A most amazing set dissolving any ridiculous opinions about girls and women!

You should be aware that 70 to 80% of the teen mega-changemakers in YL are girls!

Meet Girls & Women living their true, awesome selves, living what truly matters, saving the living planet, and creating the new civilization of awesome. Ah, and if you care about “beautiful”, that’s what they are – spirit shines!


A must-have. A must-use!

Not only in India, Africa and Latin America. But also in Europe, and North America, still stuck in rape culture, harassment, insecurities, stupid stereotypes and getting lost in an “emancipation” making women the same destructive power egos as the old men of the past, displaying orkish behavior.Truth means being angel warriors creating and living a peaceful, thriving, sustainable society of awesome! These are the role models!

Please get these for yourself, your kid, your daughter, your son, your class!

The ultimate set for use on Day of the Girl, of Women etc. Do a Spark Session just with these! With videos, follow-up action, even skype meetings.

Stay tuned for more, and submit us awesome girls and women to include!

DOWNLOAD the “Flashlight” set: english.

DOWNLOAD the “Full Story” set: english. Set 1, 2.
arabic. chinese. filipino. french. german. hungarian. indonesian. italian. japanese. polish. portuguese. spanish. vietnamese


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