Dreams to have all the means to do so. The VERY BEST that humanity has for them. Because we have a planet to save. 

If you appreciate our spirit and what we do and wish to see us strong, to be more awesome, faster, reach further, here is how YOU can help us …