DESKTOP CALENDAR “The Hero/ines of Change Generation Rising” 52 WEEKS (ENGLISH)


52 weeks, 52 hero/ines, 52 solutions… a true immersion in changemaking spirit!

Follow your intuition and passion for digging your favorites from 100’s of videos and actions. Can you imagine yourself after one year?

A fabulous companion for everybody loving, following and involved in our Change Generation Rising program. All hero/ines are actively involved!

Imagine what its presence can do in and office and in a classroom…

Please make this gift to you, to others, to the hero/ines and to the planet. It is our operation manual to a good future.


Pay good attention. We are putting you in daily touch with 52 of the greatest changemakers on the planet today. This has never been done before.

This immersion in their spirit, causes, solutions, actions and tools taps into our greatest asset for being the change we wish to see in the world : role models. They shape 80% of our behavior as human beings. This is why and how we create our media.

This calendar accompanies you every day – with options for getting involved in your favorite ways ! – getting to know the hero/ines, learning their solutions, supporting them, even appliyng them, and even meeting some hero/ines live on Skype for celebrating achievements.

In fact, the calendar is a key to action as part of the Change Generation Rising leadership program.

Are you joining the path? This is almost a social experiment and informal training program for your personal evolution. Is it not? And it happens on the go.

the obvious

The finest breed of changemakers!

  • each with a model solution that is implemented, well documented and replicable
  • short stories conveying solution and spirit
  • qr-codes for viewing videos on smartphones
  • news, updates and gifts via newsletter

the very special

  • qr-codes to online profiles with latest news and more
  • UN Day alignment of calendar and hero/ines for “current” news
  • instant action opportunities galore for every hero/ine and UN Day
  • action kits for joining, scaling, relicating solutions


  1. year-round stream of action
  2. leadership program in partnership with featured hero/ines
  3. tips and tricks for involving one’s community
  4. how to harness current UN Days for amplifying impact