This best-of collection of teen hero/ines, solutions, videos, music and instant action opportunity inspires, changes worldview, equips and empowers beyond your imagination. Discover a bright new world already happening for a quarter million teens, and how you can easily make it part of your life and inspire hundreds, even thousands of youth and adult adult allies in a matter of weeks.

A must for homes, classrooms, canteens and waiting rooms!


A word-premiere introduction to the great Youth Leaership phenomenon of our time : teens standing up to protect what they love – changing lives, laws, industries, learning culture at already 10,000 schools, scoring six hours live on major television, … inspiring millions to follow their example.

A multi-media book!

  • 48 page PDF booklet
  • companion website with videos, music, interviews, action kits, teaching tools, latest news and updates on hero/ines’ quests
  • True, new, powerful Change Generation music!
  • The most powerful videos of young changemakers on the planet.

The first ever publication on

  • the very top notch teen youth leaders with replicable solutions
  • youth leadership in context of achieving new, peaceful, sustainable societies
  • tips, tricks, media and support for everybody to get involved
  • support and meet these hero/ines
  • how to introduce and cultivate youth leadership in your schools and communities
  • becoming part of a unique global cmmunity
  • this new level of youth leadership programs, summer camps and more

This book. This book is for action!

  • changes worldview
  • instant support for hero/ines
  • youth-powered solutions fit for scaling and replication
  • excellent for education, inspiring students to get involved
  • access to a global community of changemakers

A unique gift and tool for reaching, inspiring and mobilizing family and community

  • seed online
  • via social media
  • via newsletters
  • as Free Reading Tip!

Make this booklet a life-changing gift, giving people access to a Bright New World.