CELEBRATE UNITED NATIONS DAYS with youth leaders and people-powered solutions replicable by young people all over Planet Earth!

UNITED NATIONS DAYS are important occasions, that remind us

  • on global, concerted democratic governance
  • on stewardship of The Commons
but usually just

  • with dire, depressive facts
  • with lukewarm, even naive commemoration
  • hiding the urgency of our challenges

in these crossroads times determining the future of all species and generations to come.

Our webcasts unite SEVERAL YL SPEAKERS with a focus on

  • wildly successful youth-powered model solutions
  • replicable by your groups
  • how your group can run a year-round stream of changemaking activities

Theme Focus

Did you know that there are many more UN Days than Peace, Girls and Women? Our programs cover an average of 3 UN Days per Month for our Hero/ines of the Month Exhibits and Change Generation Rising activity program. We plan for monthly Webcasts for the most popular days, as well as per demand of our growing community of schools and action crews.

Several Changemakers

We unite several changemakers for an exciting multi-faceted program of short presentations covering important aspects of the Day’s theme, and offering a wide range of activities for different age and user groups.


Each Day and Theme Set comes with 4 to 12 hero/ines. Each stands for a powerful solution for alleviating the terrible suffering of people and planet. This is what we need for UN Days – and what we have to do is : take action!

Action Opportunity

Each Speaker’s Action Kit offers a wide range of action tipps, from easy to advanced, short- and long-term, local and global. This makes 16 to 48 optional actions per UN Day.

Embed in Theme Weeks & Months

Joining the Webcast can be a HIGHLIGHT of several weeks of activities leading up to it – of activities, impact and achievements for the cause to be mentioned during the event, and your group being involved LIVE. The Webcast’s energy also inspires follow-up actions at and beyond school, in public, in media, documented in our social media, inspiring further actions and meetings.

Across Time Zones

Webcasts with several speakers take several hours, or stretch in sessions across a half or full day. This way, we can get many people involved to benefit from the occasion, be part of something big celebrate together. Can you imagine the impact of 100 schools joining in, each contributing a fundraiser? It can easily mean $100,000 for our Hero/ines’ causes, and that’s impact, dear! Let’s go, World, we are legion!!
Please visit the YL SPEAKERS page for the following information.

What to Expect

How to Prepare

Our Speakers

Follow-up Options

Media Tools Galore

Make the Most of it

ALSO : You can arrange an individual meeting, with space for interaction, conversations, planning projects and celebrating achievements, as well as embedding in units, projects, campaigns and events.

Live on Skype!

Skype sessions are easy to organize and offer a high degree of interaction. They are also a lesson in casual, affordable, inter/national youth activism practiced by our student clubs and chapters. Prepare as usual (see above). Show me more


Organize Live Meetings with young changemakers AT YOUR SCHOOL and EVENT. Show me more