WE SERVE SCHOOLS, GROUPS & EVENTS ALL OVER THE PLANET with Video Conferencing meetings. Use our media for a complete experience and setting the right ambience.


There is nothing like meeting changemakers live!

We bring you the finest bunch of youth leaders, global experts and changemakers with model solutions that your audience can join, scale and replicate.

We cannot get in person to every school, but Skype sessions are easy to organize and offer a high degree of interaction. They are also a lesson in casual, affordable, inter/national youth activism practiced by our student clubs and chapters.

Companies, conferences and events, we’re ready to boost your spirit! Make sure to “combine us” with activities for our causes. Let’s work together!

Our members are in high demand at schools, stages, festivals and conferences throughout North America and around the planet, but many are not aware of this life-changing opportunity.
Hence, it is one of our priorities to bring their LIVE encounters to thousands of schools and events around the planet, with added value for your educational experience at school, for your event, also beyond the encounter, since our goal is not only inspiration but long-term action and empowerment!

Live on Skype!

Organize a LIVE meeting as HIGHLIGHT of a unit, project, youth action day, action week, event or festival. In class, prepare with pertaining media and action kits. For special occasions like UN Days and Theme Weeks, use our full spectrum of media, methods and services for setting an ambience, involving your entire school community, cultivating changemaker spirit, a sense of purpose, action and outreach to local media, civil society and families.

UN Day Webcasts

How can we serve hundreds and even thousands of schools, globally across timezones? After all, our lifetime for group presentations is limited. We do so with Webcasts, uniting “Einsteins of today” for free, live and recorded webcasts across timezones. We time them for UN Days for better integration in units, connecting with civil society, media and serving UN programs. Show me more

Please visit the YL SPEAKERS page for the following information.

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