We all know Pacha’s AMAZING MUSICAL.

She has turned lessons learned at the jungle conference action. Here’s her new dream turned real:

We are all connected unites us all in celebration, dance and unity – getting ready for ACTION, since the secret is: CHANGE IS A FESTIVAL. No change without positive vibes, shared love for the same thing, openness for celebration, good memories and a good deal of getting loose!



Pacha’s first call for joining the dance has circumvened the Earth, 100,000 folks have seen it, and are sending in their dance videos!! to be compiled and uploaded.

While Pacha’s team of buzy critters is fiddling with the new clips,  Pacha is already manifesting the next dream – an ibook informing our very young generation on global environmental issues that we all care about , and WHAT to do about them with YL Hero/ines.

You have read right! MANY of us are IN that book, and we are beyond excited! After the biggest group hug in YL, Pacha found herself dressed in a YL WARRIOR SHIRT! Since she has truly earned her feather now!

Wait til you see her (and us).

But for now – learn the dance steps, perform a flash mob and SEND IT IN!

Click here for Pacha’s youtube channel to get the instructions video, and the practice video.