Social Experiments are brief, exciting lifestyle experiments upgrading your awareness and skills for leading a blissful life of awesome.


Examples are Vegan Challenge, Life Without Supermarkets, 2 Weeks of Peacemaking, 2 Weeks of Sharing, Life Without Plastics, No Swearing, Gender Harmony, and more.

Participants share their discoveries, breakdowns and breakthroughs with one daily post on social media (a brief comment and photo), making it a hilarious and empowering global group experience.

The minimum duration is 2 weeks. Participants get extra credits for 3 and 4 weeks. Skillers maintain the acquired upgrade for the rest of their life. Can you imagine your awesomeness after taking 10 experiments through the year?


We went through a 2 WEEKS WITHOUT MEDIA experiment during the London Olympics, and it was a great experience. Even sports addicts didn’t miss being glued to the TV. Instead, they dug into new favourite books, met friends, discovered the joy of simple walks on the morning, and dragging their family into the garden to do something together.

Participants were so excited that they followed up with a Vegan Week Challenge at their Bangkok International School. After just two hours 60 teens had joined in! A day later, they had convinced the school canteen to go vegan for a week. Not for one menu per day, but the entire canteen! Wow, magic happening! So, this promises to be very exciting.


PATIENCE, please … we are going to update this page in a while.