Nothing will get better unless WE do it.


2/3 of ecosystems and farmland are on the edge of collapse

Prosperity and peace are eroding.

Multiple crisis begin to escalate.

If this is so serious, why don’t we talk about it,
and try to solve it, all the time?

Greta Thunberg,


"The idea is not to turn us into your kind of adults, but into better adults than you have been."

Adora Svitak

Adult Generations run on an outdated operating system

bugged by trauma, ego, and most of all – lack of spirit.

If Youth become like today’s adult generations, they will  destroy life on Earth within their lifetime.

To suceed, Youth have to become entirely different. 

The Solutions Exist

for peace, bliss and abundance for all, by the thousands!
Get up, and implement them. No more sitting idle!

  1. Outdated : minions of centralized monarchy
  2. Outdated : voters of infantile de-centralized democracy

NEW: Able, Active Citizen co-creating peace, bliss and abundance for all, in a  distributed democracy, “blockchain style”, each cell of the societal organism able and active! 

Upgrade Process : One develops the new Operating System of Awesome in oneself by living one’s Inner Hero/ine, daily, through high impact real-world action.

(We help you with that. It’s simple, and : AWESOME!)

ALERT : The distributed era is already "ON" - and so far, it stinks.

In the “blockchain” style society, all cells are connected, and it’s already reality. So see it on sick social media.

The unhealthy cells gone mad, so far “invisible, unheard”, are infesting the societal body like never before – in form of toxic comments, cyberbullying, revenge porn, hatestorms, the horrors facebook staff delete : child rape, decapitations … with dramatic effect on our children, people and societies! Infesting others with their orkish behavior.

Evil groups are using it. 

Sarumans, evil sorcerers, are spreading venom via social media, election shifts, infesting people with demonic ideas and behavior, to evoke Brexit, twisting elections, provoking fascism. They have entire industries at work day and night to push it! It is a full on war-like assault. This is not a joke. They perceive the people, environmental activists, and peaceful nations as enemy. They even use the term, in their internal memos and also in public, in speeches.

Urgent !

The healthy ones have been sitting idle, watching in horror. Get up now, before the madness escalates beyond containment. We are required to HEAL everybody. Once again : the solutions exist. More important : the GOOD-HEARTED, WELL-MEANING are by far the MAJORITY, but they have to ACT.

You have to learn with champion changemakers to unfold your galactic hero skills, and spread the new awesomeness to everybody. Especially to kids : ALL KIDS! So that as a GENERATION, they become a new species.

Begin today, never stop.

It’s simple. You’ll love it.

“Instead of criticizing existing reality, create a new model that makes the current model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Be the new human model:

Co-creators, inhabitants and stewards of a peaceful, just and sustainable civilization

Youth Leadership – young people as agents of change in their communities – is the proven success model.

No lack of spirit here!

Once again. The Solutions Exist.

The Ashoka website alone offers 3,000 big ones.

YOUTH-LEADER pushes 400+ high impact youth-powered actions. Imagine them all implemented in your city. It changes everything.

“No need to re-invent the wheel.

Don’t wait for “your” glorious idea to appear. Meanwhile, implement available solutions. In fact, it’ll help manifest your idea, when it appears.”


“80% of human behavior is shaped by Role Models, much of it subconsciously. Role Models are our main asset in phases of Transformational Learning. They also function via media.”

Make youth leadership omni-present 

at home, school, work, media, in public. 

Growing up with High Impact Student Clubs – like their famous hero peers – for ten plus years at school, youth can organically unfold their personal upgrade through actions, while fixing the world, learning ace life skills, making super friends. Bingo!