No need to panic, but great reason to get super active!

collapsing, ecosystems, societies, peace. Because of dirty industry, dirty politics and remnants of spirit of empire. 

Like monarchy ended, with crisis it brought about – World War 1, today’s crisis marks the end of that model of socety and the emergence of the new model of a peaceful. sustainable socety. So that’s good BUT as society is crmbling fast, and horrible interest groups fight hard to avoid positive change, causing enormous suffering like wars and extinction of species, poisoning our watr, air, and bodies, making people crazy with false news … it is urgent to act, to recude suffering.

Everybody feels there is need for change, but few people understand its nature, many are misled by fake solutions that actually sustain the problems, or even aggravte them. Then, there is a rising spectr of survillance. All this can be better undersood and managed when you comprehend WHAT the shift of socety and citizenship is really about.

So, sit back, get a nice, really a super yummy drink or snack, and read.

This stuff matters. Once you get this perspective on things, these x-ray glasses, you’ll see it in news, and society around you. 

Understanding what’s REALLY going on.

We are in a civilizational shift from unsustainable to sustainable societies.

This also means to upgrade our societal model.

We shifted from centralized monarchy to de-centralized democracy.

Now we shift from de-centralized to distributed, changing from infantile voters to higher qualified able, active, caring citizens.

This is a big deal. As it was for minions of monarchy to become citizens in democracy. The perspective shifted to the people. GREAT! But then, evil spirit re-defined “the people” – and created occult fascist dictatorship. Until, with great suffering, people shat it out, and became more literate at living basic democracy. Today, as we move to the distributed model, enabling veritable PARADISE on Earth, there is fantastic opportunity, but also the evil spirit looming to make it really hell on Earth. 

I hope that we have your attention, because we help you

  • to comprehend the shift from de-centralized to distributed society
  • to detect the evil spirit that twists our chances into horror

and to create Paradise on Earth.

To better comprehend what’s going on today, let the Eagle take you high in the sky and look at the river of history from 1900 till today. Looking only at the BIG landmarks, no need for petty detail. This is called The Big Picture view.

First just browse the BIG landmarks.

Second dive down, open the toggles for details.

You’ll enjoy it!


Understand the Shift of Civilization that is going on. Think of 1920, WW1 is over, monarchies tumble, will you listen to monarchists or democrats? Or fascists, copy-pasting totalitarian monarchy, creating even more pain? Likewise, we need you to learn to view what’s going on from the creators, inhabitants and stewards of the new, sustainable society of awesome. This will help you a) panic less, b) leave bullshit news behind, c) detect fake “solutions & innovators”, d) focus fully on creating the new – with positive vision, and not just hope but solid confidence and celebration – because you know what u r doing. Yay!

That sounds simple, but for inhabitants of the Unsustainable Society, it is highly complex, and in fact inconceivable because they do not yet comprehend the NEW. Imagine a 17th Century monarchist being told monarchy and all its power people and power structures will be dissolved, as well as the role of the ordinary people. They would have zero clue what shall replace it, fear chaos, and stick to the hurtful monarchy, or at best sit idle. That’s like the situation today. Then, you inform them about groups, representatives, votes, education, less harsh laws, more liberty for collaboration and mobolity in society, and how thy just need to get a little informed and learn to practice dialogue to make decisions at local and national level with one bottom rule : “no more chopping people’s heads off” – democracy.Let me explain in detail … the big picture of the SHIFT and the NEW.


We’ll begin with a peek back at 1916 Europe


Traits of this Operating System (further called OS).


toppled monarchies

toppled totalitarian religion

Monoculture of opinion, religion, and others willfully chopped off heads, gangraped, tortured, for petty reasons.  




“We the 99.9% are the People” one grand common entity

In constitutions, it reads “the people is the sovereign”, no longer the monarch.

It also liberates from monoculture.

It permits and guarantees diversity of opinion, mental models, worldview. We don’t all have to like the bloody king and believe the bullshit of all sorts of mad “religions”, that each say all others suck; that means at max one is right. So, better drop them all. That’s what proper spirituality and enlightenment have done. You go through your own experience, you have your own healthy steering mechanism in yourself, your conscience, empathy etc. It recognizes humans as inherently good, social beings, not sinners and such bullshit.

It also means not being tortured, gangraped, having one’s head chopped off for it. Also, no death penalty, because one can heal from trauma and mental remote programming that made commit awful stuff. 

It recognizes that people are shaped, traumatized, formed, programmed by ideas transmitted by parents and adult generations – ideology and religion, and that one shall prevent encaging the spirit in one rigid mental prison (which can never be the whole truth) – because that will once again create boxed group thinking and conflict with other groups. Hence, it requires people to get really educated, intelligent. And free from violation that causes trauma, and thus hurts the group.

NECESSITY – it moderates the special interest group, opposing, and brutal (due to villent, traumatizing childhood). Those few in politics are only a few morons. 

WEAKNESS – people suck – They each want to rule by themselves (monarchist attitude) should come together CDU, SPD so it is humane, and GREEN so it doesn’t destroy. Reminding CDU and SPD that then they wouldn’t have reason to fly to the Carribean or Mallorca bec there is no nature left at home. 

For the ordinary people, the 99%, it can be great.

SHADOW ASPECT Now all one, the people, all the same, monoculture, fascism, diversity is eradicated, with force. Remote-control through rigid ideology with occult elements (Nazism is the same as totalitarian religion, IS, the Taleban). And same as in monarchy, but even worse, now every single thought is controlled, distrust between neighbours, in the family, at school. And shredding them in war. Again. Same thing, just an illusion.

It created MONOCULTURE once again.

And communism also. 

Because they are authoritarian (born from distrust, hate) not libertarian (born from trust, love). Libertarian however must NOT be NAIVE to assume “that all people are fine and kind” – that is a grave mistake made by those trusting dishonorable interest groups, power people in politics, greedy billionaires and celebrities, grinning grunting pornstars, advertizing, or millions of refugees that have grown up in societies with an OS of totalitarian monarchy, religion, dictatorship, violent subjugation of dissenters, females, children streaming in as “refugees”. Any of this causes extreme suffering and collapses the model – because those kind of citizens are incompetent and unwilling to live it. Hence, democratic populations also have to protect themselves against people with maniacal mind- and feelset, and not let them have influence – via crime, government, advertizing, social media, at school, in the streets. Some people say that such people need “education”; but what they need is healing from their trauma, nurturing empathy, and combined with education, proper worldview; this is complex psychotherapy. This is a big deal, so far, hardly managable for convicts, not enforcable on the rich or politicians, and not feasible for millions of refugees hardcoded by totalitarian religion, clan, blood honor violence etc. 

And the ordinary people get caught in all this, because they are illiterate of

– the model, to get involved

– the ugly nature of the morons in power

– the ugly nature of special interst groups

– how it’s been hacked

Altogether, the main thing is that they stay passive, and wait for the elected government (monarch) to make decisions, with rules that grant a fair minimum, beyond starvation and decapitation and being shredded in war as in monarchy.

see, infantile what’s being lived. that’s part of the problem. The inhabitants have not upgraded to the new Operating System OS.

Here is what’s emerging now


definition: every single cell

Sovereign Citizens – in their decisions, lifestyles, staying healthy, chosing professions, acting as entrepreneur, being mobile, fluent, times of work, personal development, forming and evolving by selecting from the global grid mix of diversity, like in a Paradise Garden of seeds and flowers. That’s a good thing. And able to formulate, express their views, wants in terms of macro-decision-making (politics), making informed decisions from broad sources and experience, and implementing them through direct democracy, also Participatory Budgeting, and what one’s taxes are used for, digital at national level and face 2 face at local level. And : able to make co-creative contributions for making life awesome – at school, in the city, the community, culture … also media.

This pertains also to us being cells of the living planet animal

TOGGLE A few words on this living planet. Our time is coined by no more human as usual. No more us VS them, no more compromise, but us IN it, the uncompromizing Mother planet animal – which is a wonderful giving being, and now says “ok, you got so badly off track of feeling good, and did so much wrong … you have reached the boundary; now you learn to focus on priorities and live in harmony again. You have the knowledge to do it joyfully. If you continue to ram your nose on the wall, well, it’s your doing. In the end you’ll learn, heal and live the good way.” Hence, do not blame the planet! She is a splendid miracle. There’s simply rules, they are fair, clear, beautiful.

You already see this happening.

The internet. Connected globally in real-time video conferencing. Millions of players uniting on gaming platforms.

Open Source Technology


Co-creative dialogue methods (like Open Space, Magic Round Table), Co-working Spaces (like Hubs, for people with good ideas for the world), Design Thinking (in project development workshops)

see, infantile what’s being lived. that’s part of the problem. The inhabitants have not upgraded to the new Operating System OS.

Shadow examples:

Reach into people’s minds, and now also into their emotions, remote-control at subconscious level. This is even worse. Total 

“The Sovereign Citizen” as utra elitist super rich without mercy for anyone else. 


Imagine seeds, Monsanto, and itS then taken over, seized by a totalitarian government that withholds seeds aka food to regions and populations because of lack of volume or because of dissent and demand for self-determination. We already see such governments appear in the USA and Europe, and Brazil, AND they are being influenced, supported, hacked, installed, supported, steered by foreign countries, just like Ameurope has sabotaged and remote-controlled governments around the planet for half a century. This must NOT be permitted. 

(“To dominate a people, control their housing, food and water”).

Hence: Create seed sovereign regions, food sovereign regions, energy sovereign regions! And of course water sovereign regions. Water scarcety is already being felt, also in Europe. We lack to notice because water is shipped in plastic bottles from elsewhere. We must re-focus with high priority on cleaning and protecting our regional water aquifers and sources and wetlands from all pollution.

TOGGLE In 1985 you could have a phone conversation with 1 other person. It was expensive, and the phone was the size of a cowboy hat. TV had been back & white ten years earlier. We played in the backyard with 3 friends. That was our relations. As kids or teens, we never had a look at maps. We had no reason to. We also never took a photo. Sexting did not exist. Revenge stuff did not exist. We couldn’t care less about the name of a president or some greedy marketing dude. Many things were good. We were not remote-controlled and polluted with orkish shit. See? That heinous pervert stuff is poured into kids’ and teens’ minds through the internet, the distributed structure ab-used for infecting you, remote-steering you to fashion and sucking up the money of your parents because you want this or that so your “friends” at school won’t call you shit. Haha, such stuff doesn’t happen among healthy people. That is insane behavior by people “programmed” to like / look / speak / diss in a certain, and it is not friends. Bullying and above-mentioned phenomena have exploded in recent two decades, and continues as mass mobbing at work. And of course with suffering, drugging, suicide. A shit life. Okay – ripple effects of infection with negativity of all sorts. And the RE-CENTRALISTS like that. Because sad, hurt people (a) cannot unite, (b) cannot think clear but are caught in emotions, (c) compensate through consumption, incl “social media” whose top CEO creators have affirmed they ab-use psychological science to make people feel like on cocain, get addicted to social media, fry their brains, waste their lives, (d) their violence gives dominant, authoritarian rules “justification” and “normalizing” police violence – against criminals, against protestors, against youth playing in public, and at school. Which leads to more traumatization – and creating people trending towards fascist, violent action.

Shadow use It all connected to steer their brains remote-controlled. First examples: China. See, same mindset in the USA, in Brazil, Turkey, Saudi Arabia; you can tell that the more outdated OS uses more pervert satanic violence (brief info boxes right column). So, this distributed IT in their hands … is pure hell on Earth. This means that people with a unhealthy, traumatized, authoritarian, sadistic mindset must never have permission to use ANY such technology; be they organized criminals, terror groups, dirty business people or cruel heads of state; actually that’s all organized criminals, if you think of their acts, huh.

Shadow twisted ab-use IT. To make sure that these inventions be not abused, avid gamer and master wizard Jane McGonigal (that’s right, a niece of Minerva McGonigal) has developed


I assure you that there is no reason to panic, but great reason to learn and level up to the new, beautiful, sustainable society. This civilizational shift is already happening, illustrated by “Adult Solutions” and “Youth Leadership” … so just embrace it and go with it.

This new good society is as different from today’s society like democracy is different from monarchy. Still, it is simple. 

We upgraded from violent, abused minions of monarchy to non-violent, informed voters of democracy. Now, we need to upgrade to able, active, caring citizens : knowing, spreading, and implementing solutions.

It looks precisely like what the teens and adults are doing in the stories and videos. Nice, huh? Come on! And their steps are really common sense.

All this shall be reason and motivation to REALLY GET ACTIVE – like taking up a new sport, with passion – that’s okay, right?!

We – you – collaborate in/directly with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins.

This should give you hope, motivation to learn, trust in our guidance, and a little patience to see how things unfold.

Now come on, let’s do this. 

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