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“Wouhah, awesomethis should be at all schools”. We agree. 
It’s simple. Because everybody loves it. Pick your role and let’s go.

Unlock the power of the most complete action resource set for youth
and their adult allies – caring citizens from all walks of life.

Inspire a Team. Make instant Impact. Build Community.
Media Presence. And so much more.

All with Youth-Leader.Org

Swift & Simple

Do like today’s hero*ines.
Contribute to their initiatives.

No experience required.

Stand out with inspiring action, bold vision and high-flying Spirit

Live your love for people and planet. Boundlessly.
Your dreamlife is waiting for you.

Activate Yourself

Get to know dozens of changemakers + their Action Guides

Form Crews

with best friends and take action on your favorite causes

Spread the Spirit

with shamelessly positive vibes

Activate Adult Allies

They love rocking positive changes, too!

Activate School

Role models, projects, student clubs, SDGs are wanted!

Change lives and land

starting with swift high impact actions

Change laws & industries

like your badass peers

Learn with hero*ines

re-discover your Planet and protect what you love

Help ease crisis

and team up with amazing hero*ines long-term

Meet live

celebrate achievements and plan what’s next


true self is gonna show up.
How about that?

Start with flying banners!

FUNdraise, book drive, teach kids, boost biodiversity, plant edible gardens, explore the outdoors, create educational media, localize grand campaigns, act on the SDGs, rock global project partnerships – and know it’ll work out great.

Use tool bundles

Run Crash Courses, organize exhibits, set up LearnSpaces, use UN Days. Wield your wands, play your tricks and develop mastery. You already know how to do it!

Good Times is what we choose.


Evolve without Limits

The potential for rocking projects, city-wide networks, activating the citizenry, gaining nationwide reach – is built right in.

The Solutions Exist

400+ actions, 100+ causes. Favorites for everybody. 

Follow the example of wildly succesful changemakers. While they had to break the ground, alone, you have their story, tools, support – plus countless tools and tricks to combine, upgrade, tweak, adapt. It works for them, it works for you.

Team up with real hero*ines

Join fascinating long-term projects and shape the future of entire regions – for kids, wildlife, fair fashion, biodiversity, to end street harassment, establish Earth Law. Only you have the power to unlock specific support required to reach next milestones and inter/national success. Are you ready?

Learn from those that achieve

Uplift yourself, your crew, class, community with humanity’s finest spirit and knowhow. Meet genius doers. What’s your big cause? These mages seek to help you find and unfold your superpowers – fast and fun!

Your Own Magazine

Stay Uplifted

anytime, anywhere and inspire the world to be part!

Global, local, digital, print, multimedia. Follow hero*ines’ unfolding adventures, and write the next chapters together! Contribute. Create. Make it Your Favorite.

Ban the terms hopeless and impossible from your vocabulary.
Life of boring is officially over.

Reach into Society

You bring inspiration, hope and opportunity. People love that. Dare to be spectacular.

Set up LearnSpaces. 

Where can youth or/and adults come together to learn to create a better world, to plan and run projects? So far, nowhere. Here’s your toolset to create them!

Set up your Headquarter at school + in public spaces 

like public libraries, living museums, community centres or parks to involve your school community, meet youth from other schools, inspire the citizenry in the place in town.

Evolve the exhibit to SDG Learnzone Get and National Youth Leadership Learning Centre – with official certification.


with tons of self-learning resources for individuals, groups, coaches …

Places to Come Together

to learn and create a good world

1 single Coach

can guide crash courses, organize activities, spark youth teams, forge alliances …

XXL Ambiente Posters

to create a changemaker flair of beauty, hero*ines and adventure

... to Activate Your City

through crash courses at schools, projects in public, international partnerships, travel …

It’s all common sense

Activate Schools

Bring global issues to life with solution stories, role models, and Live the SDGs – in Action! Spark Changemaker Student Clubs to self-organize year-round action reaching the entire young generation, and involve the whole school with the Global SDG School Challenge. #MakeSchoolAwesome

Activate Home & Workplace

Enrich family life with hero spirit, profound conversations and act together. Activate adults’ daily hangout – the workplace  with FUNdraisers, in-kind support, adopt a district’s schools, task staff to team up with youth crews and hero*ines. 

Now is your time to be the ultimate role model – to wo/man up and heal y/our world, the kids’ world, from suffering. And to live your dearest dreams.

For Key Professionals

that share our core purpose to “activate citizens” (teachers, journalists, librarians, councillors, civil society) we have plenty of offers to better achieve their societal purpose and aspirations. 

Find Your New Friends

The local hero*ines, that’s you! People love what you do, plenty of allies are out there. Rely on resources, flyers,  posters, exhibits, actions, vivid documentation to spread word via social and news media, newsletters, face to face at market stands and workshops to get present front and centre, grow able community, impact and fun. It’s everything you need.

With your hands full of magical seeds,
whatever you do, it always brings beautiful results.


You’re backed

A Global Tribe

determined to create the next GOOD civilization. No bullshit. No time to waste.

Real support from real people

The Crash Course (online or face2face for groups) helps you get started. We help you customize tools and tricks, harness the SDGs wave until 2030, connect with allies, take (or avoid) bold steps.

Our Magical Coaches teach you precious practical stuff, from sourcing colors from plants to creating edible landscapes and doing magic theatre for the kids – all of which is good for your heart, your life and your causes!

Video-meets for classes, 1‑on‑1 sessions, live chat – also on week-ends and midnight. Because helping change-makers succeed is our play and reason for being.

Team up

Fund or in-kind support a specific YL program or a hero*ine, seed Starter Packs to schools and crisis regions …

Use our resources with your organization. Co-realize a weekly column on youth and citizen action. Add inspiring role models, can-do feel and opportunities to your campaign, event, gala, educational books and curricula.

Activate Your City with #bemoreawesome crash courses at X schools, activating Changemaker Student Clubs, allies and cascading ripple effects across the region.

Visit Your Friends

Discover Your Home Planet

Summer Camp

Family Travel


Live Your Dreams

It is your Birthright.
And it makes you stronger.

It’s all in Youth-Leader.Org

Your life of boring is officially over.

Free to Start

Favorite paths for all.
Rapid results for all.

Best for Getting Started

Start with the Crash Course

Discover the fascinating world of youth leadership, wake up your Inner Hero*ine, power up passion, vision, make first impact in minutes – and turn your new ideas into action.




Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to spark and amplify Youth Leadership

“(training) young people as agents of social change in their communities”

by making it omni-present in our daily lives at home, school, online, in media and public, in close partnership with today’s outstanding young and adult changemakers; 

to bring their uplifting solution stories, methods and support services to our global young generation; 

and to their adult allies : citizens, parents, key professionals like teachers, journalists, librarians, city councillors and civil society sharing our core purpose of activating able, active, caring citizens;

so that they can get started taking action with flying banners – their hands, hearts and minds full of vision, tools, coaches, community and project partners from day one;

and make high tangible impact to protect what they love, restore the world a peace, bliss and abundance they wish to see, and change lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale;

like their hero*ine peers – and together with them, in real-time collaboration;

thereby also giving today’s grand changemakers the support that they deserve to take their initiatives to greater inter/national scale.

Our Name

Since 2005, we act in service to the pure spirit of high impact youth leadership as demonstrated by today’s teenage changemakers that evoke tangible impact that is felt by Earth’s animals, plants, kids, and celebrated by future generations who are already watching us.

Youth Leadership, “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities”, has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years, for Girl Scouts already for one hundred years. In today’s context of global learning, social media and escalating crisis, young changemakers are popping up everywhere, changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale, also without training, already organized as changemaker student clubs at over 20,000 schools. That’s what we want to see everywhere. 

The rest of the world is slowly waking up, but still stuck in 1970s protest, many burned out and in despair, lacking HEART to truly show up and live and create the New by doing *projects*. Hence, with YL, we set a benchmark of HIGH IMPACT YOUTH LEADERSHIP. No talking and waiting for parliament hiding behind experts, but doing, united with the changemakers! No lukewarm participation, advocacy, hunts for college credits or careers. 150 species are extinct every single day. We have a planet to save and youth leadership en masse is the game changer to protect Life on Earth.

Hence our name : YOUTH-LEADER 

… in service to “the epitome of youth leadership”, and this is how expert practitioners call our work

… in service to support those who masterfully embody it and fire all of us up to unlock our Inner Hero*ines like they do. We seek to help young hero*ines featured in our media by boosting their reach and activating people to contribute to their ventures.

… in service to all their adult allies to activate youth and make impact beyond their wildest dreams, harnessing all their resources and relations.

… in service to all youth wishing to turn their love for people and planet into massive action, and honoring their commitment with all sorts of awesome benefits.

YL activities, badges and certificates stand for true grit and the noble, virtuous, bold and badass character required to achieve humanity’s grand common dream – a world of peace, bliss and abundance for all – as embodied by the finest spirits walking the planet today : 

“We set out to change the public image of the young, angry activist – to giving all that we have, and all that we are, for everything we love.” – Ocean Robbins, co-founder of YES! Youth for Environmental Sanity, 1990

“Banish the terms hopeless and impossible from your vocabulary. We can change the world.” – Craig Kielburger, WE

“Stop being boring. Start being awesome.” – Kid President

“No matter what color, gender or creed, all honorable people belong to the same tribe.” – Tubulls Chaliha

Now get up, take your role and live why you have come to this planet at this special time.

We have a planet to save, and we have not come to fail.