DISCOVER, SHARE + USE the most powerful videos from the global changemaking movements, especially those of changemakers and model solutions. You can browse them online, download and use them offline and on-site, especially in class, for philanthro-parties, events, and workshops.

A personal message from Eric, our founding captain:

“The clips on this page offer you a unique cinematic experience of being with humanity’s most awesome heroes of today. Keep in mind the core science behind YL: 80% of human behaviour is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously, copy paste. And in times of Transformational Learning, role models are our greatest asset. The greatest challenge in your lifetime, is to unfold the hero/ine changemaker inside of you. Take this to heart.

If you ask me for the most important thing to do, to achieve in your life, find bliss, help society change, and end the planetary disaster, this is it: Immerse yourself in the spirit of youth leaders and grand changemakers. I have done so for hours and hours, and you’ll notice. I know all their ventures, personalities, their ways, have felt into them, especially into Craig, We Day, Lulu and Xiuhtezcatl, and nurtured the same qualities in myself. You can do the same. And then put it to practice. In little steps, and full-time, with Change Generation Rising.”



Abbie Barnes | Adora Svitak | Alicia Serratos | Asa Needle | Avalon Theisen | Babar Ali | Cassandra Lin | Chloe Falkenheim | Coralganics | Craig Kielburger

Daniella Cohen | Do it Duo for Pets | Ecoclubes | Emma Freedman | Erica Fernandez | Gabrielle Posard | Golden Kids Radio | Hassan Saeed

Jen Rubino | Jessie-Ruth Corkins | Jonny Cohen | Julia and Emma Mogus | Lulu Cerone | Madi & Rhiannon | Madison Stewart | Mayerly Clavijo | Miranda Andersen | Molly Burke

Namaste Nepal | Neha Gupta | Nellie Shute | Olivia Bouler | Olivia Taylor | Rachel Barge | Rachel Parent | Robyn Hamlyn

Sebastian Robertson | Skateistan | Tippi | Voice of Youth | Volunteen Nation | William Kamkwamba | Wyatt Workman | Xiuhtezcatl Martinez | YES! | Zander Srodes



Upcoming. Until then, use our extraordinary selection in Spark Pack 2.



THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL FOR POSITIVE CHANGE and education may be awesome videos on changemakers and model solutions conveying the hero role models’ genuine changemaking spirit, their thinking, sense of action, and sparking the feeling of joining their changemaking initiatives. You have seen the world’s finest in our Spark Packs. There are more. Since there are many more projects and people that you have to know, remember, and pass on for the next fourty to seventy years of your life.

FOR EDUCATION, these videos are unique gems. They give life to global issues. They build bridges to follow-up action by student clubs, also webcast meetings and field partnerships. For youth, citizens and changemakers, they are a quiver full of practical solutions, a neverending source of inspiration and incredible tools for mobilizing support. The Science Behind YL tells us, that filling our days with hero role models is our greatest asset for upgrading ourselves to the worldview, feeling and lifestyle of changemakers.

USE THEM. On social media, at Philanthro-Parties, in cinema sessions for younger peers, in school presentations, at events and workshops, as public nighttime projections, and so on.