You know Xiuh’s awesome music from our trailers and music page.

The new album, GENERATION RYSE, has been released in summer 2014, a time that Xiuh has been strongly focussing on indigenous roots.

Whereas the earlier songs focus on our activist relation with the outside world, this album strengthens our inner identity, loving relation, confidence and commitment to embracing our most tender, noble feelings, love and values.

This is a very precious new album for indigenous people all over the planet, whose modern music is usually coined by pain and anger, dealing with the trauma of growing up dysconnected, in poverty and shame.

But it is not only for “indigenous” people! It is for everybody. We are all indigenous to somewhere, and all of us share these intimate feelings for nature.

Infuse yourself with this special sound, download and share.

Learn to sing it your favourite, upload and share your performance, casual is fine!

Use in music class!

GENERATION RYSE album for online listening and download at bandcamp

generation ryse