Dear Parents. Many of us are parents, too. I am, and it worked out great 😉

We wish to honor your concerns as well as express your chances with YL that your kid can grow up with us like they do with favorite sports coaches, favorite teachers and huggable hero*ines. 


This closeness of adults with kids is normal or not normal depending on cultural context.

Our cultures and societal warmth differ dramatically. For example, in Sweden and Denmark school principals and teachers do not worry much about authority. they see students as their friends. true thing. We asked Scandinavian youth , if they experienced it this way, that teachers are/were their friends. they think for a few seconds and say YES. 

This is NOOOOT the case in France or Germany or Bosnia.

Except for very few or zero cases.

In fact in Finland, only such characters are permitted to even start studying teaching at university! Yes! 

now, be brutally honest.

WHICH MODEL do you perfer for yourself as a student?

Which model do you perfer …for the school your kids go to?

Aha. Now, look, at YL, we do not practice the dysfunctional model. We practice the successful model of a peaceful, sustainable, thriving society.

We see all youth as our friends. We see your child as our friend.


We care about their soul life, their worries, we help as good as we can.

Now, let’s highlight this. They are our friends, not our lovers, and it stays like that. 

Like friends we hug, and there is zero trace of impurity about it.

Friends trust and have an open heart, Yes, we are world changers fulltimeforfuture. Do you think we have small, closed hearts? No. We have big open hearts all the time. to the entire world! that is why we do what we do. And why we fiercely refuse to do normal jobs at this time on Earth.

Now, don’t take it personal You do what you have to do, and we also need people to do normal jobs. But, the thing is, we emphasize – we have a special relations with kids and youth. We commit all our week to helping them become awesome. We are different. They love us. 

So we interact like silly open hearted joyful friends at one level, no hierarchies or distances like non-friends practice. 

So, we’re not normal. But the normal is also … highly suboptimal and non-desirable.

We live the good functional new. And that’s what we prctice. With the kids. With you.

It’s why we do what we do. It’s why WE get invited as inspirational speakers. It’s why WE get hero*ine awards. People tell us “you just changed my life”, “whenever … then I think of you and keep going” “the girls opened up so much with you, some of them I never saw smile before, they are growing more confident every day, they are becoming unstoppable after just two weeks”

That’s sign to us that we are DOING JUST FINE. 

We suggest you take this as a sign that WE ARE GOOD and that you can begin with a bonus of trust.

Still, we provide loads of ways for you to constantly experience us by being in touch with us, and to experience your kids – and thereby check on us and them and everything being okay – and constantly have an open line to express yourself and act together.


We all perfectly know why we all teach our kids to not go with strangers and to be aware of good touch, bad touch. In fact, many of our YL coaches teach this to thousands of children and teenagers. Plus self-defense, because they know how much harm is happening and want to see an end to it, even if much of society and institutions turn a blind eye to it. We do not.

But also do not wish to project to children that adults are dangerous in general, or that one had to uphold a distance, a wall, a hierarchy all charged with a note of distrust.

We wish to have splendid intergenerational training and cooperation,
and in our world of creating a good world with a BIG OPEN HEART it means to feel and express love.


We deal with matters that are very dear to young people’s care and Heart.

climate anxiety, world crisis, hunger, poverty, future anxiety.

It is getting addressed in schools now. They cannot avoid it.

You can imagine that youth will ONLY address and discuss these matters with teachers they trust. These “everybody’s favorite teacher” characters exist at every school. Most parents TRUST them when they have such serious and necessary conversations with youth in a class context – even if this is not part of the curriculum, right?! – and you can see from this example that the youth KNOW when and with whom to open up on matters dear to their heart, on fears, on pains, on passion. And it is perfectly fine and kept confidential, or now out in the open and cascades through schools and builds something. We’ve never heard of stories that such conversations on climate crisis had had negative repercussions. 

So, like those teachers trusted by youth

We are such coaches trusted by youth. 

We are these worldchanging characters.

We trust the youth. We make an offer.

If they trust us, we work with them, fully and uncnditionally.

In the worlds of YES! the stellar youth leadership community:

Giving all that we have, and all that we are, for everything we love.

the world doesn’t have enough such people, right?

We Are Such People.

From our perspective we say : Let the youth decide if they wish to work with us.

AND we invite your parents to get to know us, and – as you like – participate in the venture as adult allies.

Your options are: BoostClub, follow casually, engage more, volunteer, form teams – AND since YOU are the biological nearest püearest to thse fabulous youth crews at school, FORM A PARENTS CIRCLE.

You can meet us online. You cna meet others. You can meet locally. You can meet local coaches face to face.

that is the ultimate constellation, of course!


It’s just that many are not aware of it. But there can be no doubt that we are all born into this quest of our era. And we live better when we succeed in winning it 🙂

Many parents feel not fully equipped to “solve” the matter. M;any children do not have conversation partners in their parents at all. 

Climate anxiety, mental health crisis, fridaysforfuture burnouts and desperation have become a matter of pschotherapy throughout Western Europe!

Greta and friends affirm: it has helped to speak about it.

Craig says : … they see and it helps. And as they heal the world they heal their own hearts.

All youth leaders affirm: it helps to take action,  And THAT is what WE do.

not protests and sitting idle waiting for someone to fix it and it doesnt cme, but shock that governments and business do not care. t take relevant steps.

But projects. and powerful felt impact.

(only heroins and succes sbecause they first of all witnessed a broken world and so mcuh pain thatz they refused to not do nothing but to stand up and do something. CRAIG VIDEO EXCERPT, emma and julia, neha put a smile on their faces, etc

Case: Neha

Case Alisha

Case Craig

Case: Emma

Case Red Brigadse

Case Kakuma Refugee Camp

You see how they respond

They trust us

this means that in our work on creating a better world … etc and healing crisis, … pain is part. It is intimate. It’s stuff they really care for. And we are … people in this field, who excel,. this means in this sport, we are their playing partner., we are their coaches. 

there’s not many around.

this means we are different.

We offer different spaces. with us, things are different.

Since it is such a matter of heart, we hear, we listen! we get to know them, what moves them, what works and what doesnt work in their live,s we hear their frustrations. We are CONFIDENTIAL about it. We dont bring that outside to do research surveys to prove a problem and complain, blame someone about having failed as a base for protests tand asking that government do something about it. We do projects. 

As you can see form our work, we also focus to help others. this means, we do not usually engage in solving problems in the young people’s ow lives. We dont get personal on local issues. but by engaging in psotive action on our wide scope of projects and using our methodilogy – that is to gather friends, form a team, team up with teacher,s take actin, make sremarkable impact, document, get on news, meet more changemakers locally they build a local enabling envionemnt, an ecosystem of allies that – fuirst of all provides healing in regards of painful suffering of negative local context (be it poverty, gang violence, domestic violence, discriminati9on etc) AND builds a supportive appreciative community and worknet with wich -. if they choose to – can start projects to better the local problems. We are not going to refuse our support, but we do not take the lead on it. As you can see in our work we work with accomplished, hero*ines, we very rarely take on venturs from scratch – because it rwquires a lot of time and energy to pull this up … we cannot do this with our yl staff … we focus on boosting existing solutions, which is simple, swift, easy, without long-term responsibility and carring heavy loads. Likewise, we do not actively intefere with local … problems … this means when kids empty their hearts to us – which is already an experience they (and their trrusted adult allies) say is very liberating and healing – we do not respond with taking on local challenges that may then involve their or your social relations. No, what they express is heard, we keep it confidential. We support them in doing projects and thereby creating an enabling environment, rich in friends, meaning, skill learning etc.


Yes, if you together are so passionate to better your world together – how could we say no? And, by the time that youth and parents formulate this vision, they already have shared goals and a foundation, probably a team. you are no longer alone. The youth is no longer alone. Now, with a community that makes it possible to address the problem, with many skills, resources and relations you can carry one another through the challenges with a smile. That’s very different. Now, actually, the youth AND your parents are expressing their Heart and being intimate with us. All groovy, right?



When they take the initiative, yes. It is something that many children innocently naturally express, and many dearly need an honest heartfelt healing hug  There exist stories that young Red Brigade Trust members hugged a rape surviving child nonstop for one week and no trauma took hold in the child. 

Science tells us that hugs are good for health. It is what happens with many of us YL Coaches. It is nothing sexual. We frankly would feel bad if we rejected children’s affection, thereby projecting that they and their feelings were wrong. Of course, we are conscious of the encounter and young people’s needs, but we do not cross the line of becoming surrogate parents of sorts, since it is a role that none of us busy people can fulfill.


We are against bad sexuality. We are for good sensuality; as a foundation of good uplifting sexuality.

In our work, we do not specifically address sexuality. There is no need to. Others do excellent work in this field. We guide to good resources on the topic and the rest is about their personal life’s journey.


We do yoga and acro yoga; this is a highly popular and life enriching artistix, playful partner yoga. The experience of body work, upliftment and trust is sensual. It is natural. But not sexual. We emphasize this to all participants. Actually, very few need this advice. We inform on massage as an enrichment of life, but we do not practice it with our youth, in order to avoid complaints by anyone. There’s other excellent spaces for experiencing and learning massage. We focus on projects for people and planet.


Romance is people’s personal matter and sphere. For us, it means we have a clear rule about “no romance” in our work’s context, including summer camps. We make it clear to youth that they have a whole life for it, but please not at our camps. sure, they encounter the most gorgeous shining beings at camp, but this is not the space for romance, because no matter how law abiding and consensual, any resulting complaints endanger our entire program! Right? And our priority is to do projects for people and planet. So, of course we say that our sphere is not one for sexuality. there’s other spaces and times for that. Enjoy them.

We understand that you wish your kids to have the liberty to live as a free full person

and to have a good learning journey at school and beyond

and to develop a positive view of themselves, their people and land, humanity and the future

Many like their kids to have GOOD ROLE MODELS – and appreciate that they can spend time with them.

We appreciate how youth self-organized in fridaysforfuture, also across generations. It’s something that


We are such good people, which we have proven through action – but we still want you to be as sure and have confidence that your kids are safe. That is why we offer

YOUTUBE SHOW, view section youth leadership 101, pay attention to role Of Adults, and hero*ines’ parents experience, … under a safe guiding star, Monica.

We don’t want kids to get into trouble, hence

no protests, nothing that attracts bullies

only role models with practical experience, no wannabe talkers, saying what we, or what kids should be doing because of world crisis

epi-centre is school, a safe environment, with trusted teacher/s as ally and contact person for you

document, so you know what they do

outer school hq learnspaces – in private homes, and when fitting, in public safe spaces such as libraries, at intersections with the public where they can live their activism and engage people, especially youth and their parents, such as public libraries, living museums, farmers markets

#bemoreawesome as a platform and community only for youth (not even you)

boostclub for parents to get a feel and see what’s happening in our changemaker community – and with


Kids and Parents can be Dream Teams with extraordinary superpowers!

summer camps – encouraged to come along, peek in, get to know the teamers and setting, also a parents day and start and ending for kids to share their experiences, leanring, plans, so you as guardian and companion can understand, enjoy, support

and to extend the camp stay with an eco-cultural family holiday in the region

for us, this means also you accompany their travel to camp, you are nearby, kids feel sovereign but not too distant, you are accessible in case of urgency, this also makes us feel safe to serve your child and you best. And  the camp travel cost is made up win win with the holiday travel costs. We think that’s very cool. We want you all to get the most of it. Some of you might even be teamers. But we don’t want to crowd all camps with parents – you know how youth like to feel … being without parents sometime 😀 … and it also helps us be fully with the kids. But we also seek to show kids their parents are cool and their allies … by including you at beginning and ending of the cmap. Some of our hero*ines are dream teams with their parents and unite their superpowerrs. 


We show ROLE MODELS and let kids decide, cool I want to do this.

We don’t do much philosophical talking.

So, do we indoctrinate? Rather not. 

We don’t talk about intangible stuff. Gender politics, race, whatever, no. there’s other clubs to discuss this. We do tangible projects.

Most of the high impact changemakers that are part of our community don’t spend much attention to the current fights about words. Many people talk smart but act badly anyway. We just act good.


We include indigenous wisdom. This is not about religion and culture. It is about our values with the _Living Planet. It’s things we all feel anyway, but it’s usually not clearly understood, formulatedor aligned with our lifestyle. Hence we include this. 

We are congruent with Universal Values and Cardinal Virtues.

If you are against that – don’t let your kid partiicpate in our programs.

We don’t force all kids to join. That’s why we say its like a sport. Not all kids like all sports. That’s fine. We cannot serve 3 billion kids on the planet right now.

We cannot make it right for everybody. There’s so many messed up adults, many ban their girls from going to school r playing sports. So, of course, many will ban their children, girls or boys, from partiicpating in our program which include sprojects, lifestyle challenges and social experiments. We live in an unsustainable society, made up of 20th Century citizens. How could it be diferent?

FEW YOUTH care enough about people and planet to DO PROJECTS.

Maybe 1 oe 2 per class. Others may support on occasion.

FEW ADULTS will back their kids’ involvement.  

If you are AMONG THEM – we can play this SPORT together:

Congratulations 🙂 


You enjoy connecting with people in your local community (and around the world!) to share ideas, motivation, and solutions.

You are interested in using your unique skills and interests to drive action and create change in your community.

You love spending time in nature and feel passionate about doing what you can to benefit your local environment.



As a Tree Ambassador, you will have access to an exclusive fundraising platform where you can fundraise for One Tree Planted. Plant trees for your birthday, wedding, race, event, or just because!

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As a Tree Ambassador, you will have access to an exclusive fundraising platform where you can fundraise for One Tree Planted. Plant trees for your birthday, wedding, race, event, or just because!


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Getting outside and planting trees is an amazing way to make an impact. With first-choice access to our tree planting events and other volunteer opportunities, you will have plenty of opportunities to get your hands in the dirt with us.


  • citizens
  • schools
  • businesses
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As a Tree Ambassador, you will have access to an exclusive one-on-one mentor, Discord group, tree planting events, and more!


When you join the Tree Ambassador program, you will become part of a network of Tree Ambassadors that hail from all around the world via a private Discord group. You will have opportunities to connect, make friends, organize fundraisers together and share your experiences with other nature lovers.



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