The Sixties had their music. Of longing for love and liberty. But this is not the music of the Change Generation! WHERE IS the music conveying the spirit of “This is our planet. And we will not watch it be destroyed. We are going to take action, and we are going to create a good world for all!” 

This sound has now emerged – and its messengers are the youth associated with Earth Guardians!

Also check out our MUSICAL!


Kick off with the latest gig at the UNITY CONCERT at the Black Hills, USA, with countless spiritual leaders, activists, youth and the people of the land. This song is for the true you: WHO AM I.



Earth Guardians are an intergenerational, intercultural youth organization that is now in its third generation. They have been leading a lot of campaigns for the Earth. Music has always been part of their lifestyle and activism.

Xiuhtezcatl and Itzcuauhtli, two brothers, thirteen and ten years old, are their most visible members today. Grown up in the Aztec and Sufi tradition, they are living a sacred lifestyle, have never eaten a piece of meat, and committed their life to saving the Earth for his and future generations. Meet the young people behind this music in this video. 

Xiuh is in high demand at the United Nations, at demonstrations, at schools, on festival stages… you name it. Xiuh first publicly raised his voice for the Earth at age six. Locally, his group has banned pesticide use in public parks, and powerfully speak up to ban fracking from the city of Boulder, the state of Colorado, the nation and the world. And they succeed.

This unique combination of sacred indigenous, pure youthful spirit, unleashed activist passion, and amazing musical talent gives rise to an unprecedented kind of music.

It comes in two forms.

– raising our voice in clarity, in outrage, if needed, and

– the deep love for the Earth that gives rise to our care.

To us, it is the true soundtrack of the Change Generation.




They express genuine care, outrage and passion for concrete activism causes.

When proponents of the oil and gas industry violently attacked them in the media, even stalking and bullying them online with fake email accounts, it backfired with national news coverage asking “why is the oil industry bullying twelve year olds?” and PBS came down to film a Public Service Announcement with Xiuh, to be shown in cinemas. A day later, the city council of Boulder, Colorado, revoked its decision and extended the moratorium on fracking inside city limits.


“What the Frack”


“Live as if Our Future Matters”


“Power to the People”


“Young and Positive” is our favourite starter. There is no official video, but our images go pretty well with it – some people have called this the most inspirational clip ever made. Check it out! The second song is “Be the Change”.


The new album, GENERATION RYSE, has been released in summer 2014, a time that Xiuh has been strongly focussing on indigenous roots. Whereas the earlier songs focus on our activist relation with the outside world, this album strengthens our inner identity, loving relation, confidence and commitment to embracing our most tender, noble feelings, love and values.

This is a very precious new album for indigenous people all over the planet, whose modern music is usually coined by pain and anger, dealing with the trauma of growing up dysconnected, in poverty and shame.

But it is not only for “indigenous” people. It is for everybody. We are all indigenous to somewhere, and all of us share these intimate feelings for nature.

GENERATION RYSE album for online listening and download at bandcamp


generation ryse


A must for every youth, activist and school of today. Even if they do not go overboard with excitement, because they are on a  different trip, every youth should at least be aware of what exists in their generation. And inside them, when their inner alchemy and priorites start shifting, some day.

“To be the change, you have to feel the change, breathe the change, live the change.” 

Can you feel into, unearth and sing this music,  sending waves of change around you? We think you can. Tune in. See them from different angles, and also some improvized performances, online.  Start playing with singing along, and feeling the vibes, attuning your personal feelings about critical matters, and putting them into flowing words for positive changes.

You can join and contribute! Shouldn’t this be the rage for music class? Grab a mic or webcam, a group of friends, your clan or class, and recording and upload your performance of Earth Guardian songs and your own creations. There’s more ideas below in the Teaching and Action Tips.





Performing “live” at UPLIFT Festival, Byron Bay, Australia

Arise Festival 2013 press conference

Arise Festival 2013 medley with headliner Chalie 2NA

Jamming with spiritual leaders at the United Nations

TEDx Youth MileHigh

Arise Festival 2014 stage jam with headliner Nahko Bear

Arise Festival 2014 backstage jam

Shangri La Harmony Festival 2014, main stage with Nahko Bear and Trevor Hall




How bright kid & teen spirit takes activism to an entirely new level


We’ve had enough of dull, boring, angry adult demonstrations. Change means being awesome, not dull and angry. Change means being determined, saying NO to destruction, unveiling the dishonourable, criminal plots of rats lurking in the shadows, but 90% of Change Voice means BEING the NEW: and that’s positive, dynamic, genius, celebration.

The new species of youth leaders arising is adding an incredible touch of soul, truth, clarity and upbeat to demonstrations, and with it come uplifting community, positive media coverage, mobilization and – success!

Oups – but it’s not always teens!

In Australia, it is a nine year old who has been leading the crowd, created a feel of legend and unforgettable memories at the Bentley Blockade, a massive people’s movement against fracking (called CSG in Australia) in their water scarce and fragile home community. Can you imagine a 98.6% vote against fracking, but politicians ignoring it? This is when illegal profit interests completely erode democracy, and when the people stand up. Here is what it looks like.


“CSG? No Way!”


Holley happens to be an Earth Guardian, too. You’ll also see her in the “Power to the People” video below. Search the web for more videos of the Blockade, they are amazing. Here is more of Holley, “live” on stage, performing three songs, including a classic, and finally being called back on stage (at 10:30) to perform the unpreventable (even though she had been happy and relieved about the final and last performance at the closing camp victory session, before). Sing along. You know the lyrics!



This is a true demonstration of what momentum, spirit, power and public mobilization YOUNG ACTIVISTS add to the doomy, gloomy adult demonstrations of the past, hey?!

Do you want to know the result of the Blockade? View it here.




Get this music for yourself. Not just online, but offline – to listen to it at home, on your mobile, and with friends. Make it part of real life.

Use it for activism. Use it for workshops, at events, and for exhibits.

Use it at school. Introduce it to music class, use it for exhibits and your ISLE.


Download videos with browser blugins. Download the audio. 

Make your wonderful Earth Guardian peers a gift to thrive, stay mobile and expand their educational activism campaigns. Paying for the download is like buying them an ice cream or pizza. It all goes into their fund, fueling their activism, mobility and expenses.




Use the music, videos, Xiuh’s story, the story of the Bentley Blockade in class.

Use our poster collection to frame the spirit in the music and awaken everybody’s awareness for the grand quest of our lifetime. Our love. And our suffering, seeing it all go down, the web of life unravel, 150 species being lost every day, incompetence, apathy and utterly evil corruption in our adult generations destroying our societies, destroying lives, our lives, our dreams, and hopes for the future, taking away our inherited gift of showing the magnificient beauty of this wonderful planet to our children.

A gift that we – the first generation GROWN UP in a democracy without monarchs, fascism or institutionalized racism – can sustain, protect, restore. We can even create a bigger gift! We can create a safe, clean, healthy, peaceful, vibrant society of abundance, if decide to dare being  DIFFERENT from earlier generations grown up in heavy subjugation, suboptimal education and a lack of civil society and access to information. We can learn and implement the rapidly emerging solutions. But we have to do so despite, around, and even against the habits of the inhabitants of the old, dominant, unsustainable societies of empire.

This music, and everything in it, are for real – creatzed by those of us, already affected with the Industrial Titanic going down the waterfall, with escalating childhood diseases, allergies and ecosystem breakdown. Don’t wait for it to happen to you. Don’t let it happen to children and teens around the planet, while you sit idle in a peaceful, priviledged position. USE that priviledge. You have been given it for a reason.

ARISE. Bliss, adventure and blessings will come towards you.