What is your Dream?


To get there, you want to grow your supportive community.


  • pushes your reach
  • inspires and grows community
  • generates demand as speaker
  • grows support by donors

This makes more impact, more fun. 

Social Media

Emma and Julia example

Emma & Julia Post

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After a short time of acting as a crew, it is GOOD to make your identity part of the visual message.

You know that we strongly support this by saying “okay, you are YL Warriors, Warrior Clans, but you also have your own identity as a student club, friends crew, whatever, as an independent local entity” that is part of the global YL Tribe.

This needs to be perfectly aligned with your SPIRIT in style! This is sacred stuff, like the adornments and banners of Lothlorien Elves and Hogwarts Houses, because this is what you are.

Various Hero*ines

in their shirts

In fact, for you, acting on many causes, it’s different from our hero*ines that have only 1 single cause. The universal YL Warrior theme fits well, but it becomes more colorful if you dream up your own fav fairies, pirates, guardians, whatever team.

Choose that indentity well.

There is no need to hurry, and please do not force it. It is perfectly fine to appear as 

  • XYZ School Changemaker Club
  • YL Warrior Clan ZYX City

Wait for the inspiration to appear at the right time, instantly, in a dream, in meditation, on a 7 day group hike, around the campfire, on a mountaintop, under the shower, or, like for Cameron Kasky of The March For Our Lives, while sitting on the toilet in your Ghostbuster pajamas. ONCE you have it, along with artistic design, turn it into t-shirts.

Positive Change Media Culture

It’s about …

This makes it different from conventional news media, which are either detached or emotionally exaggerating, manipulating readers.

  • true feelings, passion

It tells the story

  • from start to success
  • with touching moments

empowering readers

  • to get involved
  • and to understand how it works, so they can start it locally

Make sure to include a “take action” element in articles and interviews, so that journalists do their job well. Such as “we are willing to help others, teachers can call us to give presentations. Youth can contact us for coaching.”

Good Photos

are key. You can tell from your own social media experience. Especially instagram where everything is reduced to visual impression, feelings, brief message, … with a text appended.

Taking good photos is easy. Your phone is enough. It’s about spirit. And a little harmony and focus. Here’s what to look out for. 

Top tips




slide 1 good, slide 2 bad


slide 1 good, slide 2 bad


slide 1 good, slide 2 bad


slide 1 good, slide 2 bad

Message Pics

This is something to think of once you have an established Warrior Clan. Don’t think about it at an early stage. Don’t overdo it. Wait until you are a formed ‘public character’ in your community, someone kids look up to. Those moments will come soon enough.

Also, there is no need to do such messages. Do it only if it is your nature, if you have an ARTIST’S, a POET’S SPIRIT. Never overdo things. Changemakers do NOT think like PR agents, or use cunning, fabricated promotional tactics. 

If it’s not an epic thing you like doing, don’t do it. If there’s nothing to say don’t say it. YOUR ACTS speak a million times more than blah blah advocates with pretty big mouth slogans. (They suck!)

Earth Guardians Message Pics


Filmmaking. Photoshooting. Storytelling.

You want to know this. Because of course, short films (like above) are a VERY POWERFUL TOOL.

Follow your own feeling, intuition and style, but make sure to once have heard this wisdom.

Here Is Ultimate Advice

from no one less than the King of Youtube, Casey Neistat,

for your confidence, for your focus, for your priorities.

What is your Dream?

For you, taking photos, writing articles, making films is a precious and simple means to achieve your dream. It can be super fun, too.

Approach it as a sport. The better you wield this shot, the more confident you are, the more shares you get, the more people to reach and inspire, the more impact you make, the more fun you have. Master it. It’s no super big deal, really. Get tutorials, follow our tips. Go get help for tech if needed

Let Your Dream Shine Through!

in your media productions, too.

It is your bright spirit, your noble love for People and Life on Earth which is your core, and which is the thing that inspires others to support you … it is your ideas, the steps, the yippieh moments that are the breakthroughs, the goals scored that give people hope, encourage them, and also teach them. So show that fully!

  • journalists get you on air because you are so inspirational, kind, determined, witty, funny.
  • teachers invite you to speak to their class and schools, because you are alove and speak your mind and feelings
  • donors give because they feel your true passion
  • followers follow because your shine awakens their Inner Hero*ine

plus, it’s more fun, right?!

Trust Your Dream

… your feelings, your tears and enthusiam.

Look, you are the ultimate role model, the human model that creates a good world, and if everybody did that, if everybody had those feelings, those priorities, the commitment to give one’s most precious – one’s lifetime – and the good spirit to have fun with others and live good teamplay … the world would be a way better place. 

LACTATIA has broken all Records of Outrageousness

in your place, already. So, never be ashamed, and shine it fully, so others can feel that same feeling inside them, and get active.

Finetuning Storytelling & Pleasant Visuals 

YOU DO NOT NEED to create Hollywood style drone etc creations like Casey does. Because you’re not to vlog like Casey Neistat, you have to create your own vlog. Not Casey’s! Do you understand? Yes, you do.

You do positive change stuff. That’s STORY of an entirely different kind. You need not stun people with visuals, philosophy or entertain them. Simple stuff is enough.

It would be a waste of time for most folks to try being cinematographic! It’s about spirit… Story and Being Awesome. BE ORIGINAL. 

Still, here’s some GOLD on how to make your VIDEO bits more pleasant. And also your articles with PHOTOS, as you are TELLING A STORY, setting the scene, showing action, zooming in to human beauty, feelings and smiles.

Remember that. Write those notes on your media producer hat.

Your film geeks are WELCOME to create EPIC STUFF. And dude, make sure to share it with us, we need you!