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Join our scial media for a year-round surf on the tidal wave of change, with constant activity opportunities, from sharing to online campaigns, updates on new tools and follow the unfolding stories of our young hero/ines, groundbreaking campaigns and YL student club action around the globe.

You will informally learn an incredible lot of things on-the-go.


Youth LeadeR website. Resource platform and Newsletter with progress updates on our movement, partners, tools and impact

facebook 1. YL Magazine

facebook 2. Change Generation Rising

facebook 3. Our Priorities Campaigns & Petitions

Change Generation Rising website. Adventure Reality Game + Youth Leadership Program:

YL Speakers website. Book the most amazing young changemakers on the planet, for “live” webcasts and appearance at school, events, conferences and more.

YL Field Partner websites:

Babar Ali

Nellie for Ellies

The Red Brigade Lucknow