Many of the youth in YL pull off really big initiatives. How do they achieve? We want you to know, and evoke the same! 

Apparently, many people think that “changing the world” and “running projects” happens outside school. On the contrary!

“Young people at school” are the most powerful group on the planet,
and it’s about time that everybody understands,
nurtures and unfolds their powers.

Positive change means big impact, mass involvement and speedy progress. Look at this.


A 3- to 30-min presentation for a Books With No Bounds book drive

  • 1 school with 1,000 students
  • 1 book per student = 1,000 books
  • 1,000 books = $10,000
  • 1,000 books = 1 library


    gets unschooled slum children into schools, for free, incl stationery, by enforcing a new, little known law.

    Donate for her living and travel expenses

    • 1 school with 1,000 students
    • $1 per student = $1,000
    • finances Pooja for 1 year
    • gets 20,000+ children into school


      social business student company supports sustainable development of Gathi partner village in Nepal

      • 7 students
      • 2 hours per week
      • sell solar panels electricity
      • sell calendar
      • 48h sponsor run mobilizes the town
      • generates $30,000
      • work visit to partner village 


        organize Philanthro-Parties on various eco-social issues

        • year-round fireworks of activities
        • bake- and lemonaid sales
        • blind dog workshop
        • vigils
        • water walk in Phys. Ed.
        • FUNdraisers at school fests
        • presentations in class


        • $1,000s
        • awareness and involvement
        • building community
        • bringing global issues to life
        • collaborating with teachers 


        restore a river and educate younger peers at other schools on river restoration

        • semester-long course
        • collaboration with teachers
        • booked by schools
        • reaching 100’s of peers
        • who inform their parents
        • and everyone they’re with when coming across the river



        presents at schools on liberating children from bonded labor and poverty

        • inspired students from local teams
        • year-round action on development issues
        • each month a focus topic
        • collaboration with teachers
        • public fundraisers
        • well known in the community
        • raising millions
        • changing lives
        • their gatherings are official field trips accompanied by teachers
        • livestreamed on internet and tv


        These are high impacts with rich variety of daily action and year-round.

        We can make this part of life at school everywhere, if we know, recognize, apply and amplify the SUPERPOWERS, of Young People At School.

        1. Genuine Spirit

        Youth follow their heart, have no hidden agenda, they are passionate, fun, positive, and not boring.

        Adults don’t have that.

        Many have become too mental, negative, dry.

        Lack . Of . Heart

        2. Daily Macro Community

        Youth meet 100s at school each day, who they can reach and involve through stands, media, activities… learning, lifestyle challenges, surveys, interviews, bake- and lemonaid sales (people spend money in the canteen anyway), campaigns, petitions, projects … 

        Adults don’t have that.

        Many are limited to small numbers or relations and have limited permission of interactions.

        (we help improve that)

        3. Free Infrastructure

        Rooms, spaces, computers, software, projectors, printers … 

        Adults don’t have that.

        Not for free.

        4. Support on Demand

        By teachers, and also by professionals … when caring youth ask, many people are ready to help until they see success.

        Adults face complications.

        5. Good Status in Public

        Caring student clubs to get permission for stands in public, markets, in front of the town hall, stage flashmobs – easy. Schools have a seal of trust.

        Adults face complications.

        Especially many activist organizations.

        6. Good Status with Media

        Pure spirit, innocence, no hidden agenda, positive vibes.

        Invite the mayor for a photo with active, cheerful youth. They love it. Zap, news coverage guaranteed.

        Adults face complications.

        Too boring, too serious, too angry. 

        (remember point 1)

        7. Good Status with Donors, Funders, Sponsors

        Youth asking a local bank for $1,000 for a cool project? Easy. 

        Adults face complications.

        It happens, but … sigh.

        8. Win-Win Benefits

        Tons of win-win benefits :

        • makes school days awesome
        • great, true friends
        • life of adventure
        • evolves killer skills
        • shape school culture
        • good standing with teachers
        • earn grades for self-designed projects
        • earn extracurricular badges and service hours
        • media presence
        • CV of awesome
        • eye-level collab with adults of influence
        • open doors around the planet
        • relations for one’s professional future

        Adults don’t that many.

        (we help improve that)

        9. TIME !!!

        4, 6, 12, 16 hours a day

        on week days, week-ends and holidays

        every day

        for their 10 forming years

        Adults don’t have that.

        Most struggle with work, up at 6 to work at 8, return by 7, make dinner, kids to bed, tv or cuddle. Week-end for regeneration.

        Most cannot spend big hours as changemakers, even if they wanted to.

        (remember point 1)

        10. BONUS : Shaping Learning Culture for Generations to come!

        through daily collaboration with teachers – our young generation’s greatest ally,

        • at their own and other schools!
        • leaving a legacy after graduation influencng thousands!

        Adults cannot do that.

        It’s all common sense. But people need to be aware and use them.

        So go ahead, and rock the world!

        Hold it !!

        These superpowers unfold naturally, with ease, and grace.

        Use our approach with

        1. Crash Course
        2. High Impact Starter Actions
        3. Club HQ
        4. Positive News Culture
        5. Philanthro-Parties
        6. Public Presence


        We have a planet to save.

        We want to achieve

        • maximum results
        • at record speed
        • upgrade our entire generation
        • so they will live a life of awesome
        • for their next seventy years on Earth

        So, like with sport and music :

        1. Learn the basic moves
        2. Score first goals and cheers
        3. Grow crew, supporters, new ideas
        4. Master tricks
        5. Then, freestyle
        6. And join a year-round stream of action in the real league of legends


        And then…


        There’s stuff I’m not good at. Do I really have to do this?

        Yes. You cannot play the guitar and leave out a string. You cannot play a sport with only offense or defense.

        You will learn the moves at good-enough level quickly.

        You may discover unimagined fun, dissolve blockages inside yourself and better enjoy life.

        You will understand the moves, thus be able to better collaborate with skilled people.

        You will learn humbleness and develop massive appreciation of other skillers, warriors, healers, planters, weirdos, wonders … and adult allies.

        You will learn teamplay.

        The cool thing about the YL Clan uniting angels, warriors, pixies and magical beasts is that you will have skillers for everything. 

        You’ll learn to better understand your own unique and precious awesomeness.

        I really don’t see any of those superpowers at work at my school. Is there any hope?

        That’s the point of following the steps.

        Take the Tutorial and Crash Course, and you’ll learn how to introduce it informally at any school, and inspire a considerable lot of youth.

        There’s three good teachers at every school. The green one, the kind one, the wild one, often a Phys Ed. teacher.

        Think about your school. They love this. Talk to them …

        … include stories as add-on’s, then organize a Crash Course in your class and others. There will be more of your kind!

        Unite inspired students in a club, create an HQ, evolve.

        My school is a prison. We can’t even have student clubs …

        Then, you’ve chosen to #BeMoreAwesome

        There’s entire countries with no clubs. Like France. Way behind. But good people now want it. Help them. 

        Wield master magic.

        If no clubs exist at your school, use these “hacks” : team up with teacher allies, use media in class, a teen hero*ine poster exhibit / cinema, run a Level Up! crash course session #1 … on occasions like school fest, project week, on UN Days 

        … next, unite inspired youth – form a club and meet outside school hours – in a nearby youth club, public library, private homes – you have 4+ hours a day, 20+ on week-ends, plus evenings, sleep-overs …


        Then, “prove yourself” to the citizenry: take actions at fests and school, in public, document and make headlines, rise to local hero status – to nurture parents’, teachers’, principals’ respect for youth leadership, and permit self-organized clubs and projects … also citing the Purpose of Schooling, Our New Highly Gifted, HQs and ISLEs.

        If irresponsible principals continue to resist …

        … crush them by reciting “The Purpose of Schooling” in public and media!

        Fools! The idea is to not need escalation. First, you walk through all the hacks, and prove yourselves. 

        Y/our greatest “enemy” may become your greatest ally. #Snape

        This was a fun lesson! 

        Go outside, get some air, wield your magic powers and let me hear of it!



        This is the grand quest of our lifetime