• these wonderful young people who are giving everything they are
  • their aspirations and vision for their entire generation
  • that youth leadership is florishing like sacred wildfire in thousands of schools
  • that teachers everywhere are thirsting for these media, tools and opportunities
  • that we can amplify and diversify it 1,000-fold
  • that humanity’s finest teen and adult changemakers are on fire and ready to help
  • that we can empower a generation to become awesome beyond our imagination
  • that the solutions for peace and abundance for all exist, powered by ordinary people


  • create a just, peaceful, sustainable and thriving civilization IN OUR LIFETIME

… if we simply make the knowledge, spirit and support omni-present in all schools, homes and workplaces on the planet, in casual, simple ways – BY the PEOPLE who CARE, inspiring and helping their peers and colleagues who ALL care for peace and abundance for all, yet lack the knowledge how thsi is to be achieved wothout expense of anyone.


What kind of persons would we be

  • if we did not dedicate our lifetime, resources, talents and vision to make it come true?


Empowering our global young generation, and our fellow adults, to become different from all unsustainable, incompetent adult generations currently sliding into oblivion … is OUR OBLIGATION.

To do this, we call everyone on board. 

And of course, we have designed elegant, simple, uplifting and rewarding ways for everyone to get involved.

Every penny flows into hero/ines’ projects & spreading youth leadership to schools

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