CREATE OMNI-PRESENCE OF YOUTH LEADERSHIP at school and beyond, in non-formal ways, powered by youth, teachers and citizens

We want our entire young generation to grow up learning and implementing sustainability solutions with humanity’s finest role models and experts.

This requires omni-presence of youth leadership

in our daily lives and our entire generation’s daily meeting spot – school!

That is where we can best shape and unfold the super powers of youth on grand scale.


Our methods enable teachers and student to introduce, establish and cultivate youth leadership, without any stress on finance, time or training.

Note, that all of these methods are STUDENT-POWERED.


Give A Presentation

It all begins by making hero/ine role models and solutions available in authentic, vivid, memorable format, preferably combined with instant action opportunities. The Presentation Kit is a powerful collection of hero/ines and solution stories with favorite causes for everybody.

  1. The scale and mass of youth impact and solutions evokes positive worldview change to Youth We Can and The Solutions Exist
  2. The awesome, amazing young hero/ines experienced in the videos create respect for youth action in 90+ percent of studentsthereby ending the unbearable ridicule and shaming of students with a sense of empathy, awareness, care and activism, and strengthening the standing of student clubs! Their presence, status and impact are further strengthened by the other methods.
  3. Inspired students and teachers are equipped and empowered to sustain the inspiration year-round, and turn their passion into action, experience  instant tangible impact, generate media presence and make youth leadership part of learning culture, using simple methods, powered by students and supportive teachers.

The Set comes with a variety of media – videos, posters, action kits and music

  • evoking positive worldview change to Youth We Can and The Solutions Exist
  • enabling exciting, multi-faceted, participative sessions
  • offering instant action opportunities

The Presentation can be tuned to groups, setting, time and purpose, from 60 to 240 minutes. The extended version expands horizons to thousands of adult solutions for everything and our opportunity to create a sustainable civilization – right now. It also shows the “Science” behind the success stories … the super powers of young people at school, the power of role models, positive change media culture, how we shape our collective future, which future to choose and work towards starting today, with concrete strides causing cascading effects in society. Either version culminates in action – through personal feedback, action pledges and taking steps for follow-up as student and after school clubs.

Experience tells us that

  • 90+% of students are inspired by young hero stories
  • wish youth leadership to be part of education
  • 10+% are fired up to join student clubs
  • 40+% are willing to support activities


  • using videos on the big screen, with good sound
  • placing posters on the wall; creating an exhibit on-the-go, for long-term presence and as example for how to use the media for reaching the entire school community
  • turning passion into action; supporting inspired students in forming a student club


  • taking instant action on favorite causes; with fundraisers, book drives, campaigns, projects, exhibits and presentations
  • spreading the spirit; encouraging inspired students to organize presentations and exhibits for other classes and schools
  • opting for “live” encounters with featured changemakers through skype upon completion of actions

2) IF ORGANIZED BY A YL team, citizen volunteer, ambassador, an activist or local organization

  • add information about your own activities. This adds personal passion, storytelling and also, students and teachers will be interested in what you are doing at regional level, since you are a first contact for the students as mentor, for joining activities and more.

3) IF ORGANIZED BY A TEACHER OR STUDENTS, you can involve all students in the presentation by

  1. assigning a homework; giving everybody a hero poster  and/or online profile link to study, view video, read interview, visit links
  2. starting with the videos giving space to feedback, contributions by students who studied that hero/ine and Q&A conversations
  3. flashlight poster presentations of hero/ines by pertaining students

Provide YL Media Sets

The Media Sets contain a mix of printed and / or digital media

  • cardgames
  • poster sets
  • action kits
  • guide books for teachers and student clubs
  • music album
  • video dvd
The Sets equip students and teachers to make youth leadership omni-present

  • in class
  • at school
  • and beyond


  • use as add-ons for units
  • informal presence as Hero/ine of the Month exhibit
  • presentations on UN Days of the month
  • playing the card game
  • exhibits
  • student club stands
  • actions and campaigns at school and beyond

introduced and managed by

  • YL Teams; student clubs or Warrior Clans
  • teachers
  • students
Main uses are

  • in units across the curriculum; foreign languages, global issues, music, life skills…
  • as Hero/ine of the Month exhibits
  • on occasion of United Nations Days of the month
  • as monthly alternating exhibits in public, combined with stands and actions

This makes it easy to make them non-formally omni-presenat school, serving many subjects and learning dimensions in units, projects and club activities.

Spark a Student Club (YL Team)

Student clubs are the backbone of cultivating a culture of youth leadership. They make perfect YL Teams and can quickly grow into “assistant teachers” with a lot of knowledge on global issues, able to make quality contributions to units and to be mentors and role models to their peers. CONSIDER THAT

  • 1-2 inspired student club members per class make 20 – 80 members per school
  • equipped with a massive scope of quality tools and supportive community


Student clubs have unique advantages and opportunities for organizing multi-faceted actions with considerable impact

  • Year-round presence
  • Daily, huge community
  • Free infrastructure
  • Good public status
  • Win-win benefits; personal, idealist and professional

  • All students in class have experienced the PRESENTATION and developed awe and respect for youth action, thus also the local activists
  • YL Teams are associated with the quality level of hero/ines and action in YOUTH-LEADER
  • Our Media equip them for sustaining changemaking spirit and activities year-round
  • – through strong classroom presence and linkage to all students
  • – by making contributions to units
  • – by providing a wide scope of monthly alternating activities with causes for everybody
  • – by enabling collaboration with various partners, media and donors
  • – by connecting with United Nations Days of the month
  • Our Methods help them build community and become teachers’ partners on global issues
  • Our Services support through inspiration, consultation, community and exciting activities
  • YL Teams

The potentials of student clubs are demonstrated by Free The Children, Me To We, Green School Bali and Lemonaid Warriors; but there is a dramatic more that we can do with it for world change. Imagine student clubs organizing a dozen YOUTH-LEADER activities per month – fundraisers, lifestyle challenges, scaling and replicating model solutions – following their personal passions but involving the entire club family and school community. On top, they will reach out to other schools, organize public actions, generate media presence… – precisely like their famous peers. For optimal impact, intrinsic motivation and recognition by teachers, principals and parents, highlight

  • the sensational quality of youth leadership
  • how YL Teams overcome the old segregation of topics (animals, human rights, justice) and make all young changemakers part of one family
  • the excellent equipment, the same tools that changemakers are using
  • the historic opportunity to colaborate “live” with global experts for implementing humanity’s finest sustainability solutions
  • the opportunity for an entire generation to create a sustainable society
  • the exclusive chance for young people to grow up learning to evoke these changes
  • the “super powers of young people at school”
  • the huge personal benefits for personal, idealist and professional paths
  • the recognition of empathic youth interested in eco-social issues as “our new highly gifted”,
  • and as our new social entrepreneurs and cultural creatives who are going to fix our broken societies
  • the moral / legal right for an up-to-date education aligned with the purpose of schooling : nurturing the skills of citizens of a libertarian, democratic, sustainable society in a global, peacefully collaborating family of nations

Hero of the Month Exhibit

The Hero/ines of the Month Exhibit is the best way of sustaining the spirit, vision, passion and commitment sparked in the FIRST PRESENTATION session. The exhibit is managed by a couple of students using the YL Poster Set(s) and 2 square meters / yards of wall space. The Exhibit features young (and adult) hero/ines with model solutions for causes addressed by current United Nations Days of the month.
This is an extremely easy and efficient way of making youth leadership + solutions + global issues omni-present in class, year-round in non-formal, non-invasive form.

  • managed by a couple of students
  • two square meters / yards of wall space
  • selecting a good dozen of the one hundred changemakers in YL
  • adding instant action opportunities offered by student clubs


  • facilitates spontaneous integration into units, by teachers and students
  • enables flashlight presentations on United Nations Days

IT NURTURES WORLDVIEW SHIFT among [all] students and teachers

  • Year-round presence offers everybody moments when they are open to explore and digest, including breaks, recess, tests
  • Every student is reached, long-term, even those not interested
  • Every teacher is reached, too, this is how they discover aspects of interest to their work
  • Everybody will experience favorite causes and characters
  • This is how mental and behavioral changes unfold


  • it builds a permanent link between YL Team (student club, Warrior Clan) and class community
  • which enhances visibility of student club activities and offers
  • which amplifies involvement, learning and impact of the class community
  • SUSTAINING the spirit, vision, passion and sense of action sparked in the FIRST PRESENTATION


A couple of students manage exhibits, contribute to subjects and offer presentations.
Year-round presence has profound impact on the entire class. It nurtures positive worldview, appreciation, respect, and connects the class to student club activities, facilitating involvement in favorite causes.
Experience tells us that 90+% of students are inspired by young hero stories, wish youth leadership to be part of education, that 10-30% are fired up to join student clubs and 40-70+% are willing to support activities.
BEYOND THE CLASSROOM, the public ISLE space serves as student club headquarter, uniting activist youth across classes and grades, serves the entire school community and offers instant participation in a wide range of activities organized by the YL Teams.


Now that you have built a foundation, … spread the inspiration … to the entire school, using presentations, exhibits and first actions (we suggest starting with fundraisers and book drives for our Field Partners) … organize actions: fundraisers, lifestyle challenges, projects and campaigns in support of your favorite causes all around the planet … and discover and develop your own quests!

Theme Exhibits in Class & Beyond

For some Changemakers’ causes, we have specific Poster Sets telling their story in about a dozen posters, with a focus on vivid images, brief texts, QR code links to multi-media contents (for smartphone viewing) and tipps for instant action opportunities.
They are excellent tools for

  • use in education
  • fundraisers
  • campaigning

Their obvious strength is in

  • strong
  • visual
  • long-term PRESENCE


  • school corridors
  • project weeks
  • workplaces
  • cafeterias and waiting rooms
  • public, like squares and farmers markets
  • at events, workshops and conferences
Any format works

  • color or black & white
  • small, large or very large, from 1-page to 8-page size
  • framed, posted to the wall, on a laundry line or whatever
  • even pinned together as coffee table book

Add a TABLE / STAND for

  • adding treats, lemonaid, bakesales, vegan delights etc
  • engaging people in conversations
  • harvesting signatures for petitions
  • handing out flyers

adding a computer with internet for

  • showing videos
  • online petitions
  • connecting on social media

This way, you can combine the specific cause with infos about

  • YL
  • your student club
  • your organization
  • your services

and for building community

Organize 1st Activities

Our range of activities is huge. We suggest starting with activities for our Field Partners. 

  • Their causes are very popular with teachers, students, school communities and media, and the activities are simple:
  • book drives, fundraisers and campaigns, combined with inspirational videos, poster sets for exhibits and potential “live on skype” meetings
Our Field Partners’ causes

  • are very popular with teachers, students, school communities and media
  • have received many inter/national awards
  • the activities are simple, efficient and have tangible results:
  • book drives, fundraisers and campaigns, combined with inspirational videos, poster sets for exhibits and potential “live on skype” meetings

It is easy to create

  • vivid images of the activity
  • media presence

for scaling support and follow-up actions

Before organizing your first activity

  • check out our media, methods and services

and study LULU CERONE’s

  • online profile
  • dynamic videos
  • tipps for FUNDRAISING

and then – put together your choice of media, tools and strategy to be most efficient.

Organize Live on Skype Meetings

You can book “live “on Skype” meetings

  • with YL staff
  • with the finest young hero/ines of our time

Yeh, it’s true – that’s beyond awesome – and our focus is on

  • action
  • empowerment for follow-up action
  • making the session the spark of youth leadership at your school
  • A fabulous occasion for studying and implementing a model solution
  • Great goal, highlight, celebration and feedback for a project
  • The Power of Role Models experienced LIVE
  • Tremendous Inspiration
  • Feeling connected to the global changemaker family and movement
  • Experience of the mind- and feelset of fully accomplished changemakers
  • Tangible can-do feeling
  • Strong impulse for action
Users prepare with media about YL and about their Skype Session partner to

  • skip boring powerpoint presentations (and respect the super buzy hero/ine’s time)
  • nurture reflection and burning questions in your group
  • have an eye-level encounter
  • have a meaningful conversation
  • share fun anecdotes
  • share latest updates
  • discuss action

and even

  • celebrate common achievements
  • since you can take action before the meeting, using the hero/ine’s Action Kit

which is 

  • the best LEARNING EXPERIENCE for your entire group

and also

  • the best way of honoring and giving back to the people committing their most precious – their lifetime – for fixing the mess that others are creating and most of us are still watching
  • and joining the legions of those stepping up to say no to destruction and apathy and Live Their Inner Hero/ines to Be The Change

IT IS TRULY A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, since NO OTHER PROGRAM or ENCOUNTER offers this scope of preparation, encounter, follow-up opportunities and youth leadership training.

Organize Webcast Meetings

We organize Webcasts on UNITED NATIONS Days, featuring several YL staff, Youth Leaders and Changemakers – to serve a bigger audience across timezones than we can with Live on Skype meetings.
an unprecedented, big, fat occasion

  • to prepare for using our media, methods and services
  • to unite an entire school community to watch
  • to organize an exhibit with many actions
  • to organize a theme week at school
  • to organize activities across town: presentations, exhibits, fundraisers, campaigns, webcast viewing
  • to generate media presence
  • to connect with organizations

and we also serve the UNITED NATIONS’ programs working for the particular UN DAY

  • with an exciting “live” activity
  • uniting schools around the globe for this day, the week, the month
  • with a focus on YOUTH
  • with a focus on ACTION

embedded in a year-round stream of activities

  • run by able youth teams and teachers
  • building community
  • building synergies
  • spreading tidal wave knowledge
  • scaling world-leading model solutions
Prepare like for Live on Skype meetings

  • study the changemakers’ stories, videos, action kits and organize actions in support of their quests, aligned with the favorite causes and activities of your group members

Use it as an opportunity for

  • MOBILIZING the entire school COMMUNITY
  • motivating activities in various SUBJECTS in the month(s) leading up to this date
  • organizing a month-long THEME activity
  • with a focus on the WEEK of the Day
  • connected with LOCAL happenings
  • making the Webcast a HIGHLIGHT
  • taking various ACTIONS
  • making a tangible IMPACT
  • for the featured HERO/INES and others
  • documenting and reporting activities to MEDIA, social media, us, y/our hero/ines
  • inter/acting with the changemakers through text, voice and video
  • inter/acting and connecting with other YOUTH clubs and SCHOOLS around the planet
  • as KICK-OFF for more, new exciting actions inspired by your actions, impact, experience, new local and global contacts


Above mentioned simple steps have already made Youth Leadership widely present at school. Now, make it omni-present by “institutionalizing” it as part of learning culture – both non-formal (outside) and formal (inside the classroom). As usual

  • it is simple, powered by student leaders (to 90+%) and teachers
  • it is simple, exciting and comes with benefits to learning culture

Create and Manage ISLEs

Finally, let’s create a space that unites inspired students across grades and years in one big family team – a student club.

  • 2 student club members per class make 20-80 per school

The tools are

  1. Hero/ine of the Month Exhibit
  2. Student Club stands with loads of actions
  3. using our offers for 3 UN Days per month with 12-24 hero/ines
  4. club members choose their favorites from up to 96 actions
  5. and organize their own ideas for actions, too


  • HQ (Headquarter) of the YL Teams, Student Club, Warrior Clan
  • favorite hangout of students passionate about activism
  • a place of fun, learning, planning and celebration
  • Learning environment serving the entire school community – students AND teachers

This is why we call it an Informal Sustainability Learning Environment or ISLE. For natural born changemakers, “our new highly gifted”, it is also an isle aka island in an ocean of unsustainability, apathy and meaninglessness.

The ISLE unites all students who are empathic and passionate about positive change. Consider that

  • 2 inspired students per class make 20-80 student club members per school


  • creates well visible presence of student club activities
  • offers fun, entertainment and inter/action
  • involves students
  • informs, equips and involves teachers
  • serves as display space for all sorts of positive project activities at school


  • their favorite actions for 3 UN Days
  • with 12-24 hero/ines
  • with 96 actions to choose from
  • and their own activities, campaigns etc


  • a constant stream of activities
  • top quality knowledge and information
  • uplifting community
  • fun, creativity and support
  • enriching dull life at school


  • quality contents
  • evolving “assistant teachers”
  • intrinsic motivation
  • an attractive display space for projects and results
  • serving their professional aspirations


  • no stress or need for
  • – teaching time
  • – finance
  • – teacher training


  • for an entire generation to learn to qualify as inhabitants, co-creators and stewards of a global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization.
Learn our PHILOSOPHY of 21st Century LEARNING CULTURE to strengthen awareness, recognition and support for the ISLE, student clubs and world-changing actions:

  • Aligned with the purpose of schooling – nurturing the skills of citizens of a libertarian, democratic, sustainable society in a global, peacefully collaborating family of nations
  • Aligned with the aspirations and demand formulated by society for young people to become active citizens and creators of a sustainable, peaceful civilization
  • Aligned with scientific knowledge of proper learning culture, development of empathy, virtues, intelligence and personal growth
  • Aligned with the directions of UNESCO, the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD 2005-2014, its follow up Global Action Programme, the Secretary General’s Education First Initiative for Global Citizenship Education GCE

we demand 

  • as long as schools are not able to convey this knowledge and PRACTICAL SKILLSET in formal classroom setting

the right, time/space and support for 

  • self-organized learning for positive change
  • practicing, performing and implementing model solutions
  • with our societies’ most highly decorated and respected role models (“young hero/ines”)
  • at school and in public
  • to the point of generating media presence
  • and being role models and mentors to their peers
  • and “assistant teachers” to educators
  • and active integration of youth leadership contents in subjects across the curriculum (see YL Curriculum)

just as schools already provide for music and gifted sports talents

  • also by recognizing empathic young changemakers as Our New Highly Gifted, our new social entrepreneurs and cultural creatives, with a natural, selfless motivation for fixing our societies’ most critical problems


  • a Hero/ines of the Month Exhibit that’s expanded with additional information
  • a stand of several tables for lemonaid, bakesales, information, computer with internet etc
  • with tons of student-powered actions at and beyond school:
  • fundraisers, lifestyle challenges, campaigns, petitions, projects, live meetings…
  • and activities by civil society, youth culture etc, from workshops to summer camps…
  • fueled by their passion
  • supported by humanity’s finest role models, global experts and visionary changemakers
  • in collaboration with local mentors, civil society and investors in young people


The YL Curriculum

In one final step, YL Team members 

  • connect with their favorite teachers
  • ask them to gather all teachers of their class
  • inform all their teachers about their new passion, commitment and offers
  • demonstrate and explain their contributions’ value for units and learning culture
  • have all teachers agree to twice include Youth Leadership or YL Team contributions per year
  • which can be as little as a 5 min video or 10 min presentation
This way

  • in all 10 subjects of a class; including music and sport
  • youth leadership / solutions will be present twice per school year (per subject)
  • making it 20 occasions

In a school year of 40 weeks,

  • this makes 20 contributions
  • this makes youth leadership formally present in class every 2 weeks
  • which – as one week passes really quickly – feels like being present “all the time”

Continuous presence in formal education has profound effect:

  • creating a good world is no longer a “fringe interest, attitude or hobby”
  • it makes it part of “real, serious” education, which students sub/consciously have much respect for
  • it completes the worldview change among students; and teachers and parents and media and society
  • strengthens student clubs’ presence in class
  • nurtures in students a new level of responsibility for co-creating their own learning and education
  • nurtures in teachers a new level of respect for students as partners, “assistant teachers” in education
  • educates all teachers on this essential part of life; while yet only 10% are aware of it
  • makes it part of learning culture
  • with ripple effects on education as a whole

  1. You have an active YL Team / student club
  2. You are connected to our global community through social media
  3. You have taken a variety of actions and achieved media coverage
  4. One or more teachers know of and appreciate your activities


  • Connect with your favorite teacher/s, with an interest in environmental / social issues
  • Explain your plan, goals, the benefits and powers of the YL Curriculum
  • Be available for meeting and working with teachers for this at any time


  • As an active team, you will have done this, already
  • which makes it simple and fun
  • Study our media, methods and services
  • Detect your favorite hero/ines and causes
  • Study their Action Kits, select your favorite activities and which team member takes responsibility for which
  • Make a general plan for your contributions, keep it simple: presentations in different subjects, music and art projects, exhibits, fundraisers, project days, skype and webcast sessions = show your teachers that you are equipped with quality tools and topics)
  • Make a list of 1-3 proposed topics and contributions per subject = give your teachers a choice of solutions, videos, activities)


  1. Discuss whether you should inform the other teachers with a brief introduction to Youth Leadership, using video clips, posters, a list of our media, methods and services, and a list of your documented achievements
  2. Discuss the best feasible duration of the meeting, like 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes
  3. Put together info materials that your teacher ally can give your teachers to prepare: (i) our brochure on Role Models, and (ii) casual documentation of your completed activities and achievements (since you got first inspired by YL), and (iii) a selection of proposed contributions


  • where you have teachers’ full attention
  • Tell your teachers that
  • youth leadership is important for youth, society, the future and learning culture
  • you are super committed to serve your generation
  • you have exciting offers – media, activities, even “live” meetings, projects and partnerships
  • you are willing to prepare beyond your normal schoolwork
  • you have demonstrated your skills with your past activities
  • you wish to facilitate youth leadership presence in all subjects
  • you aim to distribute contributions evenly throughout the year
  • they can make their choice from many more topics and tools
  • they can give ideas, and you will research media and activities from our resources
  • they can select their preferred time of the year for weaving in media and student contributions
  • they can contact and count on you to help them follow up quickly


  • meeting teachers willing to collaborate
  • planning first contributions
  • making contributions as soon as possible
  • documenting and sharing them with the other teachers

and, of course

  • continue full on with your student club activities


A year-round stream of well visible changemaking activities

  • with exciting and well documented impact
  • meshed with classroom and club activities
  • with presence in public space and media

These simple steps and short interactions make solution-oriented thinking, role models, model solutions, action opportunities and extracurricular activities part of learning culture, with win-win benefits for units, subjects, school culture, youth, families and the greater community. SUPER BINGO!

YL Brochure - Role Models - Youth Leadership - in Education

Click to download 4-page PDF. For other languages, visit the language menu on our frontpage
These simple, non-formal steps powered by ordinary youth and educators

  • enable our youth to grow up with “the Einsteins and Gandhis of our time”
  • even meet them “live”
  • unfold unprecedented changemaker skills
  • tangibly implement humanity’s leading sustainability solutions

That is in fact historic.

We are very relieved that there now exists

  • strongly documented evidence that role models, solution stories, self-organized student club activities and youth leadership in general create win-win benefits for units, subjects, school culture, youth, families and the greater community
  • awareness of common aspirations among student leaders + teachers + school boards + parents + civil society + administration + media + investors in youth
  • common ground for collaboration between all these stakeholders – powered by youth at the centre!

So – don’t wait a day to get involved. Join us today!

Our “LIVE” SERVICES help you sustain the inspiration, join campaigns, take enhanced action, grow your network, form international partnerships and interact with a global, like-hearted community.