A unique work for children and adults!

  • beautiful, sacred, true Mandalas
  • 7 teen hero/ines embodying them
  • 7 stories
  • 7 qr codes to online profiles with videos, interviews, action, interaction on social media, and even opportunity for meeting them “live on Skype”
  • companion website with more items and interactions
  • a timeless artefact for personal development
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Our 7 Virtues Collection explores the inner spirit, the inner workings of changemakers, – this spirit (which fuels their own vision, and drive, and inspires others) makes all the difference. We do this using the living example of teen hero/ines who fully embody the Cardinal Virtues. This is very special.

Inspired, many people have asked us for turning this into educational materials for use on ethics, finance, self-development and applied spirituality. This is our first piece – and here is why it is special:

1. There is so much in it!

  • blank versions for coloring
  • colored versions
  • the stories and stunning visuals of teenage hero/ines embodying the virtues in their mindful action
  • as an example of what it means to feel and live the Virtues. This helps translating the common virtual, somewhere out there vague mental space feel into a tangible experience, a tough in your face mirror of what it means to live these virtues. It can be slightly breathtaking to realize that one’s totally not up to it. But one can. And that’s – wow. This is a powerful and new experience for most people!
  • a new relevation of the sacred, its symbolism, its practical value … lost for most of us, and coming back!
  • stories link to multimedia profiles of the virtuous youth
  • inspired people can follow up and get involved
  • instant usability in education
  • sparking conversations
  • a source of inspiration

2. Mandalas

are en vogue, and science proves they bring peace and harmony to our mind.

But this one is extraordinary. These are not just pretty forms, they are charged with the essential power of the highest virtues. And it is obvious, since everybody is able to connect most or all of them with pertaining virtues. Virtue has form. Stunning. And a portal to changing one’s life and many others one touches in this life.

To ponder : how do common ‘coloring books’ and ‘living ethics’ media compare to this, and what belongs into every home and classroom in this critical times?

Tip : A fantastic teaching tool, a timeless artefact on your kid’s walls

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Weight ,110 kg
Dimensions 21 × 29,7 cm