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YL’s model for activating Youth Leadership at schools and beyond, with win-win benefits for changemakers, Key Professionals, Adult Allies and the citizenry, has been refined and adapted over twenty years.

Our work is inspired by high impact solutions developed and applied by today’s most successful and award winning young and adult changemakers, woven together, adapted and polished up and tweaked and topped off with magic by our no less genius Creative Core Team.

Our process uses a mix of based on common sense good practices, easy to use by ordinary people and professionals, tested with diverse user groups in diverse settings for diverse purposes on all seven continents, also Antarctica, on board of an international expedition.

In short, we help activate 5 Essentials for High Impact Youth Leadership – role models, changemaker student clubs, project partners, coaches and learnspaces – and enable use of 35 Building Blocks – tools, partners, platforms, programs and community – to combine like add-ons. They equip ordinary individuals or groups to organize year-round fireworks of actions involving thousands of youth and citizens, with strong presence in schools, media and public spaces, and cascading impacts on lives and land, learning, laws and industries. Simply said, doing what hero*ines do, like them and with them.

Adult generations doom the kids to a future of hell, while the solutions for a world of awesome exist in abundance. This is unacceptable.

The kids deserve nothing but humanity’s finest, and that’s what we give them – to #bemoreawesome and make a #speedrun to Paradise without distraction and delay.

– Eric Schneider, YL Captain

The idea is not to turn us into your kind of adults, but into better adults than you have been.

– Adora Svitak, TED

Our success is defined by 6 billion ordinary humans’ ability to achieve their good dreams for people and planet by using our tools and support.

YL’s work creates an ecosystem of activated youth and adult allies on fire to make concrete tangible changes for lives and land. As in sports or music class, our focus is on enabling self-organization as individual and team, “with many balls or notes to play, many options to play together, and to create own compositions” to get shared and used by the Tribe for the greater good and achieving our common dream of a good world for all.  

Our user community is united by common priorities, as free individuals, without official organizational membership. We organize globally using simple digital community technologies and platforms, and locally using informal gatherings, as well as non-formal or formal use in schools, businesses and institutions as useful.

Our common bottom line is (a) focus on tangible impact using proven high impact practices pioneered by recognized teen and adult hero*ines, (b) positive worldview of youth leadership and (c) a set of activities, methods, building blocks and programs acquired in the tutorial and d) trust established by certified completion of the crash course and advanced qualifications with licensing as YL Coaches, and (e) to create win-win benefits for everybody involved to better achieve their personal, idealist and professional aspirations. 

Without any pedagogical qualification but the online tutorial, I gave presentations in three classes. Each was inspired, each wants me to return to learn what they can do. The teacher said this is what school should always be like.

- Matthias, Germany

My 10 week youth training took off in week 8 when I used YL stories. Two weeks later, the group organized an interactive poster exhibit. All teachers and students agree that it was the best of the entire school project day.

- Holger, Germany

The most energized lesson of my career in teaching English for Adults.

- Grzegor, Poland

Even the most quiet ones had something to say. Students ask how they can get involved.

- Teacher, Korea

From inspiration and involvement to coaching and collaboration.

We work closely with True Hero*ines, with quality organizations, social entrepreneurs and social businesses, with Key Professionals sharing our core purpose “to enable Able Active Caring Citizens” – teachers, librarians, journalists, councillors and civil society, caring adults from all walks of life, such as parents, business owners, entrepreneurs, young adults – and of course with children and teenage youth, who are at THE HEART of all our work, organized as local Youth Crews, Student Clubs and Warrior Clans united by real-time communication, local meet-ups and summer camps.

Our methodology guides newbies through a set of basic actions – like when people learn a new sport or music. From the beginning, we publish their achievements in our community and educational media, and we invite their contributions to co-creating YL, and gradually we support their own project ideas developed in response to their environment’s challenges, problems, potentials and opportunities.

2 hours ago, I had no clue. Now, I feel absolutely confident that I am able to run big campaigns.

- Youth, Crash Course Phase 2

For the first time, I feel like meeting family. We do not get together to chat, but for a purpose.

- Adult, local chapter

We need YL at all of Canada’s schools.

- Emma Mogus, World's Children's Prize MC

Concrete vision and relevant outcomes.

Our work enables youth en masse to activate their generation’s innate operating system wired for the evolutionary needs of this era, to make their upgrade to an Active Caring Citizen, learning and wielding today’s Einsteins’ and Gandhis’ solutions at local level, and thereby co-creating the next level GOOD civilization guided by the aspiration to #bemoreawesome

No longer minions, voters or an expert activist, but a generalist changemaker with experience in dozens, even hundreds of high impact solutions, tools, tactics and partners in all spheres of society. A virtuous human, known and respected by the citizenry for a track record in achievements and the good priorities for the good of people and planet, of all species alive today and generations to come. Today’s noble knights, embodying universal ethical values at the core of sacred traditions, through action living #fulltimeforfuture

Your kind of thinking is very rare

- Polly Higgins, Eradicating Ecocide Campaign

The epitome of youth leadership

- Ken Jones, Wildlife educator legend

You will always get the truth from me. If I told you rosy tales about yourself, I’d doom you to further slide into your Unsustainable Society’s hell. 

I refuse to do that to you.

If you feel bad about your performance in regards of the suffering on Earth and in your community, you have good reason to.

Your upbringing made you focus on things other than your Noble Virtuous Finest Self, also called conscience, which knows that inside of you is Greatness like in *any* of the teen and adult hero*ines moving mountains, who follow their heart and make it there priority sport, giving LIFETIME to making impact grow … like you give lifetime to playing games, preparing good food, reading to the kids, tending flowerbeds, boosting your muscles, your fitness, the number of compliments fe/males make you or your bank account.

If you don’t include changemaking … you will regret deeply on your death bed … and when you reincarnate on a scorched planet in a few decades, which you will deserve, because it is precisely the future that you create for yourself through your choices. I won’t even help you with that, because your life lesson is that you fire up the Spirit in yourself to do it, to unleash your innate forces to create a good world, yes, to create the Universe, Godstyle, because you are indeed an epic Child of the Divine. You get ideas and can learn skills to shape society.

Welcome to the realization that Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, the Matrix are all true. Welcome to awakening to your grand adventure and the call to wielding magic in the shape of this world. 

You can upgrade from the infantile, incompetent, impotent voter you have grown up as, to the next level citizen model that’s been around for decades … simply like changemakers do. We know you are busy, empty-handed and alone. That is precisely why YL has been designed to give you tools, tricks, community, partners, coaching. You need re-invent nothing. It’s all here. You need not feel guilty about it. It’s okay. You are meant to act as you can given your life circumstances. And if you work 16 hours a day in a Fortune 500 Company, that’s okay. It comes with money and relations. Give them to us. If you are on welfare with 4 kids, that’s okay. You can still pass our flyers to caring teachers at 10 schools in town.

Every human on Earth age 12+ can fit the little bit of reading and doing into their lives.

And if you do not take those simple steps,

  • to connect with YL social media and magazine
  • to take Quickstart Actions
  • to explore our Project Partners
  • to boost their initiatives using plenty of FUNdraising tricks 
  • to seed flyers to activate teams at schools in town

… now that you have all the tools and constant inspiration from true hero*ines on our social media … then YOU consciously COOSE unnecessary destruction, suffering and dissolution of the web of life. You choose Mordor and Deatheaters, to let Wetiko come into this world, to feast on innocent children, to make the miraculous Queendom of Life that took billions of years to create disappear in a few years, to extinguish the flame of Love in the Universe. You are no longer an onlooker or neutral. Then, you are truly on the side of evil.

With fifty years of green info in news media and today’s escalation of destruction on Earth, my patience with people that do not have the Heart to act for the kids and Life on Earth is offically over. Losing their sympathy doesn’t matter. They will never do anything relevant for Good anyway. They are irrelevant for positive change.

That means that all people in YL have Heart to #bemoreawesome, which makes it the most amazing, loving, alive and relevant community for one’s personal joy, for positive change, for achieving one’s dreams, and it’s what the world needs.

So, I choose it with full conviction, because precisely such people is what today’s kids yearn for and deserve, and that is the Spirit they find in YL. And you shall live up to that! #bemoreawesome

– Eric, YL Captain

So bloody get doing and answer

“Why have you come to this planet at this special time?”

To stare at electronic gadgets? To hunt after breadcrumbs and keep the car and lawn pretty to please your failing, boring neighbors?

Start acting like in a crisis, because you still do not. Stop hiding behind experts.

Join the ranks of the changemakers, make action part of your lifestyle.

We make it easy aligned with your passion and lifestyle – and your HERO*INE SELF will naturally unfold! With this comes redemption. Start today. Never stop.

Get this book from our shop and listen to my message in the words of Polly Higgins. Get it now. #bemoreawesome



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We work with people, not institutions

Never with company, corporation, city, NGOs etc

Never is an outsider logo on YL materials or activities.

Outsiders are all those that are not #fulltimeforfuture aligned with our values

Individuals IN THERE can connect with us and include our tools, resources, book us.


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