“You don’t need money to grow food.”

Luwayo and Grace restore abundance and well-being in the 5th poorest country in the world, Malawi, where people suffer from 3 Hunger Months … by showing people not to plant only maize, sold for little money, but to plant dozens of crops at ground, bush and tree level in a food forest, florishing at different times of the year, and therefore providing delicious abundance at all time. Simple.

These two also live the young couple’s dream of their Little House in the Prairie, which is a huge bright example for young Africans to drop the Hollywood illusion, be down to earth and lead a rich, joyful life.

Open your eyes to new solutions for Africa, powered by ordinary folks. View Luwayo’s slogan above!

Luwayo constantly provides tours and Permaculture Design Courses, certifying farmers, teachers, young couples, who take the know-how to their villages, schools and churches, reaching hundreds more. He does not NEED our support, but says he could make good use of it, to build further accomodation for trainees, gift seed bags and free trainings. So, let’s do this.

Yes, we can also pay visits, of course. Volunteer options included!


reasons for African farmer poverty and how to end it


agroforestry (food forests)

living in abundance during Malawi’s 3 “hunger months”

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training PDC certified farmers

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View the story of "a dry piece of land good for nothing" turned into a food forest in 1 year

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We could create another 2 posters with the countless examples of crops and activities that he posts daily.