Help people help people and planet

Every youth, parent, caring teacher, journalist, citizen should have access to incredible changemakers, role models, model solutions, tools, methods and support.

That’s why we search the globe for remarkable changemakers, whose solutions, spirit, resources and support offer extraordinary value to practitioners elsewhere.

We package their solution stories and services into a powerful platform where youth and citizen on fire to protect people and planet can always find something inspiring, evocative, or moving to use for their causes, campaigns and professional work.

We are not a lame database featuring lukewarm talkers and wannabe celebrities, but a community of high end changemakers who put heart and soul into turning their lifetime into uplifting people and planet, restoring the sacred web of life under our ecosystems and our human communities, just as you put your heart into taking your action, profession and community to a higher level.

Only the Best

High quality media, access to real-life hero*ines and high quality support don’t have to be expensive. Nor does it have to be complicated. That is the core belief behind YOUTH-LEADER.

As changemakers, educators and caring citizens ourselves, we felt the problem personally. Making a change, as a parent, teacher, journalist, employee, entrepreneur – and youth – is often a complicated, frustrating, or expensive muddle, which falls short of the goals and dreams we aspire to manifest.

By offering direct and unlimited access to our entire catalog of inspiring stories, music, videos, powerful model solutions replicable by youth and adults everywhere, as well as clear quality guidance through tutorials, guides for teachers, for volunteers, live support and consulting for activating yourself, your school, your workplace, your city, and even a full-fledged self-paced 24/7 youth changemaker training program in live collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores, with many benefits, we believe that YOUTH-LEADER is the solution to take youth leadership and active citizenship to the level that people and planet really need.

Fair to the Hero*ines

Today, changemakers and citizens are growing closer together than they have ever been. We all feel the need to upgrade to able, active, caring citizens of a next level collaborative society, especially for our young generation at school, but also all caring adult allies. Rejoice, our coaches have arrived, with magic wands galore for us to wield!

We believe that when changemakers succeed, we all succeed.

That’s why we boost our hero*ines well for the incredible and inspiring work that they do – not only for the impacted people and planet, but for giving humanity hope for humanity, and the proven common sense solutions, knowledge- and spirit transfer that no money can buy, that no celebrity, ceo or politician can teach us the least bit.

The same is true for our volunteers, youth teams, teachers, journalists, donors, crowdfunders … we want everybody to have a highly impactful and rewarding experience that enriches their days with love and light, and helps them unfold their changemaker skills and achieve their aspirations for people and planet. That’s why are also valiant to protect our kind-hearted community from takers.

By simplifying the way we all are brought together, YOUTH-LEADER is providing opportunities to youth, citizens and changemakers to achieve their aspirations with swift, instant impact, cascading ripple effects, and literally no limits to add, upgrade, and go bigger for the good of people and planet!

After all, we have a planet to save. The future of all species alive to day and generations to come depends on the people alive right now.

Connect and discover your many opportunities to be part of our community.