“In our hyper-connected world, we can do away with dirty, exploitative  industry by doing direct trade with small producers.”

Michaela tells her story how she set up a GOOD Fair Fashion business benefitting small producers in India and customers in Europe, student clubs and you!

Michaela's story

A ‘crazy’ spontaneous decision to follow a wedding invitation to India led to Michaela to sit down with local women and have a chat on sewing patterns, and whoupla “that’s what I enjoyed doing in my teenage days,” she laughed, adding Bavarian style to the Indian sketch. “Let’s try this,” her new friends responded, grabbed some fabric and ratatat, Kalima Design was born.

They were clear on this: if we do business, we permit nothing ugly – no poisons, no poverty, no exploitation, no deception of customers – we do everything honest, friendly and beneficial for everybody involved. In short, better than ‘organic’ standards.

Who else do we need? Cotton, straight from the field. Natural colors? Yes! Straight from plants, dyed with sun and salt over six to ten weeks by traditional master dyer Gaur Kuchhal of Asuvastra. A stampmaker. We got one. Tailors. We got them! Michaela arranged legal formalities in Germany and off it went.

She has since made two or three visits to India per year, sells on markets, via boutiques and online and takes good care of “her families” affected by the pandemic, which Michaela knows very well, since she – hold your seat – works half-time as a nurse in intensive care. Yes, she set up Kalima Design next to her profession, putting all her Heart in and looks forward to adding Red Brigade Trust tailors to her network.

What a gem, what a story! These are extraordinary times that we can stand by our values once we learn to use our tools – and it’s up to you to seize this beautiful opportunity! 

She also loves the idea of helping young people passionate about proper Fair Fashion set up

  • Fair Fashion student / entrepreneur clubs

with her know-how, resource chain and contacts to trade, place orders, co-design and design own products. Youth are also welcome to join the journey to India! Michaela’s relations represent a complete eco-cultural hosting and experience network.


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Inform yourself on the challenges of truly organic faior fashion; hardly any company can guarantee that also the color dye is natural, and this is a major factor.

Browse the Kalima Design website, blog and watch out for videos and anecdotes on production details. 


Clarify in your group where your passion lies on Fair Fashion, direct trade and more. 

What Kalima products raise your attention? Would you like to know more of their origin?




You are invited to launch a trade and design project with Michaela and her Indian crew. 

Consider also that she plans to work with the Red Brigade Trust who seek to train their crew as tailors so they can make a living. With Kalima Design and Ayursatwa we have perfect partners for traditional crafts and international distribution. Don’t you love the idea of having ace quality products that went through the hands of our self-defense hero*ines? Dream up your favorite ventures and let’s make them true.

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