Youth leaders, children and teens are leading amazing changes. Schools are emerging as greenhouses of positive change.  Thousands of groundbreaking solutions by social entrepreneurs, global experts and innovators in the field sustainable development are solving almost any problem our societies are suffering from, sending ripple effects of empowerment and solution-oriented conversations through the impacted communities, evoking further, cascading changes for inner and outer abundance. These people-driven solutions can be replicated in a million places.

These potentials are new to most people in the world. However, when seeing them happen, people across age groups, cultures, regions and professions are inspired to turn this knowledge into action around them, at home and abroad. Key to this knowledge and spirit transfer is a new kind of powerful videos.

We have carefully selected some of our authentic videos for a powerful introduction to this important new world. We have many more, but THESE clips and notes show you the CORNERSTONES of what is happening for humanity, right now!

Turn up your speakers and shut off all distraction. This is one of the special moments of your life.


Spark Pack 1: The Power of Youth Leadership (5 clips, 25 min)

Spark Pack 2: The Grand Adult Changemakers (6 clips, 20-40 min)

Intermission: A Bright New World is Happening! (2 min)

Stones & Upliftment: The Secret of Changemaking (5min)

Spark Pack 3: Youth Leadership at School (5 min)

Secrets: The Super Powers of Youth at School (1 clip, 5 min)


We are using this unique collection in our “Spark Sessions” – our first encounter with school classes, youth and citizen groups. They usually lead to instant fundraisers, the creation of YL Student Clubs and year-round activities.

People across age groups, cultures and profession in 70 countries agree:

“The most inspirational videos I have ever seen. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.”

“The most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet ones had something to say. Students wish to get involved.”

“This should be in all schools!”

Let us use this unique potential for sparking, sustaining and cultivating a culture of youth leadership among our young generation. Our site offers you all the necessary media, methods and services. It all begins with a 90-minute Spark Session. Trust in it – this session can be extremely powerful and inspire entire groups with new worldview, finding their passion for favourite causes, found student clubs and take follow-up action. Explore our methods, and join the movement!