CONNECT YOU WITH THE FINEST CHANGEMAKERS OF OUR TIME for *LIVE* interaction, learning, collaboration and celebration


To unleash the full potential in the media, methods and school community, we have designed a groundbreaking Action and Learning Community that closely connects youth and teachers with our dynamic global changemaker community.

Student Club Community

We support inspired youth groups – YL TEAMS – with

  • a powerful global community of like-hearted youth + youth leaders + changemakers + teachers + citizen volunteers
  • vibrant social media
  • our full range of media, methods and services
  • live meetings and support
  • monthly action on UN Days
  • a year-round stream of action
This support helps students

  • gain strong visual presence
  • build community
  • grow into powerful changemakers, assistant teachers, role models and mentors to their peers
  • unfold the super powers of young people at school to the fullest:
  1. Genuine spirit
  2. Daily, huge community
  3. Free infrastructure; space, printing, mentoring
  4. Good public status
  5. Good media presence
  6. Good standing with donors
  7. Win-win benefits for their personal, idealist and professional paths

Student Clus use our offers whenever they see fit. For those Making Changemaking Their Sport, we offer the Change Generation Rising leadership program, with 3 monthly missions in strong collaboration with our changemaker community.


  • our presentation kit’s heroine portraits

for an impression of your partners,  and your upcoming actions and impact

  • our media, methods and services pages

for an impression of the scope of amazing student club activities to bring your schoo land lives  to life

Change Generation Rising – Leadership Program | Reality Game

Those on fire to Make Changemaking Their Sport

  • join CG Rising
  • committing to taking 3 monthly actions
  • a fundraiser, lifestyle challenge and project support or replication


  • as Youth Leader WARRIOR
  • with reality game features

for the most powerful Youth Leadership program in history, growing up in close collaboration with the greatest changemakers of our era, evoking changes and shaping history, just like them. And with monster fun!  

CHANGE GENERATION RISING is like living LOTR and Harry Potter for real in the shape of this world

  • ascending a Level upon completion of 3 Missions
  • gaining credits for headlines and impact made
  • even meeting one’s Patronus on the way
  • becoming a Local Hero in a whiffy
  • vividly documenting their actions in their online Warrior Chronicles
  • sharing actions in official YL social media
  • meeting hero/ines and magicians for real
  • literally growing up with the greatest hero/ines of our era
  • evolving skills of awesome, building global community
  • opening doors to lives of inner and outer abundance

Can you imagine meeting a Warrior Level 30, 50, 100 – with 300 completed projects? No such species has walked the planet yet, and we are up to see this happen for real!


  1. Get the Starter Set
  2. Take your Actions
  3. Submit your Documentation
  4. Then see, what is right for you, your purpose, your lifestyle

and decide for joining us

  • as a friend
  • as a citizen volunteer
  • as a student club member
  • or as a YL Warrior

But in any case – do connect! Every role you play is important! The world needs you now. The world needs all of us. And the prize and gifts along the way are precious beyond your imagination.


We are in high demand at schools, conferences, events and festivals around the globe.

  • You can book us!

Be aware that these are not some motivational speakers

  • YL speakers are accomplished changemakers
  • leading massive model solutions, changing lives, laws and industries
  • showered with awards, some already in textbooks

They come with an overdose of passion

  • awakening y/our inner heroines
  • empowering you for becoming instant part of positive change
  • and equipping you for year-round action
  • We inspire with our stories
  • We empower for replication
  • We offer instant action opportunities
  • We can add stands, exhibits, fundraisers and more
  • We equip your audience for follow-up action

  • Embed the Speaker into a theme week, Youth Action Day or other
  • Add activities before, during and after the event
  • The Speakers’ Action Kits offer lots of input
  • Browse our Event Services brochure for a lot of unusual, attractive  options
  • Invite activist youth from various schools and organizations
  • Invite media
  • Document the event in vivid images for your and our (social) media


  • Organize action in support of the Speaker’s quest before the event
  • Surprise and honor the Speaker with your achievements. Be awesome!

Live On Skype

You can book “live “on Skype” meetings

  • with YL staff
  • with young changemakers around the globe

Our focus is on

  • action
  • empowerment for follow-up action
  • making the session the spark of youth leadership at your school

Use our tools to prepare for a vivid encounter!

  • A fabulous occasion for studying and implementing a model solution
  • Great goal, highlight, celebration and feedback for a project
  • The Power of Role Models experienced LIVE
  • Tremendous Inspiration
  • Feeling connected to the global changemaker family and movement
  • Experience of the mind- and feelset of fully accomplished changemakers
  • Tangible can-do feeling
  • Strong impulse for action
Users prepare with media about YL and about their Skype Session partner to

  • skip boring powerpoint presentations (and respect the super buzy hero/ine’s time)
  • nurture reflection and burning questions in your group
  • have an eye-level encounter
  • have a meaningful conversation
  • share fun anecdotes
  • share latest updates
  • discuss action

and even

  • celebrate common achievements
  • since you can take action before the meeting, using the hero/ine’s Action Kit

which is 

  • the best LEARNING EXPERIENCE for your entire group

and also

  • the best way of honoring and giving back to the people committing their most precious – their lifetime – for fixing the mess that others are creating and most of us are still watching
  • and joining the legions of those stepping up to say no to destruction and apathy and Live Their Inner Hero/ines to Be The Change

IT IS TRULY A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE, since NO OTHER PROGRAM or ENCOUNTER offers this scope of preparation, encounter, follow-up opportunities and youth leadership training.

Alignment with UN Days

We structure our abundance of offers and topics

  • by aligning our activities with UN Theme Days, like Water, Forests, Girls, Food etc.

YL Teams, Student Clubs and Warrior Clans

  • connect (some) of their activities with this stream of activities

Our Media are packaged

  • for three to five UN Days per month
  • enabling activities in class, at school and beyond
Connecting with UN Days much enhances your experience, reach and impact. You can

  • collaborate with local organizations addressing the topic
  • use the occasion for studying a global issue, for taking action on pertaining causes
  • organize long-term presence at school, with exhibits, Theme Weeks and Youth Action Days
  • organize exhibits, events and activities at your and other schools, in public, and add to conferences
  • connect with local media – awesome young people taking action are the highlight of a UN Day’s coverage
  • align this year-round schedule of UN Days with subjects, in collaboration with teachers
Here’s our handful of golden bullets for UN Days. Use them all, monthly, make waves, make awesome impact! SERVE 3 UN DAYS PER MONTH using our materials 1. POSTER EXHIBIT

  • with YL Hero/ines, playing their Action Kits to the fullest
  • each fit for a fundraiser + lifestyle challenge and big project
  • at school, public library, theme related events


  • pick the most awesome video, hero, easy instant activity
  • organize with teachers interested in the theme and time of year (cf. YL Curriculum!!)
  • invite a local organization working on the issue


  • you will stand out as a youth
  • with a massive model solution
  • with exciting activities
  • with an impact
  • invite media to interview you and document your action


  • to speak about the topic from a youth perspective
  • with a call for action to join you in implementing a solution
  • documenting your activity and impact
  • for your presence at the theme related event


  • with YL staff / changemakers / field partners / partner schools / groups
  • in class / student club / warrior clan / with friends
  • in morning / evening / week-end


  • are really easy and
  • standard procedure for YL Teams and Warrior Clans.


  • is fine
  • they are a powerful community-building experience
  • they can take quite some effort and nerves to organize


To serve a global audience across timezones and larger numbers of schools than Skype sessions can offer

  • We organize Webcasts on UNITED NATIONS Days
  • featuring several YL staff
  • Youth Leaders and Changemakers
an unprecedented, big, fat occasion

  • to prepare for using our media, methods and services
  • to unite an entire school community to watch
  • to organize an exhibit with many actions
  • to organize a theme week at school
  • to organize activities across town: presentations, exhibits, fundraisers, campaigns, webcast viewing
  • to generate media presence
  • to connect with organizations

and we also serve the UNITED NATIONS’ programs working for the particular UN DAY

  • with an exciting “live” activity
  • uniting schools around the globe for this day, the week, the month
  • with a focus on YOUTH
  • with a focus on ACTION

embedded in a year-round stream of activities

  • run by able youth teams and teachers
  • building community
  • building synergies
  • spreading tidal wave knowledge
  • scaling world-leading model solutions
Prepare like for Live on Skype meetings

  • study the changemakers’ stories, videos, action kits and organize actions in support of their quests, aligned with the favorite causes and activities of your group members

Use it as an opportunity for

  • MOBILIZING the entire school COMMUNITY
  • motivating activities in various SUBJECTS in the month(s) leading up to this date
  • organizing a month-long THEME activity
  • with a focus on the WEEK of the Day
  • connected with LOCAL happenings
  • making the Webcast a HIGHLIGHT
  • taking various ACTIONS
  • making a tangible IMPACT
  • for the featured HERO/INES and others
  • documenting and reporting activities to MEDIA, social media, us, y/our hero/ines
  • inter/acting with the changemakers through text, voice and video
  • inter/acting and connecting with other YOUTH clubs and SCHOOLS around the planet
  • as KICK-OFF for more, new exciting actions inspired by your actions, impact, experience, new local and global contacts

Field Partners

We offer personal cooperation and long-term project partnerships

  • with amazing young hero/ines of our time
  • successfully taking on extraordinary challenges
  • with potential for changing entire nations

IF we – together

  • provide them with support
  • start replicating their model solutions
This is unprecedented LIVE cooperation with some of the most famous young changemakers on the planet, with activities including

  • fundraisers
  • development projects
  • with tangible impact
  • and personal visual feedback
  • incl Live On Skype meetings

including options for

  • your ideas for inter/actions
  • activities on either side
  • volunteer visits
  1. Browse the Field Partners Page
  2. Study their Profiles
  3. Study their Action Kits
  4. Start with simple actions

Then, building on

  • your experience
  • your achievements
  • personal passion and ideas of your group (and teacher)

decide whether and how to evolve the partnership, including

  • exciting options of individual summer break visits
  • volunteering
  • documenting the stay
  • reporting back at home, to media, with exhibits and presentations

and thereby growing the movement  

Event Partnerships

We offer our support for adding youth voice, spirit, music and action to events

  • youth action days
  • conferences
  • festivals
  • etc.

with all sorts of genius actions and ways of involving the greater community, media, schools, civil society, administrati9on and investors in youth before and beyond the event.

YL members are selected by a quality benchmark that is unique in the world. It guarantees unparalleled

  • passion
  • talent
  • wit
  • surprise

and for your audience

  • inspiration
  • worldview shift
  • instant action opportunity
  • empowerment
  • and equipment
  • before, during and after the event

Make sure to pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to our offers of

  • music
  • exhibits
  • media sets

to make part of your event

  • on top of speakers!
We offer simple or complex cooperation, from connecting with speakers to ambience, action programs and campaigns.



  • our Events Services Brochure
  • our Discovery Tour videos
  • our Music
  • our Media, Methods and Services page

for impressions of the extraordinary dimensions of our work and the potentials in our global community


But we have to make it happen.