Use the non-formal YL Curriculum like an ‘ADD-ON’ enriching units and student clubs with 200 youth leaders, changemakers and sustainability experts around the globe; media + research + live meetings + action.


Our Youth Leadership for Sustainability curriculum accumulates the media, methods, services and changemaker community that we have designed, pioneered and evolved over ten years as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014, and keep evolving in UNESCO’s follow-up Global Action Programme to the Decade.

It is entirely student-powered, easy to introduce, evolve and sustain, without stress on finance, time, or training.
It is designed for collaboration between student leaders (95%) and teachers (5%).


Yes, we can make youth leadership and people powered model solutions omni-present in our classrooms and schools, enabling our global young generation to grow up with the worldview, knowledge, skills and lifestyle of high end changemaking – for years – and evolve into inhabitants and co-creators of a civilization of peace and abundance for all.

This is new, powerful, and exciting. It is a dream come true for parents, teachers and idealists.

For teachers, it takes 90 minutes ONCE, and 5 minutes per month, with benefits for subjects, units and learning culture.

For inspired students it takes anything between 30 minutes for YL student club members 40 hours per week for YL Warrior Clans making changemaking their sport and lifestyle. Our media, methods and services make it simple.

Are you a kid, teen, teacher or parent?
YOU can introduce it. It begins with getting the message out, organizing a Starter Session, the rest follows.

Flip through the curriculum online, or download the PDF 9MB


In this brief video, Eric explains how our media + methods + services naturally add up to a unique curriculum enabling Youth Leadership for Sustainability at any conventional or alternative school in the world, without stress on finance, time or training.