We have come up with another awesome TEACHING TOOL! The first coolio infographic showing how fossil fuels cause climate change. It sounds crazy, but truly, we havent’ even found tables on these data in UN reports and expert literature on the web. No matter whether you’ve seen any, – THIS one is going to change your views – since it shows that CEOs are really planning to heat up the planet by 7° degrees Celsius in our lifetime and cause extinction of up to 70% of species and billions of dead humans. No joke.

This gem has come about when Kjell asked Eric to help turn his pencil sketch into a visual graphic.

Kjell is an expert on climate change matters. He is the founder of the LINGO Leave It In the Ground Coalition, global training coordinator for Plant-For-The-Planet etc etc. And YL MESSENGER for Latin America. He is also a YL Speaker. So, if you wish to have meetings via skype for your school – he’s the man to BOOK!


BUT NOW HAVE A LOOK AT THIS INFOGRAPHIC that climate activists and changemakers are thrilled about. 


It appears to be the first graphic to really show the causation of fossil fuel extraction > burning > released CO2 > mounting CO2 ppm in the atmosphere > mounting degrees of global warming > effects on ecosystems in context.

YOU should really, really understand it now 🙂 and to make sure you do, Eric is giving a casual explanation of it by video – see below.






OK. You get it now?

These are is the basic facts that scientists have been talking about for 30 years – you’ll see why they’ve been warning and why we have been having UNITED NATIONS summits all. the. time., and still no one has made relevant steps for change. NOW you’ve seen for yourself the madness of corporate CEOs, investors, politicians and the … well lack of education and comprehension also of the vast majority of citizens.

And you may understand why we have combined the presentation of the graphic at the UN summit with workshops on LEGAL FRAMEWORKS for holding CEOs, heads of state and investors PERSONALLY accountable for planning the destruction of millions of human lives. These laws already EXIST, and they mean a lifetime in prison and seizure of personal and company assets. Yes, this is the brandnew stuff, and it’s time you learn to apply these laws and strengthen them, where they are not yet fully established.

We work with the MAGICIAN championing this law and already training global networks of lawyers who are listening with pointed ears and big eyes. And biiiiig smiles! BUT WE NEED YOU ALSO TO SPREAD THE NEWS, so connect with us, learn everything.Your teacherix is MAGICIAN MIRIAM at Change Generation Rising.







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