We tell the stories of 100+ high impact hero*ine role models for use at home, at school and work.

+ we empower everybody to take part in creating and seeding them as online / volunteer or professional

We give crash courses in Youth Leadership at schools.

+ we enable everybody to do the same in their home region!

We equip teachers and student leaders to make youth leadership part of learning culture.

+ we support fired up Changemaker Student Clubs with 400+ actions, global community, badges for CVs and more

We crowdfund for young hero*ines to take their initiatives to inter/national scale.

+ we team up global youth at school, citizens and today’s geniuses to shape the future together at record pace and scale.

+ we (and youth teams) vividly document our actions to create fireworks of positive news (thereby closing the loop, view top left), reaching millions more.

That’s mighty magic, but looks boring in text.

Have a look at the details and practice below, because you are meant to wield this magic, too, for your young generation. Fetch a drink and take 5 minutes, this is your magic lesson #1.

Hi, it’s great to see that the world begins to notice teen changemakers, and loving it! Yet, there is more to discover, learn and do to fully unfold the powers of your local youth, their scope of causes and impact. We help you apply the #1 priority natural law:

Hero*ine Role model

+ a proven solution
+ action guide (what to do)
= remarkable positive impact!

The science : “80% of human behavior is shaped by role models.”

“So cool, I want to help”, “we want to help,” school classes call out …

  • the whole school joins in, generates big impact
  • media report, inspire 1,000s, people contribute and join
  • students love the experience, take on the next cause and project …

We have been applying this approach from day one of the UN Decade of ESD in 2005, with great results with various settings, groups, on 7 continents, at schools, events, with media and workshops.

Youth Leadership

has for 40 years been part of civic education in North America – that’s why there are 100s of hero*ines and crews at 20,000 schools in N.A.

The world

is only waking up to it now that big media report on youth screaming at the government “you hurt us!”

But there exist many others, running projects, not protests, changing lives, laws, industries at record pace.

“This should be at all schools”

people agree across generations.

This is what we help you do.

Imagine #FridaysForFuture 100-fold,  with high impact solutions, aligned with learning culture, and daily at school, with personal and professional benefits.


The frames, nuts and bolts

We offer 100+ Hero*ine Role Models

with powerful solutions that we all care about,

with favorite causes for everybody

and countless activities involving 90% of the school community,

told as inspiring stories

with their authentic words, videos, latest news, vivid online media …

We focus on school
where 2 billion youth gather daily

for 8 hours for their 10+ forming years, with excellent infrastructure,

by aligning changemaking with enriching learning culture and achieving

THE PURPOSE OF SCHOOLING : “to educate able, active, caring citizens.”

* our multi-award winning work has status with UNESCO, the UNITED NATIONS and the UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY

With instant actions.

This is essential.

Action Guides

for each Hero*ine – with level 1-4 actions, simple to advanced for greater impact

400+ actions to choose from

50 youth and 50 adult changemakers = favorite causes and vibes for everybody, great scope, impacts and follow-up.

Results posted on our platforms

are seen and responded to by hero*ines.

Users become co-creators of our programs.

The vivid experience of agency, swift impact, like-hearted community and media presence changes worldview, image of self,  lust for more, vision of A GOOD FUTURE ahead …

and rock solid confidence in co-creating it.

Youth and adults respond to our LEVEL UP! Crash Course

… session #1 with 24 hero*ines, their tangible solutions, powerful videos and music, and changemaker student clubs at schools.

Tangible solutions

make a big difference from common “advocacy” – stating a problem while leaving young people empty-handed to evoke relevant changes far beyond picking up trash.

Hence, in YL, we only present changemakers

  • with tangible solutions
  • well visually documented
  • replicable by youth
  • are accessible by email or video for Q&A by fired up folks

because only this mix enables practical involvement and replication.

Restore rivers

involving school classes like Watershed Warriors

Secure water by local 'Blue Community' law

like Robyn has in 30 towns

Multiply local biodiversity

with Arks like landscaping legend Mary Reynolds

Recycle used restaurant grease

donate $200K profit, TGIF

Run holistic development programs

raise $100K, go to work

Cards for hospitalized kids

Brighten the days of the invisible like Jen does

Inspire with Change Generation music

awaken the warrior spirit in crowds

Make ecocide a crime against humanity

Cast a protective web of law over Earth w Polly Higgins

Create edible landscapes

like Luwayo’s Paradise Permaculture Inst., Malawi

Make charity FUN part of daily life

with Philanthro-Parties, like Lulu’s LemonAID Warriors

Make regions climate change resilient

by implementing 80 model policies and practices


WE EQUIP INSPIRED YOUTH to self-organize year-round action

like their hero*ine peers

YL Changemaker Student Clubs

ARE HIGH IMPACT STUDENT CLUBS formed to change lives, laws and industries at record scale and pace, supporting and replicating proven solutions.

They unite all youth caring for people and planet in one tribe, respected by the whole school community, who contribute on occasion to their favorite causes. Each follow their passion, organize specific activities, support each other on demand – like for week-end actions on markets – with rich benefits for learning culture.

In class, at school, in public, in media …

And lots of people join

because it’s the best fun crowd and action in town!


We help sustain pace, inspiration, multi-faceted year-round action with




to bring global issues to life in class, at home, in public

LEVEL UP! Crash Course

for groups, from inspiration to action and impact

Poster Exhibits

long-term presence, youth-powered LearnScapes

Global Action Community

uniting changemakers, students, teachers, citizens

Adventure Game Flair

for better awareness, fun, impact, CV value

Daily Action & real-time interaction

aligned with UNITED NATIONS Theme Days



Live Meetings

with hero*ines, experts to learn, plan, collaborate

Field Partners

long-term project cooperation with hero*ines


for events, workshops, project days

Crowdfunding Platform

to boost hero*ines financially, in-kind

YL Coach Tutorials & Certificate

for adult volunteers, teachers, professionals

YL Summer Camps

uniting youth teams, staff, changemakers across the continent



Vivid social media

Adventures of hero*ines, YL Teams, supportive citizens


on youth leadership, solutions, action

YL App

bundling all that we have, serving many hero*ines


stories, activity, coloring books, by us & our friends

Gifts, cardgames, calendars ...

for bdays, xmas, the little ones, for the office …

WE’VE ALL BEEN AT SCHOOL. We all know this works, and tremendously enriches life at school.

Youth, teacher, or volunteer can use our media, methods, services, tutorials, live coaching and get started. It’s simple. 

Your kind of thinking is very rare

says Earth Lawyer Polly Higgins

and she knows big picture thinking that transforms civilization.

is happening at 20,000 schools

participating in Craig Kielburger’s WE Schools program, with class- & club based service learning, charity, development.

raised for eco-social causes. Everybody loves it.


of teachers feel more professionally fulfilled


of students feel more self-confident

in real-time interaction with today’s Einsteins, Gandhis and Gryffindores.




(click through)

Each teacher acts 1 x per semester

to include young changemakers and solutions in their subject
thereby making it normal, evident part of life for all youth

Presentations in all classes, schools and kindergartens in the district

LEVEL UP! Crash Course on youth leadership with instant actions,
sparking Changemaker Student Clubs and year-round follow-up action

FUNdraising & Philanthro-Party galore

Daily $50€ bake and lemonAID sales, 1,000 books for indigenous community school libraries, 1,000 cards for hospitalized kids, 100 kilos of LEGO for rural kids in Uganda

Annual $30,000€ Sponsor Run + activities in public spaces

sparking in sleepy towns a new sense of purpose and adventure, folkfest style!

Donate 10+ tons of unused canteen foods, tree fruit + create edible landscapes and permaculture gardens

creating free, healthy abundance for all

VolunTEEN Fairs, Public Service Party Days

forming friendly bonds in the community, our common institutions, restoring peace, bliss and trust among citizens in public space as a requirement for resilience and collaboration.

Action on UN Theme Days with LIVE meet-ups of Changemakers

as an occasion to connect with teachers, journalists, civil society, to orchestrate collective action across continents and join livestreams across timezones.

TEDx Youth Events and mini WE Days

uniting 1,000s of youth to celebrate achievements, meet amazing changemakers, hear of new campaigns and kick off a new year of action!

End street harassment and rape

by giving voice to the silent majority, pledging for life, flexing muscles, and training girls in self-defense against sexual assault – at home and abroad – by FUNdraising like a boss, paying a visit

Change Generation Music/als

Activate Xiuhtezcatl’s energies in oneself, inspire children and senior generations, add groove to events and workshops

Positive News Programs & Media presence

to reach millions and cultivate proper news media culture

Address the City Council on how youth can help with critical issues

and change laws by tabling good practice policies from other parts of the world.

Media vividly report

reach 1,000s, generate contributions and requests as speakers – sparking more crews at more schools

Parents activate their workplaces

to raise funds, spread the message, help in-kind, team up for projects

Partners team up

for finance, awards, mentoring …

Field Visits to Hero*ines

contribute, document the experience, report at school, in local media, in the town hall – and build support for the campaign

Bodywork and sacred practices

from yoga and meditation to traditional dance – and nurture sensuality, gender harmony and uplifting companionship

Summer Camps - to discover the planet and protect the planet

with like-hearted youth, staff, changemakers – to bond, plan and implement campaigns

Discover and document local cultural and natural heritage

to form a deep bond of Love with the Land and become a steward and guardian – all together across generations

Simple common sense actions add up to

$50-100,000 donations + $20,000 contributions + $200,000 of time

100s of students building skills and experience

All students and teachers in/directly involved and educated

1,000s of lives impacted

Public presence at markets, fests and events

50+ actions that generate media presence (=weekly)

100,000s of media impressions, readers and viewers

Creative relations with local and global partners across society

NOT EVEN COUNTING contributions by parents, partners, audiences

These are the numbers for 1 school

that decides to use what works at others.

And it’s conservative numbers.

Surprise us with more!

now – when you hear SDGs, strikes, you hopefully are bored with the talk-talk, waiting for politics, and decide to #BeMoreAwesome

Global SDG Trophy Challenge for Schools

Schools are busy, so we provide a loose framework of actions like you’ve seen to tick off, with a sense of Hogwarts competition and epic adventure.

  • teachers do 1 thing per semester
  • students each do 1 group mission
  • and badasses do 1,000 things

Your school’s achievement scores badges, patches, the YL School Seal, or even – THE TROPHY!

IMAGINE THIS at 100,000 schools.

It makes

(1 billion) raised for high impact initiatives - every year

(10 million) projects run by the school community

(10 million) positive news articles generated by the teams

(50 million) students informed, involved and trained in humanity's finest solutions

(100 million) parents and siblings reached and involved

It can also be at 1 million schools
for 1+ billion youth. Easy.

It takes only 1 person in town to bring it to them.

ACCESS ONLY to Caring, Active People

so that everyone on board is 100% committed, among countless collaborators – for maximum impact and super fun!

WE APPROACH IT LIKE A SPORT or like learning music

1. Feel the Spirit

Immerse yourself in inspirational changemaker stories, videos, action.

If you don’t care, it’s not for you.

2. Learn basic moves

3. Play masterpieces

4. Score big goals


5. Supportive Community

6. Freestyle

7. Create & add your own



We offer youth to make change their SPORT
in collab with changemakers, 24/7 for years.

CHANGE GENERATION RISING is a transformational learning and training program

  • that is self-organized and self-paced
  • aligned with their lifestyle, setting and favorite causes
  • with global supportive community
  • fit for use at school and beyond



are defined by their pace of involvement, from casual to ATHLETE

Friends Crews

take casual action on causes they are passionate about.

Changemaker Student Clubs

take regular action and activate their school, cooperate with teachers, set up a Club HQ, daily stands, exhibit, activities, as a Learnscape serving the entire school community

Warrior Clans

take full-time action, like athletes. Warriors commit to 3 missions per month, collaborate closely with hero*ines, set bold milestones, vividly document their activities, coach younger peers …

All youth loving people & planet

have come to Earth at this special time for a reason.

And we have not come to fail!







+ Secret Agents

… intro- or extrovert, gentle or steaming, are precious part of the tribe.

Completed Actions

score badges, credits, levels, patches for more FUN and for CVs

for their professional path

Warriors level up

for 3 completed missions. This makes approx. 1 level per month, 10 levels per year, up to 100 levels from age 8-18.

IMAGINE meeting a Warrior Level 70 – with 210 completed missions, each based on a hero*ine’s initiative.

Youth in this program evolve into a new species of multi-skilled changemakers with enormous skills and relations.

This is our benchmark for the CHANGE GENERATION, because nothing less will do.

With Warrior Clans at every school, the future will be fine.

EXAMPLES. When High Impact Student Clubbers TURN TWENS


founded Campus EmPOWER at Berkeley Univ., raising student fees by $5 per semester = filling a Green Fund with millions of dollars for sustainability programs


SHE HELPS MISSION-DRIVEN STARTUPS – clean tech, a mobile game increasing voter turnout in the 2018 election, she drove 10x e-commerce growth for the nation’s #1 pasture-based meat company, threw a massive outdoor dance party acquiring 1,000 new drivers for Gig Car Share…


Very sweaty yoga. Eating plants. Vegan internet culture. Backpacking in wild places. Thrift store treasure-hunting. Jumpsuits. And cats—definitely cats.


set records with her student club – to protect the town from extreme development, they scored the first student-initiated solar installation on a school, ran the state’s largest reusable bag campaign, and starred in a national documentary.


she co-founded Divest Harvard to rid the uni’s $30 billion endowment from dirty fossil fuel assets. Her razor sharp messages made it to the NY Times frontpage and talkshows, the tiny crew grew to 70,000 and became an icon of the global divestment movement which today has pulled $7 trillion from dangerous industries.


Chloe ran for office in her beloved home state of Maine. Her people-powered campaign scored record voter turnout (districts ran out of ballots), an 80% landslide win … for the first time in history she won this rural district for the Democratic Party.


she co-sponsored and passed the first Green New Deal adapted for the rural working population of Maine … and of course her speech got interrupted by a General Lee type more often than ever before. Setting records. Looking forward to the next!

No more minions of monarchy. No more morons of fascism. No more impotent, infantile voters.
But able, active, caring citizens, changemakers and honorable decision-makers en masse.


FREE RESOURCES GALORE created by successful changemakers

We want people that wish to empower the CHANGE GENERATION to have unhindered access to high quality tools – via free download and crowdfunded packs.

Our experience with users and volunteers in 70 countries since 2002 is that proper resources are vital to activate groups, schools and public.

On demand from users dissatisfied with self-printed mediocre b/w print-outs, crumpled papers and expensive local print shops we have bundled our finest resources for everyone to use in packs for schools / libraries / volunteers.

We don't want to save on the wrong end

Here’s where ADULTS come into the picture.



have important roles to play.


young hero*ines and YL programs
with donations, in-kind and as partners


as parents in the home
as citizens at the workplace
as key professionals that share our priority of enabling youth to become able, active, caring citizens : that’s teachers, public librarians, journalists, city councillors, and civil society


as online volunteers
as partners


local youth, giving our crash course, as volunteers

Adults (and youth) can gain certificates as YL COACH.


New purpose in daily and professional life

for citizens, parents, teachers, journalists, councillors, public librarians …

Even people “leading a great life, making a living on their passion” feel a void inside – since they do not contribute to the world really needs now – MISSION & VOCATION.

They can now find it

  • by supporting global young hero*ines to take their high impact initiatives to the next inter/national level
  • by supporting local youth leadership through seeding media packs to schools, organizing exhibits, giving crash courses, and supporting inspired youth teams
  • by activating their workplace with information, raising funds, involving staff, teaming up with hero*ines’ projects
  • by activating their “key profession” that shares our priority of enabling youth to become able, active, caring citizens : that’s teachers, public librarians, journalists, city councillors and civil society organizations.

Kind organizations now have a way to connect with youth at school – by acting in a spirit of service TO HELP YOUTH.

Teams, Teachers & YL Volunteers vividly document their activities

for publication in their social, in YL, news media and local newsletters

Stories are told in YL Magazine

alongside the columns and unfolding adventures of grand changemakers and global experts. We are all together!

This shapes the story of the emerging Change Generation, of millions of able, active, caring citizens living the new story of humanity, of the Anthropocene as the Era of Humans Shaping the World We Love … and no longer machines and the sadistic assholes of empire. #HowDareThey

Digital Magazine

Print on-demand

Wall displays

for school corridors

Micro Mag Flyer

8 pg for seeding, monthly

YL App

Vivid social media

This reaches far

Everybody is empowered in multiple ways to make
youth leadership omni-present in every sphere of life.