Yay, we are glad to present a new gem on the starry sky of musical history!



When Pacha put on her magic pajamas, she meets spirit animals in her dreams, learns about global challenges, – and takes action in her waking time! Meet Pacha, her animal friends, and join the dream!

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We love it. The feeling, the music, the meditation. And that some roles are sung by real young activists – like our frog fairy, Avalon Theisen.




Her musical has been distributed to tens of thousands of children in hospitals. We wish to see it go everywhere!

Her educational ibook on global issues is another cracker. And guess what – it also features YLHero/ines taking action on these issues, enabling inspired readers to get involved!

Pacha is also a YL Warrior! And she is busy! Look at her most recent dream!




She hasn’t waited long to put it into practice! Groups of youth around the globe have responded to the call and joined the video.

After one month, more than 100,000 people have viewed the video, are joining the movement and submitting their dance video online. And this, of course, is something that we call you to join! Learn the fun, simple dance steps here. Practice the dance steps here.




Get and share the song with the world around you. Here is the raw music version, without dream into.

Get the musical for yourself, your kids and friends.

Get it for a kindergarten and school near you. If you cannot arrange a cd, pass on a flyer with the link!

Suggest it for use in music and theatre class.

Study small scenes for use as walk-acts in the street, and performance at events. Combine them with fundraising, and inspiring people to join your movement.

Study and perform the musical for schools, elderly audiences, and at green and sustainability events.

Combine it with a YL Exhibit, fundraisers, campaigns and more. Especially the animal- and nature-oriented causes fit perfectly.

Please record and share your experience and performance with us!



Use it in music and theatre class. What better topic can you imagine for inspiring your class, your crew, and your young audiences? What a mesmerizing experience to view this musical in rich costumes!

Please record and share your experience and performance with us!



Pacha is a brainchild of Dave Room and Aaron Ableman, of Balance Edutainment, committed to spreading good vibes into the mainstream media sphere, and override the negative ones. Find out more about them on their website.